10,000+ User Conversations Later — What We Learned 💌

Susana Cigano

I wanted to share how our team has adapted our strategy to rapid user growth, kept high satisfaction scores, and achieved a perfect 5 star rating in the Chrome Store.

After all, it is a special moment for Loom as we welcome Anne Krieger as the second member of the Customer Success Team and Seph Soliman to the Engineering Team 🎉

But first, some context.

Loom is a free video recording tool. It allows you to record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously. Your video is then instantly available to share with your colleagues, friends and family.

Because of its versatility, Loom is being used by a variety of individuals. From a Founder recording quick videos to train her new employees to a University teacher grading student assignments.

Chrome user 5 star review

A Chrome Store User Review of Loom

Our audience is global, there are no costs associated and the installation of the tool is quick and painless.

Needless to say, Loom has been experiencing some interesting growth 🚀

Explain “Growth” 📈

Without boring you with a ton of data, let’s just say that Loom’s Weekly Active Users have grown sixfold since the beginning of the year.

And, with great growth comes great… inbound ticket volume! 😄

Conversations participated in graph
Intercom Data for Conversation Participation (February — November 2017)

Since I joined Loom in February 2017, I participated in well over 10,000 conversations with our users.

Every day is different. Some days we hit all time highs in incoming messages and other days are quieter. But one thing’s for sure: our inbox is busy.

Loom inbox with 102 new messages
A typical morning in Loom’s inbox 💌

And behind every single conversation created, there is an expectation to deliver a customer experience that is easy, fast and reliable, just like Loom.

So how are we doing?

Since Intercom launched Conversation Ratings in July, we’ve been using it to keep track of our interactions with our users.

At 88% ratings of 😄 or 😍, we are stoked with the results but definitely see some room for improvement.

Conversation ratings at 88% positive
Intercom Data for Conversation Ratings (July — November 2017)

Back in July, our team celebrated as we hit a perfect five star rating on the Chrome Store with 2,292 ratings.

Now with 3,746 ratings, we are holding tight to our rating and working as hard as ever to maintain it. We couldn’t be prouder.

Loom in Chrome store
Loom in the Chrome Store

The last piece of data that I’d like to share with you is our Median Response Time.

Median response time at 3h 57 min
Intercom Data for Median Response Time (February — November 2017)

Intercom defines this metric as “the median time it took the selected team to respond to customers at any point during a conversation”.

Ideally, our Median Response Time would be minutes, not hours, as lower response times tend to equal happier users.

Our team’s ultimate goal is to deliver a customer experience that is easy, fast and reliable. We will be working on improving this metric for all users in 2018 with the help of our growing team.

Cool Story… But What Did You Learn?

This year has definitely been a fantastic learning experience for me.

Between participating in over 10,000 new conversations, supporting strategic product initiatives and hanging out with the team in Mexico, I had the pleasure of working with a phenomenal group of individuals who challenge each other to be their very best at work.

Loom team meeting on Zoom screenshot
Loom Team Meeting via Zoom

The result was still a lot of fire fighting each day. I’d like to share with you what helped me stay on top of a growing inbox:

Saved Replies

Intercom’s Saved Replies are a phenomenal resource. If you don’t use Intercom, your favourite Help Desk platform will have a similar solution.

We created about 90 Saved Replies to help us quickly address our users’ most frequent questions. Although not every question is identical, much of our support documentation will touch on the same points.

Using saved replies in email
Using Saved Replies for Quick Answers

New users will typically ask questions around how Loom works. Using snippets of previously saved information helps us send some initial education swiftly to our users’ inboxes.

This allows us to focus more of our time and energy on support requests that are more complex in nature.

‍Help Center

To drastically reduce inbound support requests, a self-service education tool is important. Intercom’s Educate helps us achieve this.

A periodical review of your support articles is essential. We’re currently in the midst of our first in-depth review with the goal of completely revamping our Help Center. Loom is evolving faster than ever!

Our current solution has served its purpose and, with the data we’ve collected for the past year, we are now working on improving the way we provide information to our users.

We’re using our users’ feedback, search frequency data and number of viewers as some of the data points to help us with this project.

Intercom data for Loom's support articles
Intercom Data for Loom’s Support Articles

We are also reorganizing the layout of our support articles with our users’ journey in mind.

Our team has spent the past 6 months studying the path our users take when they sign up for Loom and now it’s time for our Help Center to also reflect that journey.

Ultimately, users want to help themselves. It’s our job to enable them to do that with success.


Recording quick videos for our support interactions has helped our team:

  1. Quickly and clearly explain how Loom works in a personalised way

  2. Build a powerful connection with our community through the power of video

  3. Resolve our users’ questions in a better, faster, and fun way

And yes, we use Loom.

As mentioned earlier, Loom allows you to record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously into an instantly shareable video.

This is the perfect combination for customer support. There’s no post-production work required after the video is recorded and the outcome is instantly shareable with your costumer for immediate results.

Using video to communicate is a great way to delight customers. We find that, when we send a video in a conversation with a user, it results in a higher satisfaction rating.

Positive satisfaction rating received
Satisfaction Rating Received by Loom

Here’s few examples of how we use Loom in Customer Support and how you can, as well:

  1. How To Videos: quickly and visually explain how your product/service works

  2. Bug Reports: ask for a screen recording of the issue the user is experiencing and share it with the Engineering Team

  3. User Onboarding: give a quick hello and build a relationship with key clients (or all clients 

  4. Internal Documentation/Team Training: make sure your entire Customer Support team is onboard with your practices by documenting your workflows

  5. Team Weekly Updates: share your thoughts and experience with your team — sharing is caring ❤️

Here’s To Another Fantastic Year 🍻

Reflecting on how our team has adapted to Loom’s user growth in 2017 has allowed us to start carefully planning our Customer Success strategy for next year.

The journey has been fantastic so far and, with Anne joining the team, we are incredibly excited for what’s to come in 2018 (and beyond).

We can’t wait to continue building the product and the team.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback. We read every single message we receive and we try to respond to everyone as soon as we possibly can.

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Written by Susana Cigano

Manager, Support @ Loom

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