How Engagio Creates Personal Connection With Their Customers Using Loom

Susana Cigano

Susana Cigano

Engagio is a software company in the Sales & Marketing space that helps B2B marketers drive new business in a more human way through account-based marketing. Founded in 2015 in California, they help their clients drive new business and expand relationships with high-value accounts.

We spoke with Shaun VanWeelden, Success Engineering Manager, to understand how Engagio uses Loom to help create a delightful support experience.

The Success Engineering team ready to help some Engagio customers

Engagio’s Challenge

The Engagio team spends a considerable amount of time providing a stellar experience to their customers. Marketing orchestration software is not the simplest product to explain to customers, who could use a little help. An important part of Engagio’s support experience is explaining how their product works in the simplest ways possible.

Shaun faces a daily challenge – how can his Success Engineering team provide customer support in a more personal way?

Typing a text response will get the job done, but Shaun’s team realized that recording quick videos to explain complex issues creates a more delightful experience for their customers. For this reason, Shaun decided to prioritize videos as an important resource for customer support.

Before discovering Loom, Shaun and his team at Engagio tested other tools. They soon identified that most available screen recorder tools were time consuming as they required a bigger effort to upload, share and make the video available to the viewer.

In order to record videos without hurting their productivity, the team looked for a solution that allowed them to spend minimal time in the post-recording stage. Loom helped them achieve that goal.

Why Engagio Chose Loom

Engagio’s team works closely with their customers to explain how their product works and helps their users find value in it.

It was essential to find a tool that would integrate seamlessly with the Success Engineering team’s daily routine. Thanks to Loom’s simple interface, the team is able to record videos effortlessly from the comfort of their browser.

As Shaun explains, “Loom is a tool that will make your life easier while providing amazing customer communication”. When Shaun’s team needs to explain a more complex topic to a customer, they find that walking the customer through the information in a visual way is more effective than writing a long essay on the subject.

Loom helps replace the cumbersome task of taking screenshots and annotating instructions for the customer and replaces it with quick videos.‍

Shaun also enjoys Loom’s ability to track when a video has been watched. His team relies on this feature to check if customers have received the important information sent and to nudge them in the right direction if necessary.

Another way Loom has provided value to Engagio is in the internal bug reporting process. Reviewing Loom videos helps their engineering team quickly assess what is not working correctly within the experience, instead of spending time trying to reproduce the bug. This method has proven especially helpful when the bug is tricky to describe in just words.

The Results

Thanks to the ability to send quick and personal videos, Engagio has truly added an additional delight factor to their customer interactions.

Engagio’s Favourite Features

  • Instant Upload
    Loom uploads your video data as your record so that your video processes instantly

  • 1-Click Sharing
    Your video is automatically copied to your clipboard and ready to share

  • Activity Notifications
    Receive notifications when someone watches your video so you can keep up with your customer’s onboarding & support questions

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Susana Cigano

Written by Susana Cigano

Manager, Support @ Loom

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