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This guest post was written by  Danielle Thompson. Learn more at the end of this post.

When we go into business for ourselves as freelancers, we often feel like we’re have to navigate the business world on our own. We don’t receive the same pre-loaded laptop full of software nor the support of several departments that professionals in traditional companies do.

That’s why I created the Freelance Travel Network – to give freelancers the knowledge and community they need to empower themselves. We’re a community of freelancers that shares advice on when, how, and what tools to use to make business run smoothly.

Loom is one of the most-used tools in my freelance tool box. I use it every time I need to communicate something detailed or long to save time. Loom offers my business much more than a few saved minutes, though. From top to bottom, Loom’s features are built to empower freelancers.

Be your authentic self

Brand identity is a vital aspect of any business. It creates an image of our principles and priorities, helping clients decide if we’ll be a good fit. As freelancers, our personal identity is often linked to our “brand identity,” since we’re the face behind our business.

Loom allows you to be 110% authentically you

With Loom, it’s easier than ever to show what we’re about. Our personality comes across vividly when we record a Loom video. We can show our authentic selves while highlighting our expertise and work. We can add personal touches and stand out just the way we want, which goes over great with clients.

After all, your business is YOU. Clients aren’t sold on your skills alone; they want the whole package!

Communicate clearly and quickly

Loom videos capture our screen, making it easy to present and explain our work to clients. Even clients who’ve never heard the phrase “back end” can understand the work you’ve done when you share your screen. Giving training, presentations, and updates to clients becomes a lot easier when you have visuals to help.

Instead of typing out long, detailed instructions or updates, we can start recording a Loom at the click of a button using either the Chrome extension or the desktop app. Not only does it make client interaction clearer and easier, it keeps our interactions engaging.

Manage time zones with ease

Whether we’re working with a team or trying to keep our clients in-the-know, it can be hard staying on the same page while working remote. We’re location-independent and spread out across the world, making it hard to nail down a consistent time to communicate.

Keeping communication quick and convenient is a must for dealing with clients and colleagues in different time zones. We don’t want to validate the stereotype that freelancers are flaky, after all!

Since Loom’s info-packed video messages are instantly accessible, recipients can watch them whenever it’s convenient and send a video back in a snap. The ease and comfort of sending Loom videos instantly upgrades the communication channel in any professional relationship.

Enrich client relationships and build trust

Keeping client relationships strong and friendly is the key to locking in repeat clients. It’s also the pathway to a more predictable schedule and monthly income. However, in the digital age, emails lack the personal element that help your client get to know and trust you.

Communicating with your client via instant video is a great way to break the digital barrier. When users and clients view your videos, they start to feel familiar with the person behind the work. Showing off your confident spirit in Loom videos will inspire clients and users to be confident in you.

Loom allows you to share your vibrancy while building trust

Personalized Loom videos also give a high-quality touch to your freelance services. Clients and users alike will feel assured that you’ve taken the time to address their project specifically. If you show them a dedicated freelancer, they’ll be likely to trust you enough to come back for more.

Give killer sales pitches

Making a sales pitch stand out on the internet is tough work. Everything on the internet is vying for our customer’s attention, just as we are. Ads pop up everywhere and the sales pitch we spent hours on gets lost in the crowd.

Adding a face to your sales pitch is an instant attention-grabber. A real person is a lot harder to ignore than plain text! With Loom videos, your friendly face turns your sales pitch into a personal and engaging message.

Sales-pitch Loom videos are also a lot easier for me to create than written sales pitches. Making sure every word is perfectly appropriate and eye-catching takes a lot of work and thesaurus searches. When I record a Loom sales pitch, I speak from a more natural place, letting my confidence guide me. It only takes me two minutes.

Loom also has a feature that notifies users when videos have been watched. These email updates make it easier to track leads and schedule follow-ups. The sales funnel just got a lot shorter!

To wrap-up the workflow benefits…

There are plenty of business-boosting reasons why Loom empowers freelancers. On a personal level, Loom gives me the freedom to be myself. The short videos break down the wall of professional formalities, making my business run more like my business.

Freelancers are free from the stuffy traditional work flow, so stop hanging onto back-and-forth emails and start using Loom!

Danielle Thompson is the founder of the Freelance Travel Network, an online school for freelancers who want to travel the world. The Freelance Travel Network helps nomadic freelancers to promote, grow and profit from their online business. Danielle has helped freelancers 10x their incomes and work with some of the world’s best brands. Join their facebook group to tap into the community. If you want to follow Danielle you can find her on Instagram or LinkedIn. Danielle currently has her home base in Bali.