How RootsRated streamlined customer onboarding with a library of videos

Joe Thomas

Customer success highlights

  • Created a library of 50+ bite sized videos for new and existing clients to streamline Customer Success

  • These videos significantly reduce the need for 30 minute 1-on-1 onboarding

  • Even without 1-on-1 interaction, video have helped connect with clients on a deeper level versus email and 1-pagers

Hi! My name is Liz and I am a Customer Success Manager at RootsRated, a startup that focuses on content marketing for brands and destinations.

We also have a network of writers based all across the United States offering local expert knowledge about the outdoors. We’re onboarding new clients every week as well as maintain relationships with over 45 brands and destinations such as Marmot, Yakima and Deer Valley.

Because we use locals to produce content, we work with creatives with all types of backgrounds. That created some challenges and problems, such as explaining our software, Compass, to our clients. As well as our new CMS to our writers.

Before Loom we were using one pagers which were a mess. And we found out no one was reading.

With Loom we were able to create bite-sized informational videos that writers and clients could easily follow along and see first hand exactly what we were trying to explain.

Using the video software has already helped us save hours of time. On average onboarding writers and new clients can take at least 30 minutes and using these videos helped us streamline and scale this process while making it a little more friendly for the new folks coming in.

Ultimately I recommend using Loom because we have clients all over the country and all over the world. Streamlining the process is critical.

Not only that but Loom made it easy to put a face to a name and connect on a deeper level versus email.

Liz hiking in the Grand Canyon

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Written by Joe Thomas

Joe is a Founder and the CEO of Loom. Follow him on Twitter.

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