How the Adecco Group uses Loom to source 8x more candidates

Susana Cigano

The Adecco Group is the largest temp staffing firm in the world with more than 33,000 employees in over 60 countries and territories around the world.

The company offers a wide variety of services from temporary staffing to permanent placement, in addition to career transition and talent development consulting.

We spoke with Toni Gimeno Solans, the Director of Inbound Recruiting & Digital Marketing at the Adecco Group in Spain, to understand how this Fortune Global 500 company is using Loom to match the right people to the right jobs around the world.

The Challenge

In today’s talent market, recruiters are expected to have skills that align nicely with sales and marketing. It is increasingly more important to nurture candidates and create a positive impact with every exchanged interaction along the recruiting journey.

Toni’s mission at the Adecco Group is to implement recruiting strategies and find ways to improve the company’s online presence. He applies inbound sales and marketing strategies to the recruitment process in order to innovate the way candidates are informed about new job opportunities.

It goes without saying, in this increasingly competitive market it is important to find creative alternatives to the traditional methodologies in order to stay ahead.

Why Videos

Having achieved success through combining these techniques with video in past companies, Toni knew that this was an opportunity he wanted to explore at Adecco.

Toni understands that job hunting can be painful. Many candidates have difficulty in understanding the specific requirements involved in the role. It also may be challenging to understand what’s expected from the applicant, if it’s not communicated correctly.

Toni’s team wants to address this challenge and their most impactful strategy has been to include a video in every job description. By explaining the job offer in video format, the Adecco team is able to engage the candidates in a unique way.

However, the process of recording videos can be time-consuming.

“It’s a pain for companies to record a video and have to upload it to YouTube or send the big video file via email.”

Toni needed a solution that could help his team and their candidates but that wouldn’t hurt their productivity in the process.

Why Loom?

Toni was familiar with Loom from a previous professional experience where he used the tool to send sales pitches to potential customers. Having tried paid screen recorders in the past, Toni discovered Loom by searching for a free solution and was delighted with the outcome of his videos.

When Toni transitioned to his current role at the Adecco Group, Loom was one of the tools he brought with him as a recruitment resource for his team.

Instead of relying on a text-heavy job description, Toni and his team can now record quick videos explaining what the role entails, what the daily tasks would be, and generally adding more personality into a possibly bland job description.

Toni believes this strategy has improved traditional job descriptions. By adding this personal touch to the recruitment process, candidates are more interested in finding out about the role and, consequently, applying for an interview.

In addition, the team is also using quick videos to proactively reach out to interesting candidates as a way to surface the job opportunity to them in a more impactful way than just text. They leverage video as a way to engage with the candidates from the very initial outreach. In his experience, Toni mentions that candidates aren’t used to receiving job offers in video format.

“Candidates appreciate that someone took the time to record a video to personally explain the role, which creates a delight factor not experienced with the more traditional job descriptions.”

Toni mentions that Loom was an easy tool to adopt in his team’s workflow. After conquering their initial fear of being on camera, the team started seeing amazing reactions come in as a result of using quick videos with their candidates.

He uses quick videos to develop a candidate’s interest in a job but also to send updates to his team distributed in Spain. He adds, “I never write long emails anymore. Whenever the Barcelona and Madrid offices want to meet just to explain a complex topic, I record a Loom video and send it to them via email. People get really amazed.”

Loom has proven to be a successful substitute for meetings. Toni often records his screen with the camera bubble to keep his team engaged. This helps him stay connected with the team even if they are communicating asynchronously.

The Results

The Adecco Group has achieved many milestones since it was founded in 1996 in Switzerland. In a company of this size, it’s often complicated to initiate change, especially when it comes to disrupting traditional workflows.

Toni’s passion for the future of recruitment incentivizes him to lead this change. He is working on making video compulsory for every role shared in the Adecco platform. He also frequently attends conferences where he speaks about how to improve job posts with video. His faith on video as an essential resource for recruiting originates from some astounding results his team obtained at Adecco.

In a recent job post, Toni and his team were able to increase the number of applicants from 200 to 1600 in two weeks. He credits this 8x increase to adding video to the job post and re-writing the role’s description

In another instance, Toni was looking for a Senior Engineer with top qualifications. After searching organically and receiving two applications in over one month, Toni decided to post the job offer on LinkedIn with a rewritten description and a Loom video. Within 24 hours, over 40 candidates applied to the role and Toni received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the video.

“Potential customers are reaching out saying, ‘We love the way you recruit!’. Loom is helping us place candidates and secure new customers at the same time.”

Sending Loom videos via email has also proven to be successful. Toni’s team is enjoying an increase of their email opening rates by two fold across the board.

Based on these positive results, the next step will be to implement video recording in every Sales team in the Adecco Group in Spain, and then worldwide.

The Adecco Group’s Favourite Features

  • Video Trimming
    Clip any unnecessary parts of the recording in order to create the perfect video

  • URL Easy Sharing
    Your video can be shared in a variety of platforms by simply copying and pasting its’ URL

  • Instant Upload
    Loom uploads your video data as your record so that your video processes instantly

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Written by Susana Cigano

Manager, Support @ Loom

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