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Create & send quick videos via Gmail 🎥✉️

Email is so deeply integrated into our lives that we hardly notice it. It hasn’t changed in recent decades yet our work is heavily dependent on this channel for communication.

A lot of you have mentioned the ease of recording quick videos and the fact that it’s faster than typing up emails, memos, sales pitches, etc. So today, we’re combining the best of both worlds. We’ve listened, researched, and witnessed first hand the efficiency and effectiveness of videos in emails.

What are we releasing today?

You now have the entire Loom product integrated directly into your Gmail workflow: Record, review, edit and share your Loom videos with anyone, instantly.

Loom integration with Gmail

Inserting a video includes the Subject line pulled from the video title, a stylized image from the video, and the body text from the description section.

Videos in emails have a ~40% higher response rate

Additional workflow innovations

Inline video plays: Until now YouTube were the only videos that would play within Gmail. When you send someone a video who also has the extension––your videos will play directly in the email thread.

Inline Loom video in Gmail

Link expanding: Whenever you paste a Loom link into Gmail we will automatically pull in the title, a stylized thumbnail

Loom in Gmail automatically adding title and thumbnail

Benefits of video in emails: Video helps cut through the noise of your inbox. It is significantly more effective when sharing information, building trust, and receiving responses.

Simply adding “ ” in the subject line increases open rates by 19%. Open rates have been reported to increase by 65%.

How do I get Loom for Gmail?

If you haven’t already, add the Loom extension. Then visit your Gmail inbox and a One-Click activation overlay should appear. It’s that simple.

One-click activate Loom for Gmail

What else is part of this release?

There are two other items included in this release:

  • Camera moves from tab to tab: One of our most requested features for Desktop recordings has been allowing your camera circle follow you as you switch to multiple tabs.

  • Stability & Speed improvements: Recording quick videos has gotten even quicker

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Jan 26, 2017

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  • Joe Thomas

    CEO & Co-Founder