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Public Folders: We’re not done yet

Ever since I joined the Loom team in early 2017, organisation and accessibility have been big topics of discussion. We believe in providing a beautiful user experience which starts at the core of the product – functionality.

Instant videos are the foundation Loom is built on and we were working hard on our recording stability. The Eng team often pulling all-nighters to make sure the servers stayed online. By the end of May 2017, we had improved the average video processing time by 5x and made huge strides against our goal of 99.999% video completion rate.

Celebrating with confetti GIF
How the Loom team felt after the stability updates

Now that infrastructure hurdles were (mostly 😅) a thing of the past the improvements meant more confidence from the people using Loom. Which led to more videos being recorded. And with more videos, came the need for better organization.

As a team, we had always imagined folders to be the stepping stone of a much bigger product improvement. One that would help teams share knowledge seamlessly and collaborate on projects effectively.

So we started working on our very first version of folders, which we released to the Loom community in October last year.

Why We Wanted to Organize Videos in Folders

The typical Loom recorder goes through a discovery phase of the unique reasons they Loom other people. Yes, it’s a verb. However, all our unique users start to also discover start identifying some trends in why they use it.

Ephemeral Videos

There’s the videos you might share once. Such as that video you created to pitch a specific client that awesome business proposition.

Static Content Videos

Or, like us, you may be recording videos that you share with others more consistently over time. Like the onboarding videos you record for new team mates. These “static content” videos are the ones you’ll most likely organise in a folder for later use. Plus, if you record bite-size videos, it’s much easier to update one if anything in your workflow changes.

Evergreen Videos

At Loom, we find these videos to be our customer support videos. In my own Loom dashboard I have a few folders. One of them is named “Walkthroughs” where I store videos that I can easily send to users when they have questions about a feature. Lightening fast to find and I feel extra productive because I don’t need to record the same video over and over again.

Organizing videos into folders
Organizing videos into folders by clicking and dropping

Universal Folder to Deliver Knowledge to New Users

We leveraged folders when we launched our new onboarding in November. The overall feedback was great. Our community started using the functionality more and more, giving us the motivation to continue working on the bigger picture of organising.

We immediately started working on Public Folders.

Tim Lyons feedback
Feedback from Tim, one of Loom’s users on Loom’s Public Roadmap

Taking Folders and Making Them Public

Everyone was excited about what Public Folders meant for quick videos. Our users would now be able to share groups of videos with their audience. They could create a playlist of videos to share information and knowledge. No more sharing “30+ URLs” on an email, as Tim mentioned in the image above. That’s not good for anybody involved!

On a more intrinsic level, this meant Loom videos could now be part of a story. As avid storytellers, this excited us more than anything 🙏

“Public Folders will be nice so I can create a series of short videos about one platform and group them in a folder that’s shareable instead of linking each video individually. Today and yesterday, I created about 12 videos about how we use Slack, so public folders couldn’t come at a better time.”

With our community’s feedback, we were armed with a clear vision and a detailed project scope. A few weeks ago, we launched Public Folders to a handful of users and, after some reiterations, bug fixes and user feedback, we’re happy to officially announce Public Folders is now available to the entire community 🎉

Using public folders on Loom
Making a folder public is easy

To read more about how you can use Public Folders to deliver value to your team and audience, take a look at this Help Center article that we prepared for you.

Public Folders vs Shared Folders: What will the future look like?

As happy as we are to announce that Public Folders is ready to deliver value, we are also already thinking about how to take this to the next level.

Our goal is to enhance your work communication by making it easier and intuitive to share videos with teams and customers. Public Folders will eventually evolve into Shared Folders, where collaboration will be possible across all aspects of the Loom experience.

In our vision, general and specific use cases will shine in the Shared Folders environment. Think about a team of Customer Success Managers recording quick videos individually but using them collectively to onboard different customers. So much time saved.

Or Engineers accessing a Shared Folder to find videos of bug reports that Customer Support representatives recorded, and then replying with their own videos once the bug is fixed. Cross-functional team communication? Easy.

The personal element that stems from video communication is unparalleled. Forbes believes video is the way to go when it comes to workplace communications and who are we to disagree

We are excited for the future of folders and what it will mean for team collaboration. Stay tuned and we’ll be back with more news soon!

Thanks for reading and happy recording! 👋🎥

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