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Annual Report .pptx - Google Slides - 16 December 2022

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Hello. Good evening everyone. So here is a, a small slider about the entire annual report for F PPG from people Operations.

Won't take much time, maximum, you know, five to six minutes. The total headcount versus from 21 to 22. We have literally grown.

If you clearly see the new division, PPC has started and we are merged Creative web team under F ppg. And then marketing is slightly reduced.

There's one person. So going forward, I, I understand that there is no more lead social hiring, but we are now content with the current team we have, but SEO is grown to two folds coming to diversity inclusion.

Now we have a very good diversity inclusion here. If you can clearly see around 48% male and 52% female. So that's a good ratio to talk about.

So this is where our headcounts and first goes from the recruitment perspective. So of the entire growth team 42% is marketing and 40% is seo.

And the new addition, PPC and creative web team forms the entire F P G for the forecast. I need more clarity push per party Matt, so for the forecast what understand is we need one more lead and two more analyst BFIs.

So pretty much comprises of one port. So if you could give us a forecast for next day, that would be super awesome.

Now that after Rajesh has joined as first PPC team by when are we planning to view a team or, you know, expanded team that forecast also, you know super beneficial to us and creative web team understand that currently we are a team of six people in the longer and we might need one.

And in marketing we might add two more. This the focus we have, but I need more understanding of the focus so that we clearly plan our drives and ensure that by then we are touching the different demographic outside of India market.

So this is on update on the total team size we have. So if you ask about the demographic of, you know pan India it was surprising to us.

I, I felt we have more people in the Northern Bay, but around 53% are from Southern India. Nine p, 9.4% on Western, and 25% are from Northern India.

So this gives a clarity of you know, a spread of existing resources in Pan India. So going forward if we are looking for AEO ports from outside of India when we are talking about marketing team or you know, creative web team if we can, you know, have a strategy of which particular cluster to focus on that would be, that would be a good move when we are planning on a demographic scale.

So recruitment part, little interesting before to that, you know just giving a glimpse of, you know, the age groups of our existing resources and fpg, gen Z or Millennial or Gen X if you can see there's a good ratio here.

Millennials females are more millennials and gen X is a, a good ratio of male and female. So Gen Zs, we have more male.

There's because the addition of the CEO office team, that's where we see. So there's a, a complete picture of the age, age group and the diversity inclusion recruitment part.

This entire year we had made 25 offers and 28% were a declined percentage. Majority reasons of decline was because of counter offers.

And the average open position to joining is average. It's 30 days. So we are able to make an offer tag and offer tag within the 30 days time.

So branding outreach in the entire year. We are made around 16 plus weekend drives for SEO alone. And we connected two campus drives in March and February from Southern Indian two top, top 10 colleges.

One is Diana Salva University in Bangalore, and another one is GSS College University in Meso. So we conducted campus drives.

We were able to reach around 800 plus students put together. So 400 plus reach out we done in each of the campus strips.

So coming to policies these are the existing policy we have launched and released from insurance to, you know, policies to recruitment rehab is something we are releasing in the coming 2023, including the social media policy, retirement policy pause certification is like mandate.

We will be doing that compass and off onboarding policy and content and improvement policy will be add on. So this is a, a, a complete framework.

We are planning on the policies for fpg, again, so culture index also, we had a, a quick glance on the, the spectrum of the existing resources.

We have the culture index, so we have, it's a very mixed culture index currently we have because of the initial years, we really didn't follow SEA as a mandate protocol, but off late we are sticking to with tech support and, you know scholars and specialists more to do with problem solvers and good at, you know highs and highs.

But we have a good good splits of the entire cultural index. We have somebody's a traditionalist as well. We have also debaters and operators.

So this is a culture index. We have this year was a good, good year to, you know, witness more promotions, B niche, sh Raj, and Sarah.

Succession planning <unk> and Shivan we have in the succession planning. So this really good gives us a good sense of, you know a structured way of organization development.

More to go. So to add on to that, we created an FTM first time manager, you know, training material. We connected 20 hours of training in this year.

So apart from that, we have done a couple of skip level calls with the growth team, Creative web team separately, and things are in good shape.

So team outing as well. We did a very nice, fantastic team outing pretty much within the budget KO Canal. So we literally spent two nights and three days.

It was awesome time. Literally we had a more bonding and team-building activities there. All hands. We have religiously been conducting women all hands on company onlines every month once in a month.

And we did not held back in creating more moments any time of the year be birthdays, anniversary of six sickness.

So we were able to understand for f PT alone, there were 60 plus goodies dispatched sweet GE or you know, the merchandise were dispatched to on various occasions.

Apart from this, the Valley hampers and welcome kit something we reworked upon and we had sent Pan for all the employees.

And International Women's Day celebration was more, we had a very great response. We created a customized video to each and every women folk of that particular, you know, employees house and we send for items to their employees place.

So this is more of an engagement a briefer of an engagement which we're talking about Al Trip worth looking at all the videos again.

So current recruitment process, this is where a little concerned this is what the current CI index we are following and current turnaround time we're following for SEO marketing and for web web team.

My understanding is if we follow the same CI pattern going forward for all the people coming inside is that a good note or should we have one or two mixed cis so that we have a balanced team?

That is something I wanted to ask Amed because I don't have a clue about this when we are planning to scale FPG for the next level.

So this is the pretty much update I want to talk about on annual report for fpg from people. Op, thank you.


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