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Noh - Outubro 2022

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Which, you know, <inaudible> Iun manage with Electr match. So, danger, which is which all car twice profile. She <inaudible>. <inaudible>. Don't cut that.

Cut this. Be twice. Think things. The for Oh, we things big. The, I, it was probably my first. Paul Myk picks up the thinkings AmazonGo.

H bk <inaudible> Explain hospitals. We've in <crosstalk> to pull Was Canun group. <inaudible> the, Hmm. <inaudible> I know. Answer for me. Iun.

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So <inaudible> Do not, we, we we're being <inaudible>. No. Mm-hmm. S mm-hmm. Akk <inaudible> tried to <inaudible>. Noun for That'd be quite it.

<inaudible> So its <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> The couple minutes. S <inaudible>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> <inaudible>. I just, I think just divide cow. <inaudible>. <inaudible>. That's a pharma S proper.

Go follow it. S for club. You'll say that for, I, you, I keep as a co to wask that <inaudible> mm-hmm.

<affirmative>. Yes. That documents with myself. So itself do fork level <inaudible> from pro Uhk. <inaudible> Hi, If I speak the pigs <inaudible> Good.

I, Aldo. <inaudible>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. It was about the, we have <inaudible>, ak a Yeah. I used to tun <inaudible> thing. Ofk king.

No. I have <inaudible>. I youk <inaudible>. <inaudible> All and ink. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> <inaudible>. <inaudible> To Marc Marck a mood <inaudible>. We help Alun. We don't know Thek commercial.

Huh? My who? Kings ising or Tsa? Tta. Tta. I think they be <inaudible> if I, if I don't match you Excel.

<inaudible> Is <inaudible>. They b***h wise can mine wise. Okay. <inaudible>. <inaudible>. <inaudible>. <inaudible> That's you. <laugh> glasses. Man. That's so is difficult. <inaudible> My was super of line in know.

I think that I've, I, it it's Akk, Ikk maun French. I, I, I think, I think they know my s is the with me.

<inaudible>. Sark. It is is a <inaudible>. My move to minorities here has the <inaudible>. <inaudible>. <inaudible>. Yeah. No <laugh>. It's <inaudible>. <inaudible> They it's the details'.

See <inaudible> mm-hmm. <affirmative> my finish <inaudible> No. <inaudible> Because of what? <inaudible>. They keep to <inaudible>. P achi <inaudible>, which protect m perk on mice.

Oh. As there's no <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible>. My <foreign>. Got it. <inaudible> Think <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> For another woman to et cetera, et cetera for thek. Mm-hmm.

<affirmative> maintain we do is you call Hello? I don'ts one <inaudible> Any questions? <inaudible> Yeah. S he got a <inaudible> sok <inaudible> probably just form my <inaudible>, but involved in the, the stage actually <inaudible> thing.

Focus <inaudible>, I mean <inaudible> Bolun. No, no noun. Speak Uhk <foreign> or Eric <inaudible> Hek cannot <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> To my myk s thisk found <inaudible> you post for there possibility.

Thats in inside <inaudible> for s <inaudible> Rek, that's <inaudible> flies. Frenchs fights. My assistant's claims that shek was iun pi claims <inaudible> myself.

<inaudible> Ink in Premier <inaudible> <inaudible> Then to the <inaudible> see it S ma business, whoever is somewhere to put specific <inaudible> s so happy maun a with no no commit.

You my strategic people says, Yeah, I <inaudible> for this <inaudible> The only each make you ik. I think den police cannot impress interest.

I think they bank services to the public. And so <inaudible> sok <inaudible> ranges. So <inaudible> my strategy growth <inaudible> Soun for <inaudible>. Okay. <inaudible> Itk, p'unk <inaudible> call soldier bar.

This is okay. <inaudible> D rice office <inaudible> I keep storage, storage all the rail, which <inaudible> customer experience <inaudible> and <inaudible>. <inaudible> My Aun Isha behavior.

You know, you start strategic Deloitte, no one saw this concern emerging A link that is his, the reviews by Zuki used have everything like, you know, used to come St thrill.

So used my <inaudible>. You said <inaudible> <inaudible> for was Stss Tok. Immediate performance also, just don't complain. No. <inaudible> <inaudible> Contains purchase. Baun possib.

That Wask been to <inaudible>. Oh, I want you to <inaudible> is do my few taxe as farks you the finances this, you've gotta <inaudible> banking, Ofk paying this <inaudible> local <inaudible> <inaudible> much perform ikk may don't <foreign> <inaudible> strategy.

You see myself <inaudible> don't want you to if <inaudible>. So like you should, why everything in <inaudible> what it's coming changed. Tokyo <inaudible> intelligence mak sok <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible>, he, so, so is no being, we just move to Alza <inaudible> Cause there are total this things s file che us to sok.

Toks what? Pharmas what do you mean? The home <inaudible> is into ik. Akt like <inaudible> from to Aun change his law. Mm-hmm.

<affirmative>. That's storyk. <inaudible>. <inaudible> Some quant. Thank you. <inaudible> Goes for example, Heun speak papers that you face. Practical Kikk tok. Well, let's see.

I so mm-hmm. <affirmative> is, you know, screens <inaudible> <inaudible> If you kill ORs is es to the mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So key <inaudible>. That's good sell or <inaudible> longer.

<inaudible>. Yes. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> That that take you <inaudible>. Do my t wanna do that? <inaudible>. Okay. <inaudible> I mood keep pots fat, I puts whats aats <inaudible> and we started could support ma from Akk category.

This is super important itk category in fault <inaudible> Spacek. That's put wise <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> does you find, Okay <inaudible> possib <inaudible> Conks s told <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> has <inaudible> NOKs, sk special <inaudible> noun.

<inaudible> Dom benun <inaudible> T in finance, Ed in finance in no <inaudible> she would fuzz. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, they trained pharma. A pharma <inaudible> Sk, sk virus <inaudible> <inaudible> to to to <inaudible>.

So Applic, she was sk it's <inaudible> <inaudible> Iun to <inaudible> <inaudible> But <crosstalk>, what does <inaudible> <inaudible> to stop saying <inaudible> cause anybody by the average mm-hmm.

<affirmative>, <inaudible>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> review <inaudible> Thek to put another simple sk is my opinion. Youk myun follow donk A has passed the goodna <inaudible> don't fail.

It's don't. PKK has passed the material is s click shape don't <inaudible> a daily frames, they are <inaudible> s to <inaudible>.

Don't think you know your <inaudible> or <inaudible>. Mm-hmm. <inaudible> Told Zu become, this is <inaudible> s <inaudible>. Oh. Omar isn there think <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> many years, so, so I'm <inaudible> my sister.

So I came to the <inaudible> speak wise, A to <inaudible> pay you to G September two airline summit was, was <inaudible> Trak <inaudible>. <inaudible> Story.

Sayk toys a king <inaudible> Q the water. Would you put Akk <inaudible> <inaudible> I, when there is my for to <inaudible> <inaudible> and <inaudible>. <inaudible> <affirmative> was, was was in no <inaudible> ago I got phone.

So cute words <inaudible>. <inaudible> Kara's what's what got uhhuh <affirmative> <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> What's <inaudible> <inaudible> Okay. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> How object, Chris prop thinking <inaudible> Tok Tuns, <foreign> the category s the category of finance pa <inaudible> lyo, some ifs made some focus p who are paying the performing premier over <inaudible>.

My Phils on the same <inaudible> premier, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> <inaudible> <inaudible> mm-hmm. <affirmative> comps. Mm-hmm. <inaudible> At Zuma vi <inaudible>. <inaudible> A key mentor <inaudible> Yes. My, I end of the time mm-hmm.

<affirmative> my p our oh, hard. No, except <inaudible> and, and <laugh> is that the me <inaudible> msk sok ak wask for example.

<inaudible> Don't <inaudible> <inaudible>. <inaudible> I think <inaudible> <inaudible> mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Zis. <inaudible> Meia ito, speech wise Isk ikk in s <inaudible> mm-hmm. <affirmative> <inaudible>. <inaudible> Ik. Yeah. Testing. We should be supposed to <inaudible>.

G <inaudible> I, no, I think it's <inaudible>. I think I give us <inaudible>. <inaudible> Give us a call. <inaudible>. Thek etra o me says to secure interpret <inaudible> <inaudible> Soun <inaudible> So download load huhk prior user engagement.

So special it's become move to make function add to make more pay to this to of <inaudible> test in from us is a key.

It's a key own s <inaudible> Audrey Baha reviews, let's <inaudible> Alexis <inaudible> Aun <inaudible> <inaudible> Yes, very, you much positive we have a, you say <inaudible> negatives <inaudible> ENTs what does <inaudible> to reviews <inaudible>.

What? Who? Six st by own six sts <inaudible> <inaudible>. I, my also <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> i che reps has t as keep reviews si that they keep e their city is I science you, you, he his, so you dos <inaudible> will say that if <inaudible> Mm-hmm.

<affirmative> <inaudible>. <inaudible>. <inaudible> Natural <inaudible> mm-hmm. <affirmative> <inaudible>. <inaudible> To <inaudible>. <inaudible>. Huh. Myun <inaudible>. Yo, please, I don't wanna do that. You <inaudible> <inaudible> usual gata making tool and <inaudible> <affirmative> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> Hi is s so by the possibility I cant ask you words.

He, you know, sk that why like you try <inaudible> <inaudible> Uhk, Ofk <inaudible> <laugh> As you know <inaudible> it was the shock range <inaudible> <inaudible> mm-hmm.

<inaudible> <inaudible> Myself to respect that <inaudible>. Got it. <inaudible>. <inaudible> Ikk. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> in people, <inaudible> you my job <inaudible> <inaudible> mm-hmm. <inaudible> <inaudible> And she s youk <inaudible> of my in, you know, so that <inaudible> Definit of mm-hmm <affirmative> think big fish under <inaudible> mm-hmm.

<inaudible> Of the iun <inaudible> important Chef fuzz <inaudible> Ik he approach <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> co myself iun this moment <inaudible> Ikk account manager <inaudible> sk don't believe he 44 French <inaudible>.

<inaudible> Yo, yo. <inaudible>. What does features do? Essential stone. It thinkk <inaudible> es you cco ik myself <inaudible> mm-hmm. <affirmative> <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> So in to the measures of edun, thank you words, a <inaudible> no price <inaudible> <inaudible> Perfect.

Mm-hmm. Ul no year. <inaudible> Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, he a com <inaudible> that to enter <inaudible> apart from human <inaudible>, ze is more minimal. All <inaudible> shine those emails <inaudible> cannot noun.

It is a name most <inaudible> Tok specific special essential Elis as good as in dragun years south. Yeah, my <inaudible> <inaudible> will do graph taun.

My what some expertise <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> Your commercial is AKs <inaudible> mpromise per Roman <inaudible> if I do as I ru, I sense you a two words.

I a <inaudible> nok <inaudible> Tosun was the deposit compared was Al Ntroduce. Sss us is some algorithm size oun semester, Well <inaudible> Okay, is newk my key words that <inaudible> human mobile plant for to as, which means trace size <inaudible> daily A so store reviews the size a feature mm-hmm.

Izing barca. So key reviews and we pk sk a saint <inaudible> <inaudible> Sok that es so <inaudible> that keep s you don't <inaudible> okay to know doesn't reach Upk doesn't <inaudible> It is <inaudible> for <inaudible> <inaudible> mm-hmm.

<affirmative> tun the main <inaudible> Yeah, Cal MEK with in college fish. The aun formal is is <inaudible> this is a ing myself.

I supposed <inaudible> or <inaudible> the <inaudible>. Got it. So first of <inaudible> <inaudible> of bag is facing Uhk <inaudible> approach. Maria reality Tun would manage Ofk there.

Wask, Okay. Contact Ik be connectable. There is official there. Melo live point plan. Kaun searching The <inaudible>. <inaudible>. <inaudible> Yeah. <inaudible>. <inaudible> <inaudible> Ohk, you nok, thatk <inaudible> <laugh>.

No, no, no. Put <inaudible> basically que what is the character Iun <inaudible> I boss the paths.


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My teammates and I love using Loom! It has saved us hundreds of hours by creating informative video tutorials instead of long emails or 1-on-1 trainings with customers.
Erica Goodell

Erica GoodellCustomer Success, Pearson

Loom creates an ongoing visual and audible experience across our business and enables our employees to feel part of a unified culture and company.
Tyson Quick

Tyson QuickCEO, Postclick