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Do you love using Loom and can't stop telling people about it? Spread the Loom love and earn rewards for referring new paying customers to Loom.

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For Bloggers & Affiliates

Earn a 15% recurring commission for every paid user you refer to Loom for their first year.

For Influencers & Creators

Earn rewards by creating video content about Loom.

How it works

Step One

Apply To Join

  • Record a Loom, introduce yourself, and tell us how you plan to promote Loom
  • Get your unique tracking link
  • View your dashboard to track progress and payouts
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Step Two

Share Loom With Your Audience

  • Share your tracking link with your audience.
  • Get access to display creatives, platform screenshots, and other documents to help you best promote Loom.
  • Get access to cool new Beta features
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Step Three

Earn Rewards

  • When a user signups for loom and upgrades to a paying subscription you'll earn 15% of their monthly subscription value.
  • The more Creator seats they pay for, the bigger your reward!
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What Customers are Saying

  • Loom has been the light of my life since you showed me it."–I never tire of hearing this from folks. Not even an investor... yet.

    Alexis Ohanian

    Alexis Ohanian
    Founder, SevenSevenSix

  • People use to say this could have been an email. They were right but some meetings still needed to happen. But with @loom!!! This could have been a loom bro. I’m declining that invite.

    Henry Johnson

    Henry Johnson
    Founder, Startup Job Watch

  • Three times this month I've sent looms externally instead of scheduling a meeting and the first response is "this is great, why don't more people do this" followed by "we have to find a way to use this internally".

    Colby Howard

    Colby Howard
    Founding Partner, Paragon Intel


What is the cookie duration?

Cookies expire after 90 days. If a user signs up after clicking your link within 30 days and becomes a paying Loom member, that qualifies for a commission! Commissions are paid on a last-click basis, so you must be the last touch point before the user signed up.

How long do users have to upgrade to a paying subscription?

Users must upgrade to a paid subscription within 90 days of signing up from your tracking link.

What if a user signs up for an annual plan?

Annual subscriptions are still eligible for the 15% referral commission. The annual reward will be split into 12 equal monthly payments.

What if a user upgrades the amount of Creator licenses on their account?

As long as the account is still under one year old, you will earn 15% of the account's monthly value.

What if they downgrade?

If a user downgrades from a paying plan to a free plan you will not receive a commission.

What if a user upgrades again after downgrading?

Once a user has downgraded to free you will not receive any more commissions from their account. Further upgrades will not be rewarded.

Can I join both the affiliate program and the influencer program?

The influencer program is coming soon by invite only. The affiliate program is open for anyone to apply.

Do I get credit if someone downloads the Loom mobile app on iOS or Android?

No. At this time app downloads are not include in the creator program.

Are there any disallowed traffic sources?
  • We don’t allow email list rental. Please don’t send emails to anyone who has not double opted-in.
  • No bidding on any PPC sites
  • You are not allowed to incentivize sign-ups with any kinds of rewards (e.g., sharing your reward with the person who signs up)
  • No use of sub-affiliate networks

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