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How Braze Created 100+ DIY Marketing Videos for the Price of One Using Loom’s Intuitive Platform

  • 1,800

    unique page views within weeks

  • 18%

    jump in visitors to blog posts when video was embedded

  • Use Case


  • Industry

    Marketing Software

  • Company

    500+ employees


Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love. The company is headquartered in New York City and has more than 700 employees across six offices on three continents.

It really took no time at all to realize our Braze TV vision with Loom. It has such a fast learning curve that we could deliver a rapid time to launch.
Chris Radtke

Chris RadtkeSr Director of Content Marketing, Braze


  • Diversify their marketing mix to lure more leads in a booming marketplace.
  • Add video to boost search, brand awareness, and thought leadership.
  • Find an affordable video platform to create personalized content without hiring out production.

With the desire for marketing technology on an upward trajectory across the globe, MarTech company Braze was determined to capitalize on the climbing demand.

Since their conception in 2011, they’d leaned on in-person events to generate new leads, but when COVID-19 hit, they knew they needed to quickly pivot and implement a more diverse marketing mix.

The company’s Senior Director of Content Marketing, Chris Radtke, was excited to take the lead on their marketing diversification, and as the team batted around ideas, one in particular piqued his interest: a channel of short-form, personalized videos called Braze TV. The platform would put a large cast of experts from every corner of the business in the spotlight and position them as thought leaders.

But bringing the concept to life posed some challenges:

“We’d traditionally been resistant to adding video to our content mix,” says Chris. “It’s a very expensive proposition and difficult to realize ROI, so we were pretty skittish about moving forward on that particular path.”

After some internal investigation, Chris learned that Braze’s London office was leveraging video messaging platform Loom in their outreach. Loom offered the solution Chris was looking for: the ability to create daily content, presented through different expert voices, leading to greater brand awareness.

“That was my Eureka moment,” says Chris. “Loom gave us an affordable platform to create personalized video content from our laptops, without the need for expensive video production teams.”


  • Create and publish new video content every day that reaches different points in the sales funnel.
  • Create content and product videos at low cost and high ROI.
  • Help internal teams streamline their operations.

Because Chris could see such huge potential with Loom, he signed up for an Enterprise plan for 100+ Creators right away.

Braze planned to host videos on their website, use them in blogs, and utilize them in paid ad campaigns to increase search results. Their content strategy included three stages of the funnel: awareness content, consideration content, and decision content. With that strategy in mind, the team ensured that each day’s video would be closely aligned with one of those stages in the form of:

  1. Thought leadership videos that shine a spotlight on experts within the company and provide a platform to talk about their unique areas of expertise.
  2. Client stories that reinforce the impressive results and outcomes Braze consistently achieves for its customers.
  3. Product videos that help inform customers of all the features and benefits of Braze’s product offerings.

With the strategy locked in, Chris turned his attention to finding a strong cast of employees to front the videos, and after sharing a proof-of-concept video with the company at large, potential contributors were quick to come forward.

When it was their time to publish, each contributor was given a two-hour time frame to produce their first video. Chris reflects: “While the first video sometimes involved a couple of takes, by the second, third, and beyond, employees were creating and publishing videos in minutes, not hours.”

The time from initial concept to publishing their first video was just 9 days — and Braze has now produced 100 daily videos and counting.

“It really took no time at all to realize our Braze TV vision with Loom,” says Chris. “It has such a fast learning curve that we could deliver a rapid time to launch.”

Suddenly, Braze had diversified their marketing mix, distributing the videos in both organic and paid activities. With videos embedded in their blogs and on their website, Braze was indexing for key terms better than ever.

The videos were also successful as the hero piece in a paid ad campaign on LinkedIn, and they even found their way into colleagues’ social feeds after being included on the company intranet for colleagues to search and share.

Teams across the business have also identified new uses for Loom’s platform. Product Design uses Loom to hand off concepts to Engineering, and Customer Success creates instructional guides to proactively answer customer questions, saving everyone time and energy.


  • 1,800 unique page views within weeks.
  • 18% jump in blog post visitors.
  • 100+ marketing videos created for the traditional price of one.
  • Improved indexing for keywords and jump in MQLs.

Within weeks of launching Braze TV with Loom, web traffic went through the roof. Their daily videos had nearly 1,800 unique page views and contributed to an 18% jump in total unique blog page views.

Even better, the videos had an average time on page of almost 3 minutes and 30 seconds — suggesting the majority of viewers were watching each video from start to finish.

Chris also attributes the Loom videos to a large number of MQLs, meaning Loom’s ROI is nothing short of excellent.

“For the same price as developing a single, high-gloss video the old way (around $5k-$10k), we’ve been able to onboard 100 users to Loom who are free to create an unlimited number of videos,” says Chris. “It’s a really affordable option for any business.”

Across Braze TV — and the many other use cases leveraged by multiple departments — Loom has helped Braze become more efficient, accelerate time to market, enhance lead generation, and bolster their bottom line.