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How Flockjay Created A Library of Sales Training Videos and Improved Customer and Business Outcomes with Loom

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    A year saved for Flockjay’s Head of Education

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    of all training content now converted to asynchronous videos

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Flockjay is a tech sales academy providing training for people from under-represented backgrounds, and fast-tracking them into in-demand jobs with top companies. Flockjay used Loom to build a video library of content for their customers. With Loom, Flockjay found massive time savings and an increase in learning quality across their hundreds of new students each month.

Loom has made our business more financially viable, democratized access to sales knowledge, and facilitated the opportunity to learn from a ton of different people.

Hayley CrownHead of Education at Flockjay


  • Carrying out training in synchronous sessions.
  • Relying on trainers to deliver ‘live’ examples.
  • Lacking consistency between classes.
  • Experiencing wasted time and costs.

MDigital sales academy Flockjay has an important social mission. They are passionate about giving talented people from under-represented communities the training required to forge lucrative careers in the tech sales sector.

During 2019 and part of 2020, Flockjay ran four carefully curated courses teaching students — or Fellows — all they needed to know in just 10 weeks. They even helped them fast-track job applications, ace interviews, and negotiate great salaries.

As things stood, training was 100% carried out in synchronous sessions. Students had to be online for set hours, and any examples of technical sales skills — such as handling sales calls — were done “live” by the trainer.

But delivering live training scenarios was causing countless challenges, not least around educational consistency and quality.

“While our trainers are high-level professionals, sometimes their live training wouldn’t hit all the learning points or they’d look different between classes,” explains Head of Education, Hayley Crown.

“One of the things we try to do at Flockjay is share different ideas and perspectives. While we’re proud of that, it’s important there are main topics covered class over class. Because there was no standardization, our Fellows weren’t always getting the same information and were taking different learnings away from different sessions.”

The synchronous nature of Flockjay’s training caused a restriction for some students.

“Our Fellows had to be ‘in the room’ for every session,” says Hayley. “If something happened at home, which meant they couldn’t attend, they’d miss out on all of that learning. This made it harder for them to achieve their mission of increasing access.

“We wanted to find a way to ensure that people who work multiple jobs, take care of their dependents or just don't work on a 9-5 schedule have equal access to the content.”

The logistical challenge of running “live” and synchronous training was also leading to an added cost.

“Recreating live training every time involved a lot of administration of scripts and organization of our trainers,” explains Hayley. “Plus, there were cost implications in asking them to recreate the same content over and over.”

Hayley knew the situation was unsustainable, given Flockjay’s growth goals. Bringing on 100s of new students every month would require a new solution; one that would enable students to access sales knowledge in a more flexible, repeatable, and non-synchronous way.


  • Build a vast library of engaging sales training videos.
  • Provide all-hours access.
  • Create educational standardization

Hayley identified video messaging platform Loom as the perfect product to democratize Flockjay’s training content and create consistency. Because of its functionality to create engaging video content in minutes, it offered the benefits of live training, without the challenges.

From the get-go, Hayley worked with her sales trainers to record 5, 10 and 20-minute versions of key content. Topics included sales calls, objection handling, learning a new software, and personal branding, such as how to present yourself in an interview.

“Within a few weeks, we’d built a library of different discovery calls with different trainers and sales professionals, so our Fellows could see different styles and situations in action,” says Hayley. “Not only was the quality of the content superior to the live training, it created consistency in the classroom and enabled Fellows to have access to the content over and over again.”

With so much new content at hand, Hayley collected it up and unified it in a searchable LMS, making it simple for Fellows to revisit any subjects where they needed reinforcement.

“With access to our new video content whenever they needed it, Fellows could get better at what they did in their own time, without having to be in a synchronous training session,” says Hayley.

With classroom training now standardized and consistent thanks to the Loom videos, Hayley built out assessments to ensure Fellows were absorbing all the key learning points.

“Because Loom videos gave our training more consistency and structure, we could set assessments and ensure Fellows were picking up the right sales skills, such as the importance of budget, authority, timing and need,” says Hayley.

Hayley unlocked another use for Loom towards the end of the course, using the platform to hone Fellows’ interview skills.

“Loom is so fantastic for interview preparation,” says Hayley. “We show Fellows good and bad examples of interviewing and then we record a Loom of them being interviewed themselves. Because they’re actually watching themselves, they quickly improve their body language, tone of voice, and digital fluency, which improves their chances of recruitment.”


  • 90 days a year back to concentrate on areas of higher return.
  • Tough time-to-hire targets achieved.
  • ⅓ of all content switched to asynchronous videos.

Loom is integral for the world-class learning experience for Flockjay’s Fellows, regardless of where they are or when they’re available.

Fellows watch Loom videos any time and anywhere, and they can watch them repeatedly.

“We’ve seen a big uptick in people going back to the videos to reinforce their knowledge and they’re becoming better in the process,” says Hayley. “On average, we’re seeing videos receive around 200 views in each round of 100 students.”

Fellows develop a greater understanding of key sales concepts, improve their skills across the board, prepare better for interviews, and improve their digital fluency — all thanks to Loom. As a result, time to hire is dramatically improved, with Hayley exceeding all her targets in that area.

Hayley has converted a third of Flockjay’s training content into asynchronous videos already, and that number rises all the time.

Switching to Loom saves Hayley 60 hours across every bootcamp. With 12 courses planned for next year, she’ll save 720 hours — or 90 days — which she can put back into areas of higher return, such as improving the curriculum for her students.

And because she no longer has to pay trainers to produce the same live content again and again, switching to Loom makes the business more financially viable. Meanwhile, qualification rates have increased from 72% to 92%, meaning more Fellows are graduating in the same amount of time and with no additional cost.

Hayley’s a super-fan, and recommends Loom to anyone creating online courses or training content who’s looking for a strong ROI.

“Being able to create lightweight recordings that can be used over and over is so valuable, allowing me to spend time on other areas that bring a higher return for our school,” she says.