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Video messaging for work

Product & Design teams use Loom to shorten feedback cycles and improve team communication.

Meet With a Loom Expert

A more efficient way to communicate.

  • Clock

    Nothing to schedule. Nothing to type.

    Send quick videos when calendars won’t line up and you don’t have time to type a wall of text.

  • Smile

    Be yourself.

    Share evergreen videos that give voice and visual context to reduce time spent repeating yourself.

  • Video

    More than words.

    Add color and context to everything you do. Record a video of your screen and cam to add voice-overs to any project.

Mobile device with My Videos, Recents, and Folders, showing recent Looms

Send feedback with video messages, not calendar invites.

Meet With a Loom Expert

For Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

Improve team productivity and communication.

Katie Burke
"Loom allows me to more personally connect with people without having to do 75 different one-on-one calls, which is just impossible at scale."

Katie Burke,
Chief People Officer

More than 14 million people across 200,000 companies choose Loom