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How to leverage video messages in customer success

There's 1 thing that every Customer Success professional is looking for... Cutting right to the chase, it's more time. More time means the opportunity to help clients and grow our relationships with them.

This is what what we love doing and our calendars are filled with customer meetings to help enable that.

There's always great work to be done, and we'll never run out of it.  So the question remains, with so many opportunities to grow our portfolio accounts and nurture relationships, how do we scale ourselves to leverage the opportunities that we know are right in front of us but are blocked by the fact that we can't clone ourselves to run multiple meetings at once?

As a Customer Success Manager at Loom, I've been afforded the opportunity to speak with hundreds of users and accounts, growing relationships and nurturing teams to help get the most out of quick video.

Although I have a unique perspective on video. I was a Customer Success Manager & Loom Power User at a previous Enterprise B2B SaaS company prior to joining the team. Hopefully, this helps remove some bias in what I'm about to suggest as I've seen these tactics work for first hand.

Let's dive into the highest value use cases for quick videos & Customer Success...

Build relationships with your executive sponsors

Every account you manage will have someone who's calling the shots - will they renew or cancel? In enterprise contracts it's most likely an executive for a department for which your product services.  Although, that executive sponsor who signs the contract isn't typically in the day-to-day activities of the software, and might be more removed from the process, wanting to focus more on the overall ROI that your product is driving for their department.

Getting meetings with executives is notoriously difficult. Maybe just hope for the best when you see them occasionally and chat with them at the next Quarterly Business Review.  At this point, its too late and trying to develop trust and rapport won't happen in 30-60 minutes once a quarter.

I've used Loom consistently to help hedge against this risk. Send your executives quick updates over Loom, walking them through the great progress their team is having each month.  This does 2 really powerful things:

  1. Builds trust with the signing authority, without them having to get on a call with you.
  2. Builds on the relationship you have with your day-to-day contacts as you're praising their success to their boss.

Customer On-boardings/ Quick How Tos

Live on-boardings are always impactful. You want someone to be up and running as quickly as possible. However, people will undoubtedly have questions afterward and help docs just don't cut it.

What they really want is a "quick how-to" with personalized strategic advice.  That's where your expertise comes in, and you prove a ton of value in being a partner versus a vendor. I've written a ton of emails with screenshots and lengthy advice, only to have that consume way too much time and for the advice to fall flat and unused.

In my previous role,  I transitioned to using Loom for sending clients videos with personalized recommendations where I could walk through on screen workflows and share my advice. It was effective, efficient, expressive.  It took me, on average, about 1/10th of the time to record a quick minute-long video.

The effects of doing this consistently for clients both reactively when they have questions, and proactively to give them advice will drastically change the relationship you have over time. With the intent of activate people to do something, we need to make it as easy as possible for them. Video is the medium that wins almost every time in this case.

When I switched to consistent asynchronous video communication with my accounts, I saw them grow in dollar size over time and my net retention went up quarter over quarter. When we're talking about business goals from a Customer Success team, these are front and center.

Actionable meeting follow ups, hold your clients accountable

We've all had meetings with clients and then the net result is...let's have another meeting.  I've had countless occasions where I've spent 30-60 minutes on a call outlining advice for what to next only to have that fall flat, nothing happens and it feels like I missed the mark completely.

The thing is, we have to own holding our clients accountable for getting stuff done and moving the needle forward. The product/solution we're delivering is there to help them achieve their desired outcome but we have to stay on top of it to ensure they get there.

After a client meeting, we'll send a quick follow up walking through some actionable items in an email and then walk through the single most important thing that will set them up for success. We create a quick Loom for them to watch and act on. This does a couple things.

  1. You can make sure they've watched the video with the notifications feature and hold them accountable to getting that one thing done.
  2. There might be a lot of recommendations that come out of a call, recording a Loom of the most important thing brings focus to what's next and makes it easy for them to take action. Rinse and repeat!

The check-in

There are a couple scenarios applicable to using Loom for a quick check in. First, accounts go dark. Clients don't get back to you. It happens. Sometimes emailing/calling them doesn't get anywhere. Sending a Loom that's camera only (no screenshare) so they see your face can be an effective way of cutting through the noise to make someone feel the need to respond.

It's not that you're guilting someone into replying but you've taken the time to reach out with a personalized video, and so they feel the need to return the same courtesy and respond.

On the other side of things, you can send a friendly check-in to a team that is still active, just taking a moment out of the day-to-day grind to reach out and mention they can access you whenever they need it. Probably one of the most simple Looms that I'll consistently record but one of the most effective for relationship building.

It doesn't stop at just letting them know they've got a point of contact though. I've recorded videos congratulating teams on a round of recent funding or promotion they recently got. Things we would do via email, but over the video, they communicate a level of sincerity and genuineness that we'll never be able to quite replicate in a written message.

Asynchronous account help across time zones

One of my favorite things about Loom is our largely distributed client base. We've got teams using it in every single time zone across the world.  One of the single biggest hurdles modern business communication faces is the tendency to need to have it be synchronous.  While this is necessary in a lot of cases, asynchronous communication could actually be a lot more useful.

For context, I'm remotely based out of Toronto. I've spoken with teams in India, Germany, Western USA, Australia which would traditionally provide a lot otimezone coordination to set up calls. With a 14 hour time difference, sometimes it can be next to impossible to find a time that doesn't force someone to be online at an inconvenient hour.

While it's always going to be necessary to have those synchronous calls for certain cases (ie kickoff calls, account reviews etc.) I've leaned on Loom to deliver a consistent customer experience regardless of where they are in the world. From quick How-Tos, client check-ins or strategic advice, it pays dividends to show your face in a quick Loom walking them through what you need to, that they can consumer on their own schedule.

Concurrently, you're improving the client experience and not having to get on a call every-time they have a question.  They appreciate it because its quicker for them, and you'll appreciate it because it won't overrun your calendar with meetings. In a broader sense, the CS team can move quicker, deliver great experiences to customers regardless of time zone.

These are just a handful of the ways I've used Loom, there is a myriad of other opportunities to explore. Never stop testing how to engage with customers, you'll find some really delightful opportunities in the process, and video can help you get there faster.

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