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How video messages helped us raise customer satisfaction to 96%

Before I joined Loom, my experience with video was purely recreational. I had never recorded a video to document workflows for my team and taking 30 minutes away from writing an email to a customer to record a video just didn’t seem productive.

Plus, all the editing and uploading required was a process that simply didn’t scale.

Now, my team and I record an average of 250 videos per month and there’s only 4 of us. These videos are sent to our customers externally, but also kept internally as training resources for our growing team.

So what changed?


When you support hundreds or thousands of your customers through email or live chat, you want to be as efficient as possible while still delivering a world class customer experience that is both fast and personal.

To hit that sweet spot, there’s a couple of things you must pay attention to:

  • Do your customers feel like they are speaking to a human when they contact your support team?
  • Does your support team have access to the information needed to properly support your customer base?

Here at Loom, we’re only 4 people supporting over one million users. Having information properly documented is crucial to our success as a team. We’re not always working at the same time, but we need to communicate constantly and make sure everyone everyone is on the same page.

We think we found a great way to set ourselves up for success -- quick videos. And with our customer satisfaction rating climbing to 96%, it’s safe to say our video content is positively impacting the way the team works.


We’re sharing how we use quick videos to support our customers and help our team access the information they need in hopes that this also helps other teams become more efficient, while scaling their customer operations.

Explaining how the product works or help troubleshooting

When my team needs to explain a more complex topic to a customer, we send a quick video instead. Walking the customer through the information in a visual way is more effective than writing a long essay on the subject -- and the customer will appreciate being saved from a long read.

Once we started recording videos to help our customers, we immediately saw the impact. Our support requests took less time to close and our satisfaction rating went up. By recording videos, we remove ambiguity and we double down on visually engaging content that help customers navigate our platform.

Recording bug reports for the Dev Team

Quick videos help replace the cumbersome task of taking screenshots and annotating instructions when reporting bugs to the development team. This way, our Developers can watch a quick video to assess what is not working correctly within the experience, instead of spending time trying to reproduce the bug.

This method has proven especially helpful when the bug is tricky to describe with just words and has saved our team countless hours of productive work.

Document workflows and training videos for your team

Helping your team access the information they need to successfully do their job is essential to providing a world class experience to your customers. Planning and documenting your team workflows with videos is an invaluable resource for not only new hires, but also existing team members.

Here at Loom, we use video to document processes so our entire team can easily find and learn important information whenever they need to. Investing time into creating evergreen training videos will empower your team with knowledge so that your Support reps feel confident in the information they are providing to the customers.

Sending a video to de-escalate a frustrated or upset customer

Short replies, Caps Lock, and some heavy sighs are all we need to sense our customer is getting frustrated. At this stage, we like to send a quick, personal video reply to de-escalate the situation. For the customer, merely seeing a friendly face and hear empathy in our voice can instantly help change the tone of the conversation. We find that sending a video to clarify helps both parties work towards a solution, instead of going back and forth for a while.

Asking our users to record a quick video to demonstrate their issue or question

With customers from all over the world, we have a very diverse user base. But one thing we all have in common is our belief in video communication. When our customers are dealing with an issue and request support assistance, we ask them to record a quick video showing us what they see. A quick video divulges far more context than written text or a few screenshots, and this allows us to quickly identify the issue and provide a faster solution. Tickets solved on the first reply go up, response time goes down - it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Three years ago, I would have told you video was too much work and probably not worth it. I wasn’t wrong. Recording video was too much work back then, but Loom removed that friction. I can now record and upload a video instantly, and move on to the next task without getting stuck.

Video has proven to be an invaluable tool when scaling our customer support team. But don’t get me wrong, video is not the answer to all problems — some of its best use cases are to complement other information, especially when it’s complex and visual in nature.

Start recording videos for your customers and team. You’ll see how addictive it is.

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