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How I use video messages to run a company

As a co-founder and CEO of Loom, I often get asked how we leverage the tool on our own team. Over the past 3 years and while scaling the team to currently 26 across SF and remote, I've seen quick videos help us greatly improve communication and performance.

Ultimately, it has enabled our team to be in sync and to scale faster than we would have been able to without it.

I’d like to share some of these use cases, hoping that it'll help other business leaders and founders grow their businesses, grow their teams, and increase their teams' effectiveness. All while creating a more human way of working together.

What are the specific ways I use Loom?

Growing the business

Customer Success

Being able to help customers by introducing a new feature or sharing the benefit of using Loom for a specific use case without asking for time on their calendar has been one of my favorite aspects of Loom. I find it pretty annoying when I want to move a conversation forward with a 3rd party vendor and they require a meeting. Information and decision velocity go way down. Loom helps move things forward while not sacrificing on the relationship building.

Making Intros

It's not often I get to introduce two folks, although it is ramping up in frequency. I love to pull up LinkedIn profiles or other digital representations of folks and do a brief intro of the two via Loom. It is always super well received and gives you a chance to add a little more personality than the generic intro.

Growing our team

Recruitment outreach

I LOVE using Loom for recruitment outreach. High positive response rate and gives the candidate a potent look into the culture of our company. We've scaled this out to everyone who has a hand in recruiting and while it is more time intensive than scraping info and emails and blasting them out, it has much high rate of success.

Onboarding New Employees

This is one of the few use cases I give all three benefits. It is efficient because trying to write up onboarding materials can take a long time and only larger organizations can afford this. However, you sacrifice on building relationships with new employees up front. So most companies fall back on meetings to onboard candidates. Which isn't very scalable and highly variable from employee to employee. This is where Loom shines. Quick to record a 5-10 min Loom, scalable information across employees, and the new employee viewing has reported "feeling like I know the person a bit better" after watching the Loom


Pointing out an area for improvement can be incredibly uncomfortable. I do not recommend using Loom in the situation for everyone. However, we've setup a culture of API (assume positive intent) and treating feedback as a gift. With those I've built up enough trust, I feel comfortable and have delivered feedback to them via Loom to great effect. This also gives them a chance to digest it and respond on their time.

Increasing our team's effectiveness

Project Updates

Being able to record a Loom of product spec, design update, build update, recruitment kickoff, research findings, etc has saved the Loom team countless meetings. It also is so much faster than typing up paragraphs with screenshots.

Analytics Review

Almost the exact same as above. Although this is a 10x return on time. At my previous company I used to spend entire evenings trying to explain the nuanced connections in data across various charts and dashboards which would end up requiring a meeting anyways. A quick Loom showing how you change variables and the specific data points to look at has truly been a game changer for me.

Internal Process Overview

At a startup, processes are constantly changing. Communication channels, operational experiments, project and product management alterations, etc. I think of our company as a product in and of itself. Loom has helped me disseminate ideas quickly and generally get buy in faster, as long as I make them more fun than a Memo :)


There are specific moments when the team requires clarity. Also, "getting into my mind" has been something that keeps coming up over time. The more a leader can share what they're thinking and do it in such a way that shows their face and employees can hear their voice is going to connect with them more than a plain text message can.

Internal Bug Report

I am currently our Head of Product, although I'm starting to look for help here, and product quality is incredibly important to me. There is nothing more precise than a Loom to report a bug. No back and forth. No writing up the steps. Record a quick Loom and send the link.

Fun :D

Speaking of Fun, I'm glad this made the top 5. This has been a growing use case for me. When you have a team spread around the globe, it's important to try and inject humor for humor sake into the mix. The Loom team is generally great at this, but a Loom itself is an incredible way to be more expressive and build a human connection with each other.

Wrapping this all up

I hope this was informative and actionable. If you were to walk away with anything, I hope that it's an understanding of how an executive and founder at Loom uses quick videos day-to-day. I'd also love to hear from you. How do you use Loom? Which of these are useful to you and you hadn't yet thought of them?

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