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5 Best BombBomb Alternatives and Competitors (2024)

How do you break through the noise of written communication to catch someone’s attention? How can you use a webcam and screen recorder to boost conversion rates and improve internal workflows?

The short answer? Video messaging.

The long answer is that video recording adds a face to a message. Instead of prospective customers opening an email to a wall of text, they find a personalized video embedded in the note. Save your team time on internal communications by recording yourself walking through a problem instead of writing a long step-by-step message. 

The best tools are the all-in-one options that cover all your video communication needs. 

There are a lot of video messaging tools out there—BombBomb is one. Yet, there are many others with equal or better features. 

Keep reading for a list of the best BombBomb alternatives.

What is BombBomb?

BombBomb is a video messaging software tool that aims to support internal and external communication. It integrates with other tools like Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook, so data from all these different sources lands in one place. You can also record a video and send it from anywhere.

Use the analytics dashboard to track results for both individuals and your team. (BombBomb Home Page)

There’s no limit to the number of videos you can record using BombBomb and the recording time for each video is also unlimited. The biggest pitfalls users commonly noted on G2 include the tool’s lack of robust editing features and a clunky setup process. BombBomb’s website has support videos to help onboarding when learning how to use the tool, but new users should anticipate a learning curve. Its video editing features are useful for teams who just need the basics. 

BombBomb is suitable for teams large and small across industries. It also has a reasonably affordable pricing structure:

  • Essentials: It starts at $33 per month, ideal for entrepreneurs. 

  • Plus: It is an excellent option for small businesses and costs $49 monthly. 

  • Teams: Large teams should contact BombBomb for custom pricing options. 

BombBomb is one option to cover your video messaging needs. If its features and price structure don’t quite match what you’re looking for, keep reading. 

5 BombBomb alternatives

1. Loom vs. BombBomb

Loom is an all-in-one video messaging tool that helps you connect with anyone. Whether you’re trying to streamline internal comms for a remote team or educate prospective customers with a product demo, Loom is a go-to video communication tool. 

It works wherever you do. Use the Chrome extension, desktop app, or mobile app (iOS and Android) to record anywhere you work, making async communication a piece of cake. 

If you’re seeking a single tool that all departments in your organization can use, Loom could be the right fit. The tool handles video hosting and offers a full scope of video marketing resources.

Compared to BombBomb, Loom is easy to master. It has robust editing features that allow you to incorporate custom branding, call-to-action buttons, video trimming (even in the middle of the recording), and much more. 

Loom vs bombomb
Record and send Loom videos to customers to showcase product features or send them to colleagues to work through complex topics.


  • Reactions: Viewers of your video can add comments and react using emojis at specific time stamps during the recording. 

  • Filler word removal: Automatically delete any ums and uhs from your recording with Loom’s AI add-on, so the audio remains streamlined and professional. 

  • Accessibility: Automated closed captioning for every video, along with an AI-generated transcript, helps ensure Loom is accessible to all audiences. 


  • Loom AI streamlines the recording process by automatically generating video titles, chapters, and scripts. 

  • You have complete control over each video’s privacy settings, so only the viewers you want to watch a video can do so. 

  • You can select a portion of your screen to record instead of defaulting to recording the entire screen.

  • Loom is more affordable than BombBomb.


  • Users wish there were more convenient search and storage options for previously recorded videos.


  • Starter: Ideal for individuals, Loom’s Starter plan is free to use up to 25 videos per person with 5 minutes of video available for each. 

  • Business: For $12.50 per user (billed annually), you receive embedded video links, password-protected videos, and more.

  • Enterprise: Large teams should contact Loom to learn more about custom pricing.

2. Hippo Video vs. BombBomb

Hippo Video’s expertise is helping go-to-market teams connect with customers. Whether it’s sales, customer success, or customer support, Hippo Video’s functionality caters to teams tasked with ensuring their customers have a quality experience.

The tool hosts over 1,000 midsize and large businesses spanning several industries. It’s an interactive video platform that allows customers to engage with videos and help streamline communications. 

Where BombBomb focuses on creating a video messaging tool for all teams, Hippo Video caters to customer-facing users, offering email marketing and video creation features that match.

Build customizable sales pages that match your brand and help increase conversions. (Hippo Video Sales Landing Page)


  • AI Avatars: Select an AI-generated avatar with video cloning, script personalization, and 140+ languages to present your meeting. 

  • Sales video flows: From first contact to closing the deal, premium video flows help guide the entire customer journey using video.

  • Humanize AI: Record and upload a generic video, then use Humanize AI to personalize the video to your prospects. 


  • You can embed videos in emails so recipients don’t have to click a link to watch the video in another tab. 

  • You can create video and email templates or use the pre-built options. 

  • The guest recording link allows recipients to record a video responding to the one you sent. 


  • According to reviews from G2 and Trustradius, some users experience slow upload times and periodic bugs as the tool is still in its early stages. 

  • HippoVideo’s editing tools are limited. 

  • The website doesn’t mention how the tool ensures the security of video recordings. 


  • Free: No credit card is required to access the teleprompter, basic editing and analytics, 50 monthly videos, and more. 

  • Pro: For $20 per month, users can access everything from Free, plus 30 minutes of closed captioning, unlimited recordings, and more. 

  • Teams: At $60 per month, access everything in Pro with 200 minutes of closed captions, 15 sales page templates, and 50 automated personalized videos. 

  • Enterprise: With all the Teams features, you get role-based access and 50 Humanize videos for $80 monthly. 

*Each pricing tier is charged annually per user.

3. Vidyard vs. BombBomb

Vidyard is a BombBomb alternative for those looking for a solely sales-focused tool. Its features and functionality cater to customer-facing sales teams trying to stay in touch with their prospects. It helps sales teams quickly create on-demand product demos and personalized messages to help pitches stand out. 

It syncs up with other tools in your tech stack to streamline customer relations. The tool also has some unique functionality, using AI to help generate scripts to save time on prospect outreach. 

vidyard vs bombomb
Use AI to add speaker notes, create personalized video scripts, and connect with more prospects. (Vidyard Video Messages Page)


  • Vidyard Prospector: Use AI to automate outbound selling to engage more prospects and improve your sales pipeline. 

  • Animated previews: Automatically generate a 3-second GIF preview of your video. 

  • Intro banner: Create a banner with your name and title for the beginning of your videos. 


  • Vidyard has a robust library of resources for those new to using the tool. 

  • You can stitch different videos together to create one collection of related clips and topics. 

  • Users can upload external videos and record new videos from within the tool. 


  • Users cannot select a customized window of their screen to record. 

  • The buttons to stop, start, and pause recording move depending on where the recording occurs. 


  • Free: No credit card is required. The free plan includes 25 videos in your library, an AI script generator, standard video editing, and video sharing. 

  • Pro: For $19 per month, you get unlimited videos, CTAs, branding, password protection, and all other regular features from the Free tier. 

  • Plus: This tier includes video analytics, video captions, folder management, team performance analytics, and customizable branding for $59 per month.

  • Business: Large teams should contact Vidyard for customizable pricing and robust product feature packages. 

4. Sendspark vs. BombBomb

Sendspark is in the business of personalizing your sales outreach. One of their core goals is to help customers break through the noise by adding a video that humanizes their brand. The company  honed in on personalization by implementing AI-driven features in a handful of different areas. AI voice and video cloning are two unique ways Sendspark stands out. You can create one video that will then be customized depending on the viewer. 

When you compare Sendspark and BombBomb, the latter stands out with its wide array of features. Sendspark is limited in functionality, which makes it great for teams looking for an affordable and straightforward video messaging solution. BombBomb is better equipped to scale with a growing sales team. 

Sendspark vs bombomb
Stitch together existing videos with new intros to repurpose usable videos you’ve already created. (Sendspark Home Page)


  • Personalized thumbnails: Automatically customize each video with your name, title, company logo, or anything else. 

  • Customizable video pages: Create a branded video landing page with your logo and call-to-action for each video you send. 

  • Dynamic backgrounds: Customize the background and add clickable links to personalize each video.


  • Sendspark has several integrations for leading sales and marketing tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, MailChimp, and more. 

  • They have an attentive support team. 

  • The UI is relatively simple, making it easy to learn and use immediately. 


  • It only has a Chrome browser extension. Safari and Firefox extensions are in progress. 

  • Limited call-to-action options for each video. 

  • Editing features have room for improvement.

  • There is no drawing tool in the recording software like similar tools.


  • Free: Start with the basics, including a screen recorder and email embeds.

  • Starter: Make unlimited videos for $12 per month. 

  • Rapid: $39 per month offers Dynamic video and AI options.

  • Team: It includes five seats at $129 per seat per month.

5. Bonjoro vs. BombBomb

Bonjoro caters its video messaging software to sales and marketing teams. Many of its features overlap with BombBomb’s capabilities, except for one key differentiator: its ability to collect customer testimonials. 

When you send a video recording to a prospect or customer, you can check a box that prompts the video recipient to create a testimonial. They can do it via text or video. Within the Bonjoro tool, you can store all your testimonials and publish them to your website using a single click. Testimonials aren’t a feature offered by BombBomb.

Video testimonials and video messaging are Bonjoro’s two main offerings. That said, Bonjoro’s current iteration is best suited for smaller teams and businesses. It doesn’t scale well for enterprise-level sales.

Bonjoro vs bombomb
Prompt video recipients to respond with a text or video testimonial. (Bonjoro Testimonials Page)


  • Integrations: Relatively smooth CRM integrations mean you receive an alert every time you get a new lead, so that you can send them a video. 

  • In-video action items: Prompt customers to schedule a meeting or reply to your video without having to leave the video itself. 

  • Customer testimonials: Add a call to action to each video that asks customers to provide a testimonial that automatically lands on your Bonjoro dashboard. 


  • You get 10 video testimonials and unlimited text testimonials on the platform’s free version. 

  • It is the only video messaging software here that also collects customer testimonials. 

  • You can schedule videos to send in advance. 


  • There is no ability to record and send a video within Gmail. Users must work from within the Bonjoro tool. 

  • The tool lacks features that support enterprise-level engagement and growth. 

  • Each video is stamped with a Bonjoro badge if you’re using the free version.

  • The most valuable features for a growing team are in the highest pricing tier, which can make the tool expensive for some companies. 


Bonjoro uses two different pricing tiers for testimonials and video messaging. 


  • Personal: Get 10 video testimonials, two embeds, and unlimited text testimonials for free.

  • Pro: For $20 per month, get 250 video testimonials, 10 embeds, and unlimited requests along with unlimited text testimonials. 

Video messaging:

  • Personal: Ideal for startups and entrepreneurs, this free tier includes unlimited screen recording, CRM integrations, and video messaging. 

  • Starter: For $15 per month, you get access to everything from the free tier, plus three message templates, CTA buttons, and personalized branding. 

  • Pro: Get unlimited videos, five message templates, and video scheduling for $29 monthly. 

  • Growth: At $79 per month, you can send one-to-many videos, create custom domains, and add up to 3 users. 

*Each pricing tier is billed annually for a 40% savings. You can opt to pay monthly. 

Reach your audience from anywhere, anytime

Video messaging breaks down communication barriers. Use it to connect with colleagues on the other side of the world or quickly send easy-to-digest product demos to customers. With the right video messaging tool on deck, you’re set up for success. 

Loom is the one-size-fits-all tool. Internal teams use it to share key insights while customer-facing teams send personalized notes to secure the most lucrative customers. Unique features like removal of filler words or using emojis to react within videos make Loom one of the best options out there.


Dec 19, 2023

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