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5 Best Enterprise Sales Software to Close More Deals

Every sales team strives to nail those massive deals. 

Yet, even the most savvy sales and marketing teams can’t do it alone. A solid, robust sales software can be the backbone of any successful enterprise sales operation. You need the tools to scale your sales and reach more enterprise customers. 

The advent of artificial intelligence has changed the customer outreach game. Now, instead of writing email after email by hand, with little personal touch, SaaS companies are leveraging AI to help sales teams create compelling messages. 

As the new year rapidly approaches, we’re paying attention to who’s doing what in the enterprise sales space and the cool features landing on the market. At Loom, we have a few of our own about to debut, so stay tuned. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best enterprise sales tools that are incorporating the latest technology into their features. They’ve already started leveraging AI in innovative ways, and they’re worth considering as you fine-tune your sales strategy for the new year. Let’s jump in.

How does software improve sales outcomes?

The classic sales model calls for a solid customer relationship management (CRM) tool, reporting to assess and improve metrics, and resources to facilitate sales enablement.

Even still, building lasting connections with potential customers needs more than a single source to store your analytics. You need to find new ways to connect with them, humanize your brand, and build their confidence in your ability to solve their pain points. 

The enterprise sales process tends to have a longer life cycle than the average—you’re keeping touch with potential customers for longer periods. The trick is figuring out the best way to stay in close contact without overwhelming their inbox. 

As we curated the list below, we looked for tools that use the latest technology to send personalized messages that resonate with more customers and help you close your most lucrative enterprise deals. Most focus on written communication, others help streamline cold calls, and Loom is the only one that leverages AI and video to forge customer connections.

5 best enterprise sales tools

1. Loom

Loom is an all-in-one video recording tool that helps enterprise sales teams communicate and connect with customers. 

You can efficiently touch base with your in-house team, train new reps, and celebrate big wins while staying in close contact with your ideal customers. Personalized intros and customized demos establish rapport and invite your prospects to sign contracts with confidence. Bite-sized and actionable videos make it easy for sales and customer success teams to collaborate efficiently, so their customers enjoy a smooth transition into using your product. 

Efficient, humanized outreach can have a powerful impact when building relationships with the decision-makers at large companies. Instead of cold calling or sending scripted emails, use Loom’s Chrome extension to record a quick catch-up video to send to high-value and high-intent customers. It’s an easy way to enhance the customer experience throughout a long sales cycle.

At the start of 2024, Loom is launching even more AI-powered features. Use AI-generated custom email messages to quickly personalize the notes accompanying your video—and translate content into more than 50 languages.

Loom Sales
Loom helps accelerate the sales cycle, using video to keep everyone on the same page and engaged.


  • Custom branding: Add a personal touch to each video by including your logo on video pages and customizing color palettes to your brand. 

  • Calls to action: Incorporate clear calls to action throughout the video so audiences know precisely when and where to accomplish a particular task. 

  • Security: Password-protected videos ensure only those meant to watch a recording have access to the file. Restrict viewing by email addresses and passwords. 

  • Remove filler words: Loom AI instantly removes filler words from your recording to preserve your polished brand voice. 

  • Variables in titles: This feature (available in beta) lets you record a video once, then automatically duplicate it with a prospect’s name or company name in the title.


  • Easily track video performance and engagement. See how well your product demos, pitches, or meeting recaps are resonating with customers. Track each video’s performance to understand which sections were most helpful and which could use some tinkering. You can even request an email be shared before a video is viewed, to identify new stakeholders within your accounts.

  • Chrome extensions and customizable recording screens make it easy to start recording from any window, anywhere you work. 

  • With the help of Loom AI, you can automatically generate video titles, summaries, and video chapters for each recording. It’s available as an add-on for users in the Business or Enterprise pricing tier. 


  • Loom focuses on sales communication, so it operates in tandem with your CRM. 


  • Starter: Ideal for individuals, Loom’s Starter plan is free to create up to 25 videos at a max of 5 minutes per video. 

  • Business: For $12.50 per user (billed annually), get the Starter tier features plus embedded video links, password-protected videos, and more. Loom AI can be added for $4 per creator per month. 

  • Enterprise: Large teams should contact Loom to learn more about custom pricing. Loom AI for $4 per creator per month is also available for this tier. 

2. leverages AI technology to help sales teams write personalized emails to their prospects. Sales reps can efficiently reach out to as many potential customers as possible without reusing the same templated, cold email pitch.

It syncs up with your email, so you can write from within the platform or right in your inbox. With each new campaign, start by adding information about your business, your ideal customer, and their pain points. The tool uses this information to make suggestions to improve your emails. 

Here’s where stands out: The platform uses historical data unique to your business to inform its writing. It aggregates the information from your previous emails to learn for future ones.

Regai AI adapts to the actions taken by prospects, so sales teams can accurately prioritize which leads to follow up on. (Why


  • Content management system: references your historic email content to inform its present email creation. 

  • Auto-pilot: The tool will automatically identify high-intent leads when to contact them, and recommend a tailored message. 

  • Email sync: links up with your email, so you don’t have to toggle between tools to send emails to prospects. 


  •’s UI is simple, making it easy to use immediately. 

  • Using historical data unique to your company, learns about how you send emails to your customers. 

  • It integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Outreach.


  • The tool is still in its infancy, so connecting with support and finding helpful documentation can be tricky. 

  • Your organization must clearly understand its value proposition, pain points, and target audience for the tool to write effective copy. 

  • Users wish the tool would automate sending emails to potential customers as they move through the sales process. 


  • Free: You receive 100 credits (one credit = ten words or one prospect lookup), one outboard campaign type, and free access to the AI toolkit.

  • Pro: You get unlimited credits and campaigns and A/B testing for $59 monthly and billed monthly. 

  • Small business: Get everything from the Pro pricing tier along with access for up to 20 team members, a shared team workspace, team-wide CMS, and more for $89 per month, billed annually. 

  • Enterprise: Enterprise-level users get every feature from the previous tiers, plus more advanced security, access for 20+ team members, Salesforce integrations, and more at a customized price. 


Apollo is the end-to-end solution leveraging AI to better manage a sales pipeline. From personalizing emails to lead scoring, Apollo AI helps its users streamline the sales process. Within one platform, sales and marketing teams can find prospects, engage with these potential customers, and build a healthy pipeline. 

The tool contains over 260 million contacts and 60 million companies to help users with their daily sales outreach. Sales teams have found the Apollo valuable for high-intent lead generation and prospecting. In sum, users from G2 report Apollo having dramatically reduced the time spent finding and reaching out to prospects.

Users can make and transcribe customer calls from within Apollo. (Apollo Product)


  • Lead scoring: Using AI, score potential leads so you know which ones to prioritize. 

  • Round-robin meeting host: Use availability or distribution preferences to determine who from your team connects with inbound leads. 

  • AI-powered messaging: Lean on AI to write personalized emails, conduct email analysis, and build go-to-market playbooks based on a prospect’s needs. 


  • You can sync your calendar and send it to prospects so they can quickly book a meeting with you, reducing the back-and-forth of scheduling. 

  • Built-in automation means engaging with customers at the right time to ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to connect.

  • A very responsive support team remedies any errors or glitches quickly.


  • Customer outreach stops at emails and calls. It doesn’t include video communication. 

  • With such a huge library of features, new users should anticipate a steep learning curve. 

  • Apollo’s pricing plan can be expensive for small teams still needing the full feature suite. 


  • Free: Without inputting any credit card information, get access to AI-assisted email writing, buying intent insights, Zapier integrations, and more. 

  • Basic: After a 14-day free trial, pay $49 monthly for advanced integrations, A/B testing, and more, along with everything from the Free tier. 

  • Professional: At the most popular pricing tier, you get advanced analytics dashboards, call recordings, and other advanced features for $79 monthly. 

  • Organization: For $119 per month, you can access everything from the previous pricing levels, SSO, advanced API access, customizable reports, and more.


Reply is an AI-powered sales engagement platform built with scalability in mind. It covers the entire sales engagement cycle, from discovery to closing the deal. When writing an email within the tool, you’ll select a series of characteristics, including positivity, word count, and the number of questions, and then Reply will generate a response for you. 

It’ll help you book meetings faster, move through tasks as they relate to each prospect, and integrate with your CRM to keep all your valuable data stored in one place. The tool sets you up to learn from each engagement as well. You can continue to iterate on your sales outreach strategy through robust reporting, email sequencing templates, and A/B testing.

Reply io
Create a customized sequence of channels for where and when to contact leads. ( Features)


  • AI-backed multichannel sequences: Calls, texting, email, and videos are all supported to connect with customers at multiple touchpoints. 

  • Email and phone number validation: Verify the contact information of your prospects to ensure your outreach is effective.

  • Triggers: You can automate tasks based on specific actions a customer takes. For example, remove a contact from the sequence if they’re uninterested, your emails bounced, or they opted out. 


  • Build customized step-by-step outreach plans for each contact in your database, including on which days you call, email, or connect in another way. 

  • You’re able to call prospects from your Reply account using Cloud calls. It records the call for future reference and supports international numbers. 

  • Create a collection of templates for your team or use Reply’s pre-built templates (40+ options) to speed up the messaging process during each step.


  • Reply can integrate with video sales tools like Vidyard, but you must purchase the plans separately. 

  • There’s no easy way to embed videos in the emails sent to prospects. 

  • Some users report the AI-generated email copy feeling generic and wish the writing could be more on-brand for their company. 


  • Free: You’ll get access to 200 data credits per month and the AI sequence generator without needing to input credit card details. 

  • Starter: Ideal for individual users, you’ll get access to Jason AI, 1,000 data credits per month, basic CRM integrations, advanced data search, and more for $60 per user monthly. 

  • Professional: The Professional tier is great for teams, priced at $90 per user per month. You get two mailboxes, triggers, Salesforce integrations, permissions, and more. 

  • Custom: Large teams that opt for the Custom tier get everything from the other pricing levels and a suite of premium support and tools. Reply Sales will provide custom quotes. 

5. Lavender

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective tool to support prospect outreach via email, consider Lavender. Lavender describes itself as an AI-powered sales email coach. It assists sales teams to write more effective emails in less time. Naturally, it syncs up with your email.

Within the Lavender pop-up window, write a list of bullet points to serve as key points within your email. Once you’ve listed each item, press Start, and a customized email draft will automatically populate.

The biggest downside is that Lavender isn’t as automated as some other tools on this list, but it has a more affordable price point. It automatically integrates with your email and the leading CRM platforms.

Simply supply a bulleted list of talking points to Lavender and it will create an email for you. (Lavender Home)


  • Email scoring: Lavender provides a score for each email, highlighting specific parts of the email that would benefit from some attention.

  • Subject line suggestions: Lavender recommends how to improve your subject line based on the use of title case, length, and punctuation. 

  • Remove unnecessary language: The tool flags parts of your email where complex or jargon-heavy sentences distract the reader from the actual message you’re trying to send.


  • Lavender’s email assistant also grants a score based on your email’s appearance on mobile, so you can ensure a quality reading experience for your recipients on every device. 

  • Use the personalization feature to pull up your recipient’s profile through their email to see their bio, priorities, and ideas for touch points to help humanize your note. 

  • Anyone can visit Lavender’s Cold Email 101 documentation base to continue growing their skills at writing and revising emails. 


  • Currently, there is no functionality to write emails at scale using Lavender. It’s on an email-by-email basis. 

  • Lavender only supports emails. It doesn’t offer AI-powered suggestions for video. 

  • Some users report through G2 reviews that the icons available in Gmail (when synced) sometimes disappear. 


  • Basic: Analyze and personalize five emails per month, get Gmail and Outlook 365 integrations, and all basic functionality for free (no credit card required). 

  • Starter: For $29 per month, you get access to Basic features plus unlimited emails, personalization, and AI recommendations. 

  • Individual Pro: After a 7-day free trial, get everything from the Starter tier, integrations, and priority support for $49 per month. 

  • Teams: At $69 per month, you’ll receive everything in Pro, including team dashboards, competitive analysis, and more. Contracted teams with 10 or more members get coaching, first access to new features, and a dedicated CSM.

Video is the ticket to massive sales growth

Closing deals with enterprise clients can be huge wins for sales teams, but success depends on your team’s ability to accommodate the complexity of an enterprise sales cycle. You must maintain regular and clear communication with your prospects to keep them engaged. With a bit of patience and innovative support from the best software, you’ll land those lucrative deals. 

Loom’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create compelling videos that personally connect with your audiences. Stay in sync with your team and your most promising enterprise prospects to maintain an effective, scalable sales pipeline. 

Ready to see how video can boost your sales communications?


Dec 21, 2023

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