Quick Tips From Loommates: Introducing Yourself

Patrick Despres-Gallagher

“Quick Tips From Loommates” is a series of short posts from our team showcasing how we use Loom at work.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. These days, we make more introductions through technology than we do in real life. 

I like to use Loom to send a video introduction — both internally to team members, and externally to recruits, sales prospects, and so on. I’m new at Loom, so I’ve been sending a lot of video messages to my teammates.

Scheduling one-on-ones with every single person in your company or department might be unrealistic — but making a human connection can help you ramp up faster. Recording and sharing even one video where you introduce yourself to your team helps you reach more of your colleagues. Then, when you need something from the finance department in a month, they’ll already know who you are.‍

While nothing will ever replace the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation, Loom simply and conveniently gets you a little closer to a deeper sense of connection.‍

Update: After we published this article, our new Director of Talent, Diane Marinovich, was inspired to share a video message of her own with the Loom team — in which she introduces herself and her pup, Riley. Check it out:

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Written by Patrick Despres-Gallagher

Patrick is a Product Manager at Loom where he focuses on building integrations with other tools and products. He enjoys playing music, attending live shows, endurance sports, traveling, reading, and challenging himself to learn new skills and crafts.

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