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Introducing Video Inline Comments, Custom Video Access, Video Duplication, and more! 🎉

As the Loom community grows in size and use cases, our team is more and more dedicated to providing ways to supercharge your video communication so that you can continue to use quick videos in truly unique ways. We are incredibly excited to announce a few of the improvements we have recently implemented — all of which are accessible to all Loom users completely free of charge.

Video Inline Comments

Sometimes text-only comments don’t quite cut it when it comes to sharing your ideas. You can now share your feedback to a Loom video with another video directly in the comment section. This ensures that the entire discussion is threaded under the original video and no content gets lost. Try it, drop a Loom video link in the comment section and watch it automatically unfurl into a video player that can be watched inline.

Video inline comments example

PS. Soon you’ll be able to take your video content a step further with GIF Thumbnail Previews😉

Custom Access: Invite Specific People

If your video contains sensitive information and you’d like to make sure only a specific person (or group of people) can watch the video, you may find our new privacy options quite useful. With this setting, you can easily grant and revoke access to specific people to be able to watch your video. This means that even if one of your “approved viewers” share your video link with someone else, your video will remain blocked to anyone who has not been approved by you.

Custom access and inviting specific people example

Custom Access: Public Videos

To help Loom users who want to build their brand and business, we’re happy to announce it is now possible for Google to index Loom videos. This new feature will help drive more organic traffic to your video content right away. Please note: this setting is disabled by default on each video and it can be managed at any time from the video page. Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough of the new Privacy features:

Video Duplication

Have you ever wished you could just duplicate your content so you don’t have to record a brand new video to send to a different viewer? With our new duplication feature, it’s really easy to create a brand new copy of your videos. You can then edit the duplicated video and add different elements of personalisation, like a new Call To Action or Custom Thumbnail, or simply trim the video to remove content.

Video duplication example

Do Not Disturb

Loom can now automatically enable your Do Not Disturb setting to ensure your recording is never interrupted by an unwanted notification from mom. 🤫

Enable the feature in your Loom desktop app’s settings and enjoy interruption-free videos! Note: this feature is currently only available for Mac computers.

Do not disturb example

After what felt like a reaaaally long journey, it’s official — we’re the proud owners of the domain! 🎉🎉🎉

We’re extremely proud to continue improving our presence across different platforms and to solidify the Loom name as a brand.

Loom domain change example

New Public Roadmap

Most of our long term users will be familiar with the Trello board we used to keep track of feature requests and product updates. This process is something we set out to improve here at Loom and we’re delighted to announce our beautiful new public roadmap — which is directly integrated with our internal roadmap. Pay us a visit, we have dozens of exciting features in the works. 😉

Thank you for reading!

We appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed these updates to Loom. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, please send us a message (or a video!) at or leave some feedback in our brand new Public Roadmap.

Happy Recording! 🎥

Loom Team


May 5, 2019

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