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Posted on December 17, 2021

We’ve updated our Terms of Service below. The updated terms below will take effect on January 31, 2022. You can view the previous version of our Terms of Service here.

Effective: January 31, 2022

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern access to and use of the Services made available by Loom, Inc. By using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you use our Services on behalf of an entity or organization, you are binding that organization to these Terms, and you represent that you have the authority to do so.

1. Loom’s Services

1.1 Registration. Loom provides video messaging services for work. Upon registration, a user must either create a new Workspace or join an existing Workspace. If a user creates a new Workspace on behalf of themselves, the user is the Customer. If a user creates a new Workspace on behalf of an organization (such as the user’s employer), the organization is the Customer. Customers can invite Authorized Users to their Workspace and must designate at least one Authorized User to be an Administrator, who will manage and control the Workspace. If a user joins an existing Workspace created by another person or organization, that person or organization is the Customer and the user is an Authorized User. All Customers, Administrators, and Authorized Users must comply with these Terms.

1.2 Access. During the Subscription Term, Customer may access and use, and may allow Authorized Users to access and use the Services for its business purposes in accordance with these Terms.

1.3 Software. Loom may make Software available as part of the Services. Subject to these Terms, Loom grants to Customer and its Authorized Users a limited non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to download and use the Software to the extent necessary to use the Services. Software may update automatically. To the extent a component of the Software contains any open source software, the open source license for that software will govern with respect to that component.

1.4 Restrictions. Customer will not and will ensure Authorized Users do not: (a) reproduce, modify, adapt, or create derivative works of the Services; (b) rent, lease, distribute, sell, transfer, or sublicense the Services to a third party except as permitted in these Terms; (c) interfere with, disrupt, or circumvent any security measures or mechanisms designed to protect the Services; (d) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or seek to obtain or derive the source code, underlying ideas, algorithms, file formats, or non-public APIs of Services; (e) remove or obscure any proprietary or other notices contained in the Services; (f) harass, threaten, or cause distress, unwanted attention, or discomfort to a person or entity; (g) impersonate or falsely state or misrepresent an affiliation with anyone; (h) use the Services to transmit any viruses, worms, trojan horses, or other harmful or malicious code or programs; (i) use the Services to build competitive products; or (j) misuse the Services in any way, including in violation of these Terms or applicable law. Any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools or framing all or any portion of the Services without Loom’s permission is strictly prohibited. Customer will prevent, terminate, and notify Loom of any unauthorized or illegal use of or access to its or any Authorized User account or the Services.

1.5 Corporate Domains. If a user creates a Workspace using an email address belonging to their employer or organization, that account may be added to the organization's Workspace, in which case Loom will provide notice to the user or Administrator of the account, so they can help facilitate the transfer of their account. The Administrator of the Workspace will have the ability to control that account, which includes being able to access, modify, or remove information from the account, modify user roles, and delete or restrict access to the account. Customers and Authorized Users agree to comply with their organization’s terms and policies regarding use of the Service.

2. Customer Responsibilities

2.1 Authorized Users. Customer is responsible for Authorized Users’ use of the Services and their compliance with these Terms. Customer will ensure that all Authorized Users are over the age of 13 or the applicable age of digital consent, whichever is older. Customer represents that it has obtained all consents necessary for Customer and its Authorized Users’ use of the Services, including Customer’s ability to convert accounts previously registered by individuals using Customer’s business email domain into Authorized User accounts.

2.2 Customer Data. Customer is responsible for ensuring all Customer Data and any other content or information provided to Loom or uploaded, posted, recorded, or transmitted to the Services complies with these Terms. If any Customer Data violates these terms, Loom may ask Customer to remove or edit the Customer Data so it is no longer in violation, or Loom may, but is not obligated to, remove the Customer Data or take action as needed to resolve the issue.

2.3 Third-Party Apps. Third-Party Apps are subject to their own terms and privacy policies. Customer is responsible for reviewing those terms and policies before using Third-Party Apps. Loom is not responsible for Third-Party Apps and does not warrant or support them. By enabling a Third-Party App that uses or accesses Customer Data, Customer authorizes the transfer of that data to the Third-Party App and, if applicable, will ensure that there is a legally valid data transfer mechanism for the transfer or onward transfer, in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

2.4 Prohibited Content. Customer will not and will ensure Authorized Users do not upload, post, record, or transmit any harmful, offensive, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable content to Loom or the Services, including content that: (a) is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, or hateful; (b) infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property right or violates the rights of others in any way; (c) contains pornography or sexually explicit material; (d) is harmful to minors; or (e) promotes or provides instructional information about illegal activities or promotes physical harm or injury to any group or individual.

3. Data Protection

3.1 Processing of Customer Data. Loom will only process and use Customer Data: (a) to provide, protect, and update the Services, (b) to enforce these Terms and exercise its rights hereunder, (c) as required by law, and (d) as otherwise instructed by Customer. Loom may collect and use Customer Data on an aggregated and/or anonymized basis for Loom’s internal business purposes; provided that Loom will not not use or share this data in a way that identifies any individual or Customer as the source of the data.

3.2 Data Processing Addendum. Loom will process Personal Data in accordance with its Data Processing Addendum, which is incorporated into these Terms.

3.3 Security. Loom will maintain an industry-standard information security program that consists of technical and organizational safeguards designed to protect Customer Data, including Loom’s Security Measures. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of Administrator and Authorized User accounts, including account credentials such as usernames and passwords.

3.4 Subcontractors. Loom may hire subcontractors to assist in providing the Services, provided that: (a) subcontractors who receive Customer Data will be subject to confidentiality obligations no less protective than those in these Terms; (b) Loom will remain responsible for its obligations under these Terms and for subcontractors’ use of Customer Data; and (c) Loom’s Data Processing Addendum will govern any subprocessing of personal data.

4. Payment

4.1 Fees. Customer agrees to pay the Fees in accordance with the payment terms set forth on the Order. Customer is responsible for paying applicable Taxes.

4.2 Renewals. Unless otherwise stated on an Order, each Subscription Term will automatically renew, unless Customer cancels their subscription at least 60 days prior to renewal. Customer authorizes Loom to charge Customer’s credit card on file or invoice Customer for each renewal until Customer cancels their subscription.

4.3 Downgrades. If Customer fails to pay Fees when they are due, Loom may downgrade Customer to a free plan upon reasonable notice. If Customer is downgraded, Customer will lose access to certain features or functionality, but these Terms will continue to apply.

4.4 Price Changes. If Loom increases its pricing, Loom will provide at least 30 days’ prior notice, and the new pricing will go into effect on renewal. If Customer does not terminate its subscription before renewal, Customer authorizes Loom to collect payment for the increased pricing.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 Use. If the parties disclose Confidential Information to each other, the recipient will only use the disclosing party's Confidential Information to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations under these Terms. The recipient will use at least reasonable care to protect Confidential Information.

5.2 Nondisclosure. The recipient will not disclose Confidential Information to anyone except to its affiliates, employees, agents, or contractors who need to know it and who are bound by confidentiality obligations at least as protective of Confidential Information as those described in this section. The recipient will be responsible for those parties’ breach of this section. A breach of this section may cause irreparable harm and entitle the disclosing party to injunctive relief.

5.3 Required Disclosure. The recipient may disclose Confidential Information to the extent required by law, provided that the recipient uses reasonable efforts to notify the disclosing party in advance and gives them an opportunity to contest the disclosure (except as described in Section 8). Confidential Information disclosed pursuant to this section will otherwise still be subject to the confidentiality obligations described above.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1 Ownership. Except as expressly stated, these Terms do not grant any rights, implied or otherwise, to any intellectual property. Customer owns and will continue to own all intellectual property rights in Customer Data, and Loom owns and will continue to own all intellectual property rights in the Services.

6.2 License. Customer grants Loom a worldwide non-exclusive license to access, use, process, copy, modify, distribute, perform, export, and display Customer Data solely to provide the Services or as otherwise described in these Terms. Customer represents and warrants that it has secured all necessary licenses to provide the foregoing license.

6.3 Feedback. If Customer or Authorized Users provide Feedback to Loom, Loom may use it without restriction or obligation.

7. Term & Termination

7.1 Term. These Terms will continue in effect until terminated as described below.

7.2 Termination for Convenience. Customer may terminate these Terms at any time by deleting Customer’s account, including all associated Administrator and Authorized User accounts.

7.3 Termination for Breach. Either party may terminate these Terms for material breach if the other party fails to cure the breach within 30 days’ notice.

7.4 Effect of Termination. Upon termination, Loom may delete or anonymize all Customer Data within a commercially reasonable period of time, and each party will return or delete any other Confidential Information in its possession. Loom will only provide a prorated refund of prepaid fees for the remainder of the Subscription Term if Customer terminates these Terms for Loom’s material breach in accordance with Section 7.3.

7.5 Suspension. Loom may suspend Customer’s access to the Services: (a) to the extent required by law, (b) to prevent injury, death, or a credible risk of harm to Loom, the Services, or its users, or (c) for repeated violations of our terms and policies, including our Copyright Policy. If practicable, Loom will use reasonable efforts to contact Customer and give Customer the opportunity to resolve the issue prior to suspension.

7.6 Survival. Terms that are intended by their nature to survive termination will survive, including confidentiality obligations, limitations of liability, and disclaimers.

8. Legal Process

If Loom receives a request from law enforcement or another third party to provide data or information about Customer or its Authorized Users, Loom will only respond to valid Legal Process to the extent required by law. Loom will notify Customer of the request unless legally prohibited or notification would threaten the safety of an individual.

9. Warranty and Disclaimer

9.1 Limited Warranty. The Services will perform materially in accordance with Loom’s Documentation. If Customer believes that this warranty has been breached, Customer must notify Loom no later than 10 days following the date of the alleged breach. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedies for breach of this warranty are those described in Sections 7.


9.3 Beta Services. Customer may choose to use Beta Services in its sole discretion. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Beta Services: (a) may not be supported and may be changed or discontinued at any time; (b) may not be as reliable or available as the Services; (c) have not been subjected to the same security or compliance reviews as the Services; (d) are Loom’s Confidential Information; and (e) ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, INDEMNITY, OR SUPPORT AND LOOM’S LIABILITY FOR BETA SERVICES WILL NOT EXCEED FIFTY DOLLARS.

10. Indemnification

10.1 Indemnification by Loom. Loom will defend Customer from and against any third-party claim, action, demand, or proceeding alleging that Customer’s use of the Services as permitted under these Terms infringes or misappropriates a third party’s intellectual property rights, and will indemnify and hold Customer harmless for reasonable attorney’s fees incurred as well as damages and other costs finally awarded against Customer or agreed in settlement by Loom resulting from the claim; provided, however, that Loom will have no liability under this section if a claim arises from (a) Customer Data or any third-party product or service; (b) any modification, combination, or development of the Services that is not performed by or on behalf of Loom; (c) Customer’s breach of these Terms; or (d) Beta Services or other services offered for free or evaluation use.

10.2 Indemnification by Customer. Customer will defend Loom from and against any third-party claim, action, demand, or proceeding resulting from Customer Data or a violation of these Terms by Customer or its Authorized Users, and will indemnify and hold Loom harmless for reasonable attorney’s fees incurred as well as damages and other costs finally awarded against Loom or agreed in settlement by Customer resulting from the claim.

10.3 Possible Infringement. If the Services infringe or are alleged to infringe a third party's intellectual property rights, Loom may: (a) obtain the right for Customer, at Loom’s expense, to continue using the Services; (b) provide, at no additional charge, a non-infringing functionally equivalent replacement; or (c) modify the Services so that they no longer infringe. If Loom does not believe the options above are commercially reasonable, Loom may terminate Customer's use of the affected Services and provide Customer a prorated refund of prepaid fees for the remainder of the Subscription Term. Loom will have no liability under this section if Customer continues the allegedly infringing activity after being notified and provided with a non-infringing functionally equivalent replacement.

10.4 Procedures. The party seeking indemnification will promptly notify the other party of the claim and cooperate with the other party in defending the claim. The indemnifying party will have full control and authority over the defense, except that: (a) any settlement requiring the indemnified party to admit to liability or wrongdoing, pay any amounts, or perform any non-monetary obligations requires prior written consent, not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed and (b) the indemnified party may join in the defense with its own counsel at its own expense. The indemnities above are Customer’s only remedy for infringement of third-party intellectual property rights.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1 Indirect Damages. Except FOR liability arising from A PARTY’S GROSS NEGLIGENCE, WILLFUL MISCONDUCT, INDEMNIFICATION OBLIGATIONS UNDER SECTION 10, OR BREACH OF SECTIONs 1.4 or 2.4, neither party will have any liability arising out of or related to thESE TERMS, WHETHER IN CONTRACT OR TORT OR UNDER ANY OTHER THEORY OF LIABILITY, for any loss of use, lost profits, interruption, OR LOSS of business or DATA OR any indirect, special, incidental, PUNITIVE, reliance, or consequential damages of any kind, HOWEVER CAUSED AND WHETHER OR NOT THE PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.



12. Disputes; Class-Action Waiver

12.1. Jurisdiction and Venue. Subject to the dispute resolution provisions below, all claims and disputes relating to these Terms or the Services may only be brought in the federal or state courts of San Francisco County, California. Both Customer and Loom consent to venue and personal jurisdiction there. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if Customer represents an entity or institution subject to state law mandating different dispute resolution terms or governing law, Loom agrees to such state law requirements.

12.2 Informal Resolution. Before filing a claim, Loom must first be contacted through the notice procedures below. If a dispute is not resolved within 30 days of notice, a formal proceeding may be brought in accordance with this section.

12.3 Mandatory Arbitration. Any claims or disputes relating to these Terms or the Services must be resolved through final and binding arbitration, except as set forth below. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will administer the arbitration under its Commercial Arbitration Rules. The arbitration will be in English and held in San Francisco, California.

12.4 Exceptions. A lawsuit may be filed in the federal or state courts of San Francisco County, California solely for injunctive relief to stop unauthorized use or abuse of the Services or infringement of intellectual property rights without first engaging in the informal dispute resolution process described above.

12.5 NO CLASS ACTIONS. Disputes with Loom may only be resolved on an individual basis and neither Customer nor any user will bring a claim in a class, consolidated, or representative action. The parties expressly waive any class arbitrations, class actions, private attorney general actions, and consolidation with other arbitrations.

12.6. Opt-Out. To opt out of these arbitration provisions (including the waiver of class and representative claims), Loom must be notified by email at arbitration-opt-out@loom.com no later than 30 days after account registration, unless a longer period is required by applicable law.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1 Entire Agreement. These Terms supersede any prior agreements or understandings between the parties and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties related to access and use of the Services. The terms of the Order will control over these Terms to the extent there is a conflict. Any amendments must be in writing and signed by the parties. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, no other terms or conditions in any Customer documentation or online vendor portals will apply to Loom’s provision of the Services to Customer, unless expressly agreed to in writing by an authorized Loom representative.

13.2 Modifications. Loom may update these Terms by posting the updates to the Loom website. If an update materially impacts Customer’s or its Authorized Users’ rights or obligations, Loom will provide at least 30 days’ notice before the updated Terms go into effect. Any other revisions will become effective on the date the updated Terms are posted by Loom. Continued use of or access to the Services after the updated Terms go into effect will constitute acceptance of those Terms.

13.3 Publicity. Upon prior written approval from Customer, Loom may include Customer’s name and logo on its website or in other marketing materials or channels solely to reference Customer as Loom customer, and subject to any trademark usage guidelines provided to Loom. Customer may revoke its approval at any time.

13.4 Waiver and Severance. A waiver of any default is not a waiver of any subsequent default. Unenforceable provisions will be modified to reflect the parties' intention, but only to the extent necessary to make them enforceable, and the remaining provisions will remain in full effect.

13.5 Notices. Notices must be sent via first class post, airmail, or overnight courier and are deemed given when received. Notices to Customer may also be sent to the applicable Administrator account email address and are deemed given when sent. Notices to Loom must be sent to 85 2nd Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, 94105, attn: Legal, with a copy to contractnotices@loom.com.

13.6 Assignment. These Terms may not be assigned without the prior written consent of the other party, except Loom may assign these Terms to an affiliate or in connection with a merger, acquisition, corporate reorganization, or sale of all or substantially all of its assets. Any other attempt to transfer or assign is void.

13.7 Governing Law. These terms will be governed by the laws of the state of California without regard to its conflict of laws principles.

13.8 Force Majeure. Except for payment obligations, no party will be liable for inadequate performance to the extent caused by a condition that was beyond the party's reasonable control (such as, natural disaster, terrorism, governmental action, or Internet disturbance).

13.9 Relationship of the Parties. The parties are independent contractors. These Terms do not create a partnership, joint venture, agency, fiduciary, or employment relationship between the parties.

13.10 Export Controls. Customer agrees to comply with all relevant U.S. and foreign export and import laws in using the Services. Customer represents and warrants that neither it nor its Authorized Users are listed on any U.S. government list of prohibited or sanctioned parties or located in or a national of a country that is subject to U.S. government embargo.

13.11 U.S. Government Restricted Rights. The Services are “commercial items,” “commercial computer software” and “commercial computer software documentation,” pursuant to DFAR section 227.7202 and FAR section 12.212, as applicable. All the Services are and were developed solely at private expense. To the extent permitted in these Terms, any use, modification, reproduction, release, performance, display, or disclosure of the Services by the U.S. Government will be governed solely by these Terms.

13.12 Third-Party Beneficiaries. There are no third-party beneficiaries to these Terms.

14. Definitions

“Administrator” means an Authorized User designated by Customer to manage and control Customer’s and Authorized Users’ accounts.

“Authorized User(s)” means Customer’s employees, agents, or other third parties authorized by Customer to access or use the Services.

“Beta Service” means early access trials or releases of new features or services identified as “alpha,” “beta,” “preview,” “early access,” “evaluation,” or other words or phrases with similar meanings.

“Confidential Information” means information exchanged by the parties that would reasonably be understood to be confidential given the nature of the information and manner of disclosure, including business, product, technology, and marketing information, Orders, discounts, non-public payment terms, audit reports, and Customer Data. Confidential Information does not include information that (a) is or becomes publicly known through lawful means; (b) was known to the recipient prior to disclosure without confidentiality obligations; (c) is received from a third party without breach of confidentiality obligations; or (d) was independently developed by the recipient without use of or access to any Confidential Information.

“Customer” means the individual or organization agreeing to these Terms, as described in Section 1.1.

“Customer Data” means all video, audio, or transcription data, images, comments, emoji reactions, user support communications, or other content or information submitted or uploaded to the Services by or collected, stored, or processed by Loom on behalf of Customer or its Authorized Users.

“Documentation” means any documentation or materials provided to Customer as part of the Services.

“Feedback” means any feedback or suggestions about the Services.

“Fees” means the fees for the Services displayed on the Order, plus any applicable Taxes.

“Legal Process” means an information disclosure or access request made under law, governmental regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, governmental regulatory or agency request, or other legal authority, legal procedure, or similar valid process.

“Order” means the order form agreed to by the parties or the applicable Loom check-out webpage to purchase the Services.

“Personal Data” means personal data or personal information (each as defined in the Data Processing Addendum) contained within Customer Data.

“Security Measures” means the technical and organizational safeguards described here.

“Services” means Loom’s video messaging services and website, including the Software, Documentation, tools, and services ordered by or provided to Customer in connection with the Services.

“Software” means Loom’s client software provided as part of the Services, such as mobile or desktop applications or browser extensions.

“Subscription Term” means the applicable initial or renewal term for Customer’s provision of the Services identified in an Order.

“Taxes” means all government-imposed taxes, levies, or duties, including value-added, sales, use, or withholding taxes, except for taxes based on Loom’s net income.

“Third-Party Apps” means any third-party applications, integrations, websites, products, or services that are linked in or that interact or interoperate with the Services, including any applications built by third parties using Loom’s SDKs or other developer tools.

“Workspace” means the workspace in a Loom account as described on Loom’s website.

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