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How Braze Created 100+ Marketing Videos for the Price of One Using Loom’s Intuitive Platform

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How Loom Helped Intercom Differentiate Their Sales Outreach and Boost Reply Rates by 19%

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How MetaLab Saves a Day Each Week Using Loom — and Builds Better Products for Clients

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How Flockjay Created A Library of Training Videos and Improved Customer and Business Outcomes with Loom

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What Customers are Saying

  • I really love watching Loom videos by my brilliant team. Every time someone posts one in Slack, which is quite frequently, I am genuinely excited to watch. When’s the last time you felt that way about a meeting?

    Lisa Conn

    Co-Founder & COO, Icebreaker Video
  • Adrián Mato

    Staff Product Designer, GitHub

    Loom, along with Figma, and Github Issues, has done more for me and remote work than any real-time communication tool. Less distractions, more time to think, articulate, and getting things done.

  • Tamisha Williams

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Practitioner

    Responding to emails with a Loom video allows for more dynamic engagement in the response and less anxiety around writing a bunch of email responses on my end.

  • Communicating complex ideas is challenging for distributed teams in different time zones. Text takes too long and lacks fidelity. Video conferencing takes calendar coordination. Loom strikes the perfect balance and has become one of my favorite communication tools.

    Ryan Hoover

    Founder, ProductHunt
  • Wes O’Haire

    Product Design Manager, Dropbox

    Using Loom makes me look like a superhero to all my colleagues.

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