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Presentation of Product Updates and Loom face bubble showing person walking through the presentation.

Why Marketing teams use Loom

  • Product marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Team collaboration

  • Knowledge sharing

Product marketing videos made easy

Leverage Loom to create high-impact videos across the customer journey.

  • Promote new features:Help customers get the most out of your product with informative videos that showcase new features.

  • Onboard and activate users:Welcome new sign ups and guide them through the steps needed to get started and avoid frustration.

  • Reach out to customers:Whether you're sourcing testimonials or requesting interviews, reach out with video to get more replies.

Window of Dashboard with Loom face bubble of person explaining the dashboard


  • Calls-to-action

    Share links in your video with buttons you can customize.

  • Engagement Insights

    See who’s watched, for how long and the performance of your CTAs.

  • Drawing tools

    Emphasize mouse clicks and draw on your screen as you record.

  • Rich reactions

    Viewers can add comments and react to your video with emojis.

Create engaging content

Use the power and flexibility of video to share, educate, and inform your audience throughout the funnel.

  • From blog to vlog:Easily produce videos to convey topics visually and embed them on your site without slowing it down.

  • Share anywhere:Use your videos in paid ad campaigns, email, and social channels to reach your audience across the web.

  • Tools for engagement:Loom has a full range of customizable features to let your audience to react, comment, and take action effortlessly.

Window of blog with Feature Release 12.0 and embedded Loom of Dashboard

Accelerate collaboration

Connect with your team asynchronously to push projects forward and go to market faster without all the communication overhead.

  • Build alignment:Walk through creative briefs, launch plans, and timelines to get on the same page without endless meetings.

  • Give feedback:Spend less time marking-up PDFs and writing long emails, by recording clear feedback right in context.

  • Coordinate with Design:Communicate all the information your design team needs to nail the brief and execute quickly.

  • Enable Sales at scale:Record demos and highlight the value of new features so your Sales team can turn your release into new revenue.


Loom, with the little face bubble in the corner is so powerful. It works so much better than traditional formats, where an audio track runs over animation or a slide show. Having a real face in the corner adds personality and brings the storytelling to life.

Chris Radtke, Sr Director of Content Marketing, Braze

Centralize and share knowledge

Collect and organize all the information your team needs in one easy-to-access place.

  • Stay organized:Categorize your videos by project or team in a secure Workspace, that’s easy to manage.

  • Ramp new hires faster:Document your systems and processes so new hires can get up to speed on their own.

Loom Team Library showing 16 team folders and 82 team videos

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