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Why Sales teams use Loom

  • Improve outreach

  • Accelerate sales cycles

  • Optimize performance

  • Streamline onboarding

It’s all in the delivery

Capture a prospect’s attention, drive deeper engagement, and build a personal connection right from the start.

  • Make it personal:Record over a website, presentation, or professional profile to put a human touch on your targeted outreach.

  • Share anywhere:Send videos in emails and chat messages, or easily embed across the web.

  • Surface the next step:Link to your calendar, pitch deck, or website with customizable CTAs.

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  • Calls-to-Action

    Share links with customizable CTAs you can add to your videos.

  • Custom Branding

    Add your logo to share pages and customize the video player colors.

  • Engagement Insights

    See who’s watched, for how long, and the performance of your CTAs.

  • Content Security

    Restrict viewing by email address and add password protection.

Faster deals, better meetings

Use Loom to accelerate the sale cycle and keep conversations focused.

  • Pre- and post-meeting recaps:Make meetings productive by setting expectations early and following up with the next steps.

  • Objection handling:Send a more meaningful response to address questions, concerns, and alternative solutions.

  • Closing the deal:Finalize the details and send a review of the contract so they’re ready to sign.

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On outreach in particular, prospects respond well to the human element of Loom. They get to hear a real person communicating with them, but they’re not obliged to pick up the phone, which is very powerful.

Tyson Quick, CEO, Postclick

Track engagement and measure performance

See when your video is watched, for how long, and if it’s shared. Letting you gauge interest and follow up at the perfect moment.

  • Stay in the loop:Get notified as soon as someone watches or reacts to your video.

  • See how your pitch stacks up:Export your Engagement Insights data to see what’s landing with prospects.

Engagement insights dashboard with number of views, total video views, average completion rate and call-to-action conversions.

Train your team and stay aligned

Use Loom to share updates, coordinate accounts, and make product knowledge easy to access.

  • Seamlessly transition accounts:Share context and key information for smooth hand-offs between Sales and Success teams.

  • Ramp new reps faster:Record training sessions, product demos, and onboarding content to get new hires up to speed and ready to sell.

  • Celebrate the wins:From promotions to landing new accounts, give your team more meaningful and personal recognition.

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