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Plan, build, and ship products faster

Use the power and flexibility of video messages to stay aligned, move quickly, and build better products no matter where you are.

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Why Product Management teams use Loom

  • Asynchronous planning

  • Team communication

  • Launch coordination

Strategize on what to build next

Increase transparency and engage your team in asynchronous discussions so you can make better product decisions.

  • Gather and share inputs:Synthesize research and review objectives to align your team around the big picture.

  • Evaluate ideas faster:Present possible solutions, weigh trade-offs and ask for feedback on estimated effort.

  • Dive into the details:Walk through specs and timelines so everyone knows the plan and has the resources to get the job done.

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  • Calls-to-action

    Share links in your video with buttons you can customize.

  • Drawing tools

    Emphasize mouse clicks and draw on your screen as you record.

  • Content security

    Restrict viewing by email address and add password protection.

  • Rich reactions

    Viewers can add comments and react to your video with emojis.

Don’t let communication slow down development

Get the right information, to the right people, right when it’s needed.

  • Drive swift execution:Quickly report on progress, communicate updates and share files to keep everyone unblocked and on track.

  • Make meetings more productive:Share context before you meet so everyone can dive straight into the discussion.

  • Accelerate feedback cycles:Reduce back-and-forth by recording your feedback in context and mark-up your screen for extra clarity.

  • Log bugs:Record bugs and add them to tickets so your team knows exactly what needs to be fixed.

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Go to market with confidence

Share details and coordinate across teams so you can launch with more excitement and less anxiety.

  • Align with Marketing:Share timelines, coordinate the launch strategy, and ensure everything and everyone is ready to ship.

  • Prep Sales: Record demos and highlight the value of new features so your sales team can turn your release into new revenue.

  • Get Support ready:Deliver documentation, product training, and release plans.

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