Loom for Engineering

Give context to your code

Review, document, and collaborate with asynchronous video.

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Why Engineering teams use Loom

  • Improve code reviews

  • Collaborate asynchronously

  • Centralize team knowledge

Get more out of code reviews

Submit and review code with all the context and clarity needed to accelerate the process and keep the quality bar high.

  • Demo what you built:Show exactly what your code does and how it does it so no one’s left guessing where it surfaces.

  • Record your review:Walkthrough suggestions, ask follow-ups, and share knowledge for a more meaningful feedback loop.

  • Crush the bugs:Replicate and record bugs to document issues in detail so you and your team can resolve them faster.


  • Calls-to-action

    Share links with customizable CTAs you can add to your videos.

  • Drawing tools

    Emphasize mouse clicks and draw on your screen as you record.

  • Content security

    Restrict viewing by email address and add password protection.

  • Rich reactions

    Viewers can add comments and react to your video with emojis.

Connect and collaborate with other teams

Increase visibility and give more detailed explanations of how things work.

  • Team up with Design:Easily share prototypes, review specs, and facilitate smooth handoffs.

  • Partner with Product:Discuss trade-offs, demo options, and clarify requirements.

Loom works everywhere you do

Seamlessly record and embed videos right inside your existing development tools.


Running a remote engineering organization, I can unequivocally say that we'd be lost without Loom. It enables rich async messaging with better context than written word. And using it for demos in our Code Reviews has yielded far less buggier code and a QA mindset.

Eric Nograles, Director of Engineering, Crossbeam

Share and document knowledge

Collect and organize all the information your team needs in one easy-to-access place.

  • Code repositories:Accelerate contributions by recording what top-level setup commands do and how to debug common errors.

  • Systems architecture:Walkthrough architecture diagrams to document the flow of information through your systems.

  • Debug workflows:Quickly record and share the steps a user, support agent, or teammate can take to resolve an issue.

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