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Give users a more personalized way to communicate in your app – without building the infra yourself.

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Loom SDK Options

Choose the loomSDK that’s right for your users.

loomSDK Standard

Loom managed content

  • 1-day implementation
  • Limited* Guest recording
  • Signed-in recording
  • Limited UI configuration

* Guests can record up to 5 minutes in video length, and up to 5 times before signing up.

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loomSDK Custom

Partner managed content

  • Custom implementation
  • Unlimited* Guest recording
  • Managed authentication
  • Custom UI configuration

* Guests can record an unlimited length and amount of videos.

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Designed for Developers

Implement the loomSDK in less than a day

Why build when you can integrate?

Loom provides developers the tools needed to create intuitive async video experiences for users with just a few lines of code.

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Why Loom

Speedy. Seamless. Reliable.

Our patented video infrastructure delivers the fastest recording, editing, and sharing experience in the world. Users love our UI. The loomSDK brings it all into your product.

  • Two clicks to record.

    Start recording quickly and easily.

  • No uploads, no downloads.

    Instantly share a link to view.

  • Trusted by millions globally.

    12,403,284 to be exact.

  • Intuitive user interface.

    A smooth UX that users love.

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Why async video?

Add personalized collaboration in a modern work world

Personalize your application

Some explanations require more emotion than text provides – and your users don't want to schedule another meeting!

  • Add nuance to interactions
  • Bring people joy – looms are fun!
  • Put people before the work

Explain it faster

Make it easier for your users to communicate anything. Explain ideas with more context and clarity than writing – in a fraction of the time.

  • Explain anything complex
  • Provide the complete picture
  • Get a deeper level of meaning

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