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Window of chat between two colleagues (Tamira and Soraya) who share a loom video link to help support

Why Support teams use Loom

  • Provide visual support

  • Improve self-serve content

  • Streamline collaboration

  • Accelerate team onboarding

When text just isn’t enough

Clear up confusion and resolve complex issues faster with video messages.

  • Make it easy to understand:Create simplicity for customers by leveraging the power of video to share information and show them next steps.

  • Record in seconds, share instantly:Ultrafast uploads and share links copied to your clipboard let you get your message across seamlessly.

  • Flexible for any workflow:Easily share videos in email, chat, or anywhere else you support your customers.

Chat window of two colleagues asking how to show two-factor authentication with a Loom showing walkthrough.


  • Calls-to-action

    Add links to help articles and additional resources right in your video.

  • Engagement Insights

    See who’s watched, for how long and the performance of your CTAs.

  • Content security

    Restrict viewing by email address and add password protection.

  • Custom branding

    Add your logo to share pages and customize the video player colors.

Goodbye dull help docs

Help customers help themselves by supplementing your support docs with engaging videos that are easy to follow.

Help center with embedded Loom under "Getting Started" section.

Collaborate across teams

Use Loom to share context and troubleshoot problems with internal teams even faster.

  • Get answers from the experts:Loop in teammates and share contextual information without all the back-and-forth.

  • Share product feedback:Capture customer feedback with more detail and deeper insight than a simple tag can do.

  • Log bugs with more detail:Spend less time describing bugs and show others exactly what you see.

Two windows of error processing and code window with two Loom bubbles of people explaining the windows to show collaboration between support and engineering.

My teammates and I love using Loom! It has saved us hundreds of hours by creating informative video tutorials instead of long emails and 1:1 trainings with customers.

Erica Goodell, Customer Success, Pearson

Onboard, update, and stay aligned

Collect and organize all the information your team needs in one easy-to-access place.

  • Ramp agents faster:Record onboarding training so new hires can learn the ins-and-outs and get up to speed on their own.

  • Update and inform:Quickly share information to keep your team in the loop on product changes, inbound trends, and new bugs.

  • Celebrate the team:From keeping the inbox empty to announcing promotions, use Loom to give more meaningful recognition.

Loom Team Library of 16 team folder and 82 Team videos.

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