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A Video Library For The Modern Workplace

Keep your team organized and connected with a secure video library by Loom.

More than 25 million people across 400,000 companies choose Loom

Your videos, all in one place.

No more hunting and gathering for that one specific video. Bring it all together in one impeccably organized video library. Loom HQ shows you relevant content based on what’s trending in your workspace, who you follow, and what teams you’re part of.

Don’t have time to watch all of them at once? No problem, add those videos to your watch later list so you can view them on-demand when the time’s right.

A home for your company’s videos

  • Find any video you need: Allow anyone on any team to find looms fast, without scrolling through email threads or chat history.
  • Turn videos into scaled knowledge: Work smarter as a team by posting helpful videos for the whole company to see.
  • Loomify all your videos: Upload any video to Loom HQ and turn it into a loom. Making it interactive, searchable, and more accessible with closed captions.

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Loom HQ Video Hub Features:

  • Build a knowledge base of video content to scale knowledge in your organization
  • Collect, store, and organize your video assets in a single video platform your team already knows and loves
  • SSO (SAML) and SCIM (Okta) for easy & secure access management
  • Advanced content privacy & custom data retention policies

Share and collaborate

Invite people into the conversation with @mentions in comments and emoji reactions. Take action on recent views, comments, replies, and reactions across all your looms with a unified notifications page.

Know at a glance what part of your loom someone was commenting on, thanks to a piece of the transcript right in the notification.

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Import & Store

Label new videos by topic, project, category, and more, so they’re easier to find and harder to miss. Coming soon you can automatically import Zoom calls for easy storage and quick lookups later.

Search and filter

Spend less time looking for that one loom. Just search by title, person, tag, or any word in the transcript. You can also quickly find looms you recently watched (or started watching but didn’t finish).

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