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Loom is Free for Teachers and Educators

Loom is free for teachers and educators who are using Loom for classroom work.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of resources, how-to’s, and examples from teachers who are using video recordings to connect with their students. 

Guide to Using Loom for Education: This Help Center article shows educators how to sign up, set up an account, and use video recordings in a classroom setting: how to create and share your videos, use key features like the drawing tool, flip your camera, record presentations, and more. 

Loom: Bring Learning Alive With Screencasting in the Classroom: This is an excellent resource from Kathleen Morris, a primary school teacher in Australia. She walks through what screencasting is, and how and why to do it with Loom — then she lists several relevant use cases for using Loom in the classroom. Definitely give this one a read!

Loom in the classroom (large)

How to Use Loom to Make Better Educational Videos: Digital content producer Daniel Rubio put together this article and accompanying video explaining how to use Loom to record videos for lectures and for giving feedback, for any educators adapting their material for delivering it online.

Examples: How educators are using Loom

Mrs. Hicke gives her students a preview of Google Classroom:

Misha Villatuya walks her fifth graders through a presentation about how to tackle the “SBAC Challenge.” Bonus: she also used the Snap Camera tool for a fun filter!

Here’s Villatuya again, giving a timed, asynchronous video lesson:

Educator Jamie Clark explains why Loom works so well for distance education. Bonus: He uses the CTA button feature to link viewers to an infographic he created about the best remote learning apps.

Katie Rogers demonstrates not only how to sign up for Loom, but how she uses it to teach her middle school students.

If you know a teacher or educator who could benefit from using Loom, send this article their way! It’s free for them to use.

Get started with Loom for education.


Mar 20, 2020

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