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Getting Started

Record a Video


Set up your recorder

Choose between the Desktop App or Chrome Extension. The Desktop App has some additional features, but both will produce a great result. We also have an iPhone/iPad app if you're recording on the go.
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Record your first video

Choose your capture mode. Record with Screen + Cam to show what is on your screen with your face to make it personal, Cam Only to record just your face, or Screen Only to record your screen and audio only.
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Share your video


Copy and paste the video link anywhere

Think of it as sharing the link of a news article or YouTube video. You can paste the link anywhere and anyone can click the link to watch it.


Who can I share it with?

Share this link with your students, teachers, or colleagues. The folks who view your videos do not need their own Loom account to watch it.

Key Steps to Record Successfully with Loom

Strong upload speed (at least 5mbps) ensures successful video processing. Check here.

Make sure your device is compatible with Loom.
Check here.

Update to the latest version of the Desktop App and Chrome Extension.

The Virtual Classroom

Features to help teachers and students communicate easily through video
Record your lesson

Pull up your class content onto your preferred presentation page (Google slide or Powerpoint), once this is ready launch the Loom recorder.

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Annotate your screen

Loom's Drawing Tool (desktop app only) is a great way to provide feedback and make quick markings on your screen as you narrate. Markings will disappear after a few seconds. This is the intended behavior to keep your screen clear and clutter-free.

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Flip your camera

Make sure your text displays the right way around in your webcam recordings.
For the Desktop App: Open the recording menu, click on the three little dots in the upper corner, click on Preferences, toggle on or off the Flip Camera option for your desired effect.
For the Chrome Extension: Open the recording menu, click on Show Advanced Options, check or uncheck the Flip Camera option for your desired effect.

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How are teachers using Loom?

See what teachers are saying and learn how Loom helps teachers and students alike
Lex Baird

What do you do when you have a presentation for school due the same night you have parent-teacher conferences? You get creative! @useloom is a fantastic Chrome extension that both simplifies and personalizes screen casting. I recommend it if you make flipped classroom videos!

Kara Kalra

Our 3rd grade team is using @useloom to continue read-aloud to our classes, help parents navigate our online platforms, and to teach mini lessons. It has been a life saver!

M. Phipps Tessnear

Any #creativewriting #teachers out there? I tried a new thing yesterday for #studentfeedback! I recorded comments & suggestions for a student's story with @useloom & shared the link via Google Voice. She watched the video and responded w/n 15 mins! #teleworkteacher #covided

Jim Harshaw Jr 🏔

This is one of the COOLEST and most USEFUL tools for teaching remotely. Ridiculously easy and immensely practical for this exact situation. Oh, and it's now FREE for you! Thanks @UseLoom! https://loom.com/covid-19 #teachershelpingteachers #teacher #Covid_19

Carrie Melissa Jones

I just sent a @useloom video to an undergrad student in my online course, and they immediately responded "that's the coolest thing I've ever seen."

Mrs. C

Teacher friends!! If you are not using @useloom to create videos, you should start! Super easy and a good way for kiddos to see you and your screen if need be! #risdprek #flaleads #learningathome

🔒 Your Privacy Matters

Loom complies with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR. Learn more


How do I apply for a Loom for Education account?

Please apply via this form. To be eligible for Loom for Education you must be a student or educator with an accredited institution, sign up using your school-issued email address, and must have a valid school or university email address.

Who can view my video?

Only people who you share your video link with can see your video. Loom does not have access to view your videos and your videos are not searchable in online search engines, unless you enable that option.

If you'd like to add an extra layer of security you can password protect your videos: here's how to do that. If you'd like to read more about how deeply the creators of Loom value your security and privacy please take a look ​at the following help article.

How do I see who viewed my video?

To identify who watched your video, they will need to have a Loom account and be logged in while watching. Otherwise, it'll show up as an Anonymous view. Learn more here.

I'm experiencing audio/camera issues. What do I do?

Follow the steps in this article here.

How can I disable comments or emojis if being used inappropriately?

To prevent students from emoji reacting and leaving comments on your videos, you can turn this off from your video settings. This article will show you how.

Help, I can't find my videos!

This can happen when you're logged into different accounts between the desktop app and browser version of Loom. To fix this, log out of both then back into your preferred account.

How do I put my video on my education platform?

Although we don't integrate natively with other education programs you might use such as Google Classroom or Seasaw, you can download your Loom video, then upload it into these sites. Here's how.

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