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Four Big Highlights from Atlassian Team '24

Atlassian Team is the flagship annual customer event for all Atlassian customers, and the leading event on teamwork innovation. It’s a big event: over 4,800 in-person registrations and 35,000 livestream live views! This year, Loom participated for the very first time as part of the Atlassian product suite — and our team has returned energized about making a difference in the future of work.

Here are four of our favorite highlights from Loom’s Team ‘24 experience:

Spotlight on Loom in the opening keynote

Being part of the opening keynote, given by Atlassian founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, plus President Anu Bharadwaj, was such an honor for the Loom team. We got to introduce the core value of Loom and how seamlessly Loom works within Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian products with this hype video:

It was huge to hear personal anecdotes about using Loom from Anu, who showed off her real Loom video library during the session and how she uses Loom to provide clear updates to her teams (even from the passenger seat of her car with the mobile app).

What resonated most in the live audience? Anu asked if anyone wanted more meetings. There were resounding nos and a couple boos. (Lucky for everyone, Loom reduces live meetings by 30% on average for customers.)

Loom customer Remote shared how video messaging powers their company culture

In a session beautifully called “Fewer Meetings, Stronger Teams” Rebecca Applewhite, the director of solutions consulting at Remote, shared how they leverage Loom to power a distributed culture. At Remote, team members are not required to be online simultaneously — requiring a culture of documentation, trust, and transparency. All powered by video messaging with Loom to avoid what Rebecca calls “the tyranny of timezones.”

Rebecca shared examples of their team’s recent Looms: an Ask Me Anything session with their COO, product updates from their technical teams, and elevator pitch training for their revenue teams. She also shared great tips for recorders and viewers of Looms. One of my favorites: don’t overthink your video! Loom AI has tools to quickly edit, but video is human communication and more forgiving than written documentation.

Watch Rebecca's session here.

Hearing directly from customers about our brand-new AI Workflows release

We’re Loom, so of course we’re going to ask people to record reactions to our new features demo. Our AI Suite got a big upgrade this week with all-new video-to-text workflows that transform your recording into a bug report, step-by-step doc, and more. We got to hear feedback, excitement, and ideas from customers and prospects in the Team ‘24 demo areas. Shout out to Avery for giving us permission to share this one:

Atlassian Team Anywhere Lab excitement about Loom

Team Anywhere is Atlassian’s approach to better teamwork in the era of distributed work. The team conducts research experiments and publishes thought leadership that not only makes Atlassian a better place to work but also inspires leaders of all companies.

You can read recent Team Anywhere research about the impact of Loom on manager communication and team connection here.

At this week’s event, Team Anywhere invited attendees to actually record Loom videos and experience how simple it is to bring video messaging into your work day. They also shared recommendations from their Workplace Woes research, which found that 72% of live meetings are ineffective and 78% of workers have so many meetings it’s hard to get their work done. 

Our team can’t wait to partner more with Team Anywhere on bringing Loom as a solution to everyone with meeting woes.

Team Anywhere Booth

Thank you to all our new Atlassian teammates and all the Team '24 attendees for welcoming us to our first event with open arms.


May 3, 2024

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