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Let Loom AI Do the Work: Say Goodbye to Manual Documentation with Loom AI Workflows

The feeling of peak productivity is incredible. But, when we're working fast and working remotely – time-consuming and critical processes like bug reporting, documentation, and code reviews get bottlenecked. That's why we built our newest addition to the Loom AI suite: Loom AI workflows. Now, in a few clicks, you turn any Loom into a written doc to draft SOPs, file Jira tickets, and more. 

PS. We’re so pumped for this update, we’re giving all current and new Loom customers the chance to take AI workflows for a spin for free!

Create an issue
Auto-populated Jira or Linear issues in one click!

Instant Video to Text: The Perfect Async Collab Duo

Why is this a game-changer for async work?

Videos must be watched a few times to digest critical details fully. But docs miss vital visual context, nuance, and tone. This back-and-forth fragmentation wreaks havoc on workflow efficiency and cross-team alignment. Now you can communicate more effectively than ever before with a doc created from your Loom video.

Here's how it works:

  • 🎥 Record your Loom video as normal to narrate logging an issue, documenting a process, or performing a code review.

  • 🪄 Loom's AI transcription automatically generates a written doc from your video.

  • 🚀 With a click, copy and paste the transcribed doc directly to your favorite tools like Confluence, GitHub, and more. Or, use our connection to Jira and Linear to auto-create an issue in your Jira workspace!

Learn how to turn any Loom into a share-ready doc in a click.

How teams can supercharge async collaboration with AI workflows

1. Faster Bug Reports & Issue Creation

Record a Loom to narrate a bug, then use the transcription to auto-populate complete issue details in Jira or Linear. We instantly extract key info like repro steps — meaning less time clarifying bugs and more time fixing them.

2. Effortless Process Documentation

Whether you need to document an internal process or create external customer-facing guides – just record a Loom video walkthrough. The AI-generated transcription creates a ready-to-share step-by-step guide you can easily copy into a Confluence page or knowledge base.

3. Streamlined Code & Design Reviews

Record a Loom video to narrate your feedback for code or design reviews. Then send the AI-transcribed notes to a GitHub pull request or Figma file. This keeps all visual and written contexts together in one place.

Hop on the productivity train

Loom seems to be one of the few companies to actually get how to leverage AI. For example: I went all-in on creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to delegate tasks lately. Thing is, I still had to write the steps and the document body to add to our Notion pages, which took me as much time as recording the video (sometimes more). Now  Loom has added a feature to automatically generate an SOP 🤯 " - Romulo Gomes, Founder

People are already finding so much value in this new way of working. We even reached #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt last week!

By bridging the gap between video and written communication, Loom is transforming async collaboration and unblocking workflows for teams of all sizes. With AI workflows, you can now communicate more clearly and consistently — without sacrificing any of the personal connection that makes video so powerful.

Ready to speed up your async workflows? Try out Loom's new AI workflows today. Let us know what you think!


May 8, 2024

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