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Introducing GIF Animated Covers, Video Theatre Mode, and two brand new integrations!

We’ve been hard at work building new product improvements for you over the last couple of months!

We wanted to focus on the video viewing experience so everyone can enjoy Loom videos to the max. That is both the video creators and the people who watch their content.

We’re very pleased to announce two new features (GIF Animated Covers & Video Theatre Mode) and two new integrations with Zendesk and Coda.

We hope you like them! 😉

GIF Animated Covers

Previewing your video with a GIF animated cover is a great way to grab your viewers’ attention after recording your screen. It conveys far more emotion and information than a static preview, and ultimately entices your viewers to hit the play button. 👀⏯️

GIF animated cover example

This has been a highly requested feature request and we’re very happy to make it available to all our users. You can now simply enable ‘Animated Preview’ on your video settings and Loom will automatically create an animated video cover. It’s that easy!

Learn how to enable GIF Animated Covers in this handy new support article.

Video Theatre Mode

Theatre mode allows you to focus on what’s important on your video. You can now expand the size of your Loom video player without entering fullscreen.

Video theatre mode example

This means text and small details on the recording will become clearer, but you won’t lose access to the other parts of your screen, such as your comments and editing panel.

Simply toggle Theatre Mode mode with the letter “t” on your keyboard. Handy, right?

New Integration: Zendesk Guide

We wanted to partner up with Zendesk because their team builds software for better customer relationships — which we’re very passionate about here at Loom. Zendesk also empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. We believe video is an essential piece of that mission.

If you currently use Zendesk to support your customer base, you’ll be pleased to know you can now add Loom videos to your Zendesk Guide knowledge base. Your team and customers can now watch your videos directly in the articles.

Zendesk and Loom integration example

This integration unlocks great video education opportunities when it comes to creating customer FAQs, product tutorials and team training/documentation.‍

New Integration: Coda Docs

We’re also very excited to announce Loom videos now play natively in Coda.

Coda is a new all-in-one doc that combines the best of documents, spreadsheets, and applications. Thousands of teams use Coda to run their meetings, onboard remote employees and launch their products to the world. Coda is made up of building blocks — like tables that act like databases, buttons that take action, and integrations that can automate mundane tasks.

Coda and Loom integration example

Read all about how we’re leveraging this integration for our own internal use case in this blog post: How to Make Remote Onboarding Personal and Scalable


Jul 16, 2019

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