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Welcome to the Next Era of Loom

This week, we're launching a suite of powerful new AI features, transcripts and captions in 50+ new languages, an integration with Google Workspace, and a redesigned version of our desktop recorder. Say hello to intuitive, magical video for work.

These launches are designed to do one thing: accelerate our mission to empower effective communication via video messages at work.  Alongside our continued focus on performance and reliability, they mark the beginning of Loom’s next chapter. It’s a chapter that builds on async video that’s fast, intuitive, and easy — as well as automatic and magical. I’m excited to introduce four ways these launches are doing this:

  • The Loom AI Suite is built to help you be more productive and efficient without lifting a finger. The suite boosts viewer engagement on Looms by 18%, and 73% of people said it is “extremely or very valuable” to their workflows today.

  • 50+ new languages for instant transcriptions and closed captions, free for all customers. Everyone around the world should have the best Loom experience, and this is a leap in that direction. The AI Suite is available for all 50+ languages, and requires upgrading to a paid plan.

  • Integration with Google Workspace's Docs & Chat (and soon Sheets, Slides, and more) brings the power of Loom to hundreds of millions of Google customers.

  • A top-to-bottom redesign of our desktop recorder delivers a more intuitive, clean experience so no matter where you’re recording, you can do so with confidence.

Loom AI Suite: Faster creation, more views

Loom AI Suite Hero Static

Loom AI has been part of our vision from the beginning. It was in our seed deck from 2016. But, we had no idea how quickly AI would blossom into the humanity-defining technology it’s becoming today. We have focused on deep customer pain points, with the ultimate goal to 10x the value of looms for individuals, teams, and companies productivity. The first set of AI Suite features include:

  • Auto-Titles: AI generates a custom title for your Loom based on the content of your transcript.

  • Auto-Summaries: AI generates a summary of the Loom in the description. You can also copy/paste this into an email or instant message for added context when sharing.

  • Auto-Chapters: AI automatically identifies the important topics covered in your Loom, and then names and timestamps chapters accordingly.

  • Auto-Tasks: AI identifies the action items and tasks you discuss in your Loom, suggesting action items for your viewers to respond to when they’re done viewing.

  • Filler Word & Silence Removal: AI improves Loom’s ability to identify and remove filler words (um, uh, ah). It also trims out long pauses for a more concise, polished viewing experience.

What customers are saying about AI Suite

After months of extensive user research, beta testing, and iteration, we’ve seen how these features drastically improve the Loom experience. 73% said the AI Suite features were already “extremely or very valuable” to their workflows today, increasing productivity meaningfully.

"If you want an example of a company that’s integrating AI to 10x the seamlessness of their product, just look at @loom.”
Ryan Carr Founder, Tailwind

“Wow @loom has become incredible. 🤯 Just recorded a product demo for a potential customer and it automatically separated the clip into relevant sections, took out all of the filler words, created a transcription, and cut out the background noise. The future is bright for builders.”
Ben Huffman, CEO at Contra

“[Loom AI] not only saves time and effort but also makes your videos more accessible and engaging for your audience. 🎥✨"
Edie Clarke, Video Producer

Today’s AI features are just the beginning. We’re actively building tomorrow’s features to help customers generate effective Looms at scale. Here’s what’s on the horizon: Auto-CTAs, Auto-Thumbnails, Auto-Speaker Notes, Voice Avatars, Camera Avatars, Personalized Looms at Scale, AI-Powered Editing, and much, much more…

As my co-founder & Loom’s CTO Vinay put it recently: “Async video wins out against synchronous video in the long run because it increases knowledge distribution. We’ve known this. Now this technological boom in generative AI is a bit like a destiny moment for the Loom format. It will help us make video so useful at work that more and more people want to communicate and get work done with it. It’s kind of wild.”

Transcripts & Captions in 50+ Languages

MLT Hero Static

One in four Looms is recorded in a language other than English. Our mission is to unlock effective communication, for everyone at work. We’re thrilled to expand video transcriptions and captions to 50+ languages. (See the full list of languages here).

Multi-language transcription and captions will be available to all customers, on any plan. This release also unlocks AI-powered features across all 50+ languages.

Google 💕 Loom: Docs, Chat, & More

Google Integration Hero Static

Today, we announced our first official partnership with Google to bring Loom to their trusted workspace that billions of people use every day. Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Loom Smart Chips in Docs:

    Turn Loom links into smart previews across Google Workspace surfaces, showing relevant information such as titles and summaries. We’re starting with Google Docs and Chat and will also be adding to Sheets, Slides, and more.

  • Preview Looms in Google Chat:

    Share and preview Loom videos directly within Google Chat. Find yourself typing too long of a message in Chat? Record a quick Loom and send it instead.

Our Chrome extension has been an integral piece of the Loom platform since inception in 2016. But partnering with Google like this brings Loom to their 3 billion ecosystem users on a whole new level. We’re working to expand this partnership within Chrome, Gmail, Calendar, and Meet teams.

Redesigned Desktop App: faster, smoother recording

Desktop Redesign Hero Image (Static)

We’ve fully revamped our desktop recorders for both MacOS and Windows. The redesign includes significant enhancements and a refreshed recording experience, all based on customer feedback. The result is a faster, smoother way to record Looms.

We’re rolling out the new recorder now to make sure no matter where you record, you can do so with confidence. The new desktop app is available today for MacOS, and coming soon to Windows. Learn more about the redesign here.

Loom's Next Era

Alongside our continued focus on performance and reliability, these new features, improvements, and partnership mean the next era of Loom might feel slightly different. It’ll work a little faster, seem more intuitive, and feel more magical.

The constant is our mission. We will always and forever build for you, our customers. Specifically, we build to help you communicate effectively so you can be even more productive and efficient at work. Give it all a try — and as always, let us know what you think. ✨


Aug 29, 2023

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