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Find the Best Sales Video Software Options for 2024

Sales prospecting is a numbers game. But with the right tools, sales reps can make every interaction more impactful. Video is one of the most powerful tools for improving outcomes and building trust with prospects, and the software to help reps create content is getting better every day.

With many new options on the market, choosing the best sales video recording tool can get confusing. Every app is different, so finding the tool with all the features you need at a competitive price requires research.

To narrow the field, we’ve compiled a list of the best sales video tools of 2024. You’ll find out what makes a great app, innovative ways to use video in your sales outreach, and top picks for tools that meet all your sales team’s needs. 

Loom offers its customers the most features and value of any tool on the market, even at our free tier. Ready to try Loom today?

Still want to do some research? Read on to learn more about the rest of the top five.

What is a sales video?

A sales video is a digital marketing tool that introduces a company, explains a product or service, and educates potential customers with the aim of increasing conversion numbers. Sales videos often feature visuals and sound to capture the viewer’s attention and use storytelling to communicate a company’s message. Short, personalized videos can showcase new products and services, answer a prospect’s question, highlight customer testimonials, and demonstrate the company’s value proposition.

Why use sales videos?

Sales videos boost the power of your outreach by personalizing experiences for recipients. Using a screen recording tool, sales reps can create content that connects and resonates with their audience. 

These are the top benefits for sales teams when they add video content to their marketing mix:

Increased engagement: Video has one of the highest engagement rates of all communication channels. Sending a video to potential customers catches their attention and opens the door to building trust.

Simplicity: Text in an email isn’t always the best way to convey complex ideas. Video email marketing lets you demonstrate an idea or feature with more engaging elements. With the right tools, you can add captioning to your videos for better communication that appeals to different learning styles.

Competitive advantage: Video pitches, introductions, and sales videos differentiate sales teams from competitors that only use traditional sales channels and techniques.

Quick demonstration: Sales videos can demonstrate products, features, and services in action. This gives the viewer a tangible understanding of the offer that may improve conversion.

Social proof: Buyers rely on reviews and testimonials when deciding to purchase. With videos, sales teams can share customer reviews and testimonials to boost confidence in the product and personalize the experience.

Reach: Sales videos embedded in social media posts, landing pages, emails, and websites have the potential to reach thousands of viewers.

Rapport: Personalization is a significant factor in building rapport. Using video creates a strong, personal relationship with prospects and customers while educating them on your product or service.

How to create effective sales videos

When creating sales videos to improve engagement and conversion, follow these best practices to ensure your content delivers the best performance and outcomes.

Keep it personal 

Personalization is essential for effective sales content. Creating content specific to your target audience helps viewers better connect with the product or service offered. It also makes the recipient feel like the sales rep created the content specifically for them—even if the content was made at scale for a well-segmented sales list. 

When customers feel a brand understands their needs, it leads to higher engagement and conversions. Personalization builds an emotional connection, increases trust, and may even influence the final decision to buy. 

When customizing sales content, it’s important to use the customer's language, preferences, pain points, and interests to connect them to the brand and the sales experience.

Give it some polish

Informal videos feel personal, but they should still feel professional and well-presented. Editing videos using a third-party screen recording tool greatly improves your presentation. 

The best tools have options to splice together multiple videos for in-depth presentations of information. Some options include sizing and rescaling tools, technology to automatically remove filler words and silence from your video content, and AI features to create captions and transcriptions for accessibility. These small touches greatly improve the final video and lend credibility to your messaging.

Make it accessible

Sales videos are an invitation for your prospect to engage with you and move closer to a decision. That process is easier with the right technology. Tools like Loom offer features to send a video directly to a client's email, smartphone, or another device. Other ways to share messaging include embedding the video in a website, adding it to a social media post, or including it in a personalized landing page. 

Cloud-based sales video software makes it easy to quickly share messages on the go. These tools offer options for recording from a desktop, web browser, or mobile device. Recipients can also easily respond with feedback or videos of their own. For sales purposes, a built-in call to action (CTA) button easily guides prospects to take a desired action or step with one click. 

Use a screen recording tool—Loom

Loom makes it easier and faster to create professional videos for sales outreach. Users can quickly record, edit, and share compelling videos with clients. The intuitive, cloud-based video platform enables email, text, social media, or embedded sharing. 

Loom’s desktop and mobile apps also make it easy for sales teams to create videos to share on the go. And with built-in CTAs and automations, teams can streamline the sales process and boost their sales outcomes. In other words, Loom enables personalized outreach at scale. 

7 ways to use sales videos in outreach campaigns

Video is great for just about every stage of sales outreach, from the earliest introduction to retaining customers at the end of a contract. Use these seven powerful touchpoints to improve results and increase satisfaction with your most important deals.

1. Video introductions

Sales reps send a brief video to introduce themselves and their company to potential customers. It typically includes a short greeting, followed by a brief explanation of what they offer, their product features, and how their product or service can solve a customer’s problem. Video introductions often develop instant rapport with potential customers.

2. Pitch videos

Use a short video to summarize the value of a product or service. Pitches typically include the main benefits of the product or service, how it solves the customer’s specific problem, and what makes it different from competitors.

3. Customer testimonials

Customer testimonial videos feature current customers talking about their experiences with a product or service. Customers get an honest review of the product from people who have used it, along with relatable details on how they have benefited from using your product. This social proof may help boost conversion for warm leads.

4. Product demos

A demo video provides an in-depth look at a product or service. It’s an effective tool to highlight features, explain capabilities, and educate potential customers in a way that directly addresses their problem or pain point. 

5. Q&A responses

When a warm lead asks a question, responding with a personal video builds trust and shows they can expect a personal touch from a sales rep. Video reduces back-and-forth emails, calls, and meetings. It can also reduce deal cycle times. Sales reps may compile a list of the most compelling questions and answer them via Q&A to produce a general video resource.

6. Post-close outreach

Communication after the sale is equally important to conversion efforts. Use a video message to follow up with a new client to offer assistance, answer questions, or give them useful tips and resources. This personalized effort boosts retention and repeat purchases. 

7. Handoff to customer success

Post-sales support and onboarding is an important feature of a business relationship. With Loom, sales teams can ensure a warm welcome and support with pre-recorded demos, walkthroughs, and resources. A strong start often leads to longer, more successful partnerships. With Loom, companies can set up every new deal for success.

The best sales video software to consider in 2024

Organizations can greatly improve sales outcomes with personalized outreach and modern tools. One of the best investments is simple, effective video recording software for producing well-edited videos.

Here are five of the top sales video software tools to consider adding to your tech stack in 2024: 


Loom is one of the best-known names in the market for anyone who needs to communicate with video. It offers professional-level tools with an intuitive video platform that makes it easy for both casual users and enterprise teams to share videos for sales outreach, team communication, and more. 

Loom offers even casual users a robust suite of features, with plenty of useful upgrades for teams that need advanced tools. The app has Enterprise-level features and customizable solutions at the most competitive prices in the industry. 

Key features

  • Feature-rich free plan

  • Full suite of professional editing tools

  • Collaboration and feedback features

  • Unlimited transcriptions

  • Drawing and animations for emphasis and interest

  • Pointer highlight feature

  • App options for every device

  • Link-based sharing and video embeds

  • In-video CTA feature

  • Analytics and viewer data

  • Integrations with top sales tools

  • Variables in video titles, to create a video once and share it with many (coming soon!)

  • The ability to request a viewer’s email before they watch your video (in beta!)

  • The ability to de-anonymize a video viewer from a sequence


  • The free tier doesn’t skimp on functionality. This entry-level plan features video editor tools and storage allowances usually only available with premium pricing. 

  • Secure sharing and permission-based access including password protection in premium plan tiers. Full GDPR data compliance.

  • There’s a version of Loom for everyone—whether on a Mac or Windows desktop, a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, or via the Chrome extension that cooperates with top browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave. 

  • Loom has invested in advanced AI features that craft compelling video messages with automation for creating titles, summaries, chaptering, and removal of filler words and silences.


  • Loom requires a stable internet connection. Slower wifi access may result in slightly slower video creation and export versus using a stable connection.

  • Some specific features for sellers must be accessed through the Enterprise plan.


Loom offers one of the most comprehensive free-tier services in the market, with features commonly found behind paywalls with competitors.

  • The free plan offers up to 25 videos per person, with a runtime of up to 5 minutes per video. It offers screen recording with a picture-in-picture “bubble cam” for simultaneously capturing screen footage and direct-to-camera webcam footage. It also offers unlimited transcriptions, viewer insights, and a team workspace, all for free.

  • For Business users, the $12.50/creator/month plan (billed annually) offers unlimited videos, unlimited recording length, Loom AI add-on (for $4/creator/month annually), white-labeling (no Loom branding), import and download features, and password protection.

  • Enterprise-tier has customized pricing for features including SSO (SAML) and SCIM protection, advanced privacy configurations, custom data retention, and integration with Salesforce.  


Vidyard focuses on sales video and screen recording for lead gen and follow-up. The video marketing platform has some advanced editing and AI features that let sales reps communicate with leads and customers quickly and efficiently. Vidyard has similar functionality to Loom, but Vidyard’s equivalent features will cost you more.

Key features

  • Vidyard Rooms

  • AI script generator (on premium tiers)

  • Uploader widget for fast sending

  • Integrates with Zoom


  • Vidyard has search engine optimization (SEO) as part of every plan tier.

  • Expert video creators offer regular tutorials for users interested in improving their skills.

  • Higher tiers can access an “intro banner” featuring the creator’s name and role.  


  • Free plans don’t offer captioning features found in the Plus and Business tier plans. 

  • Users are limited to 5 embedded videos with the free service. Pro increases this to 20, but if you’re looking for unlimited, you’ll need the Plus or Business plan.

  • All tiers offer basic file organization, but the advanced folder organization, video analytics, analytics dashboards, and account management only come with higher service tiers. 


Vidyard offers several tiers of pricing, including a free plan.

  • Vidyard’s Free plan offers storage of up to 25 videos in a library and access to 3 Vidyard Rooms for personalized discussions. An AI script generator also comes with the free tier.

  • The $19/user/month annual Pro plan increases service to unlimited videos, adds real-time viewer insights, supports CTAs, enables branding features, and allows password protection. 

  • The $59/user/month annual Plus plan adds features like full analytics features, customizable branding, team performance analytics, and captioning. 

  • Enterprise-level customers can work with sales on pricing for customizable CTAs, customer permissions and security settings, priority onboarding and support, and more. 


Wistia is video marketing software designed to help businesses engage customers and grow their business. Brands and their sales teams create and manage video content, host webinars, create campaigns for outreach and lead generation, and analyze the results of their content. 

Key features

  • Lead capture forms

  • Email integration features

  • Canned and customizable CTAs

  • A/B testing at higher tiers


  • Zoom integration (to upload cloud meetings to your account) is available even at the free tier plan. 

  • The free tier also offers basic analytics features and social media integrations. 

  • If you update a video, you can swap the new file into the platform without needing to update the embed code (reducing changes on the website or social posts when you update a file).


  • Advanced features like lead capture forms, time coding, and basic CTAs aren’t available with the free plan.

  • Marketing automations and advertising integration are only available on the Advanced and Premium plans, starting at $319/month paid annually. 

  • The Plus and Pro plans still feature relatively low included media (20 and 50 files respectively) with overage fees for extra media costs. Archived media is not included in this, but also has limitations. 


Pricing for Wistia is the highest of any in the top five.

  • The free tier of the app offers 10 videos with a time limit of 10 minutes per asset. After 10, users must upgrade to the Plus plan. 

  • For $19/month annually, the service adds lead capture forms, basic email integration, and basic CTAs.

  • The $79/month annual Pro plan adds insights like video heatmaps, A/B testing, and custom CTAs.

  • For $319/month, Wistia offers Premium plan features like unlimited users, media, and single sign-on (SSO) with custom pricing. 


BombBomb offers asynchronous video creation, delivery, and storage similar to Loom. The small-business-focused platform works well for individuals like small business owners and sales reps who need to send quick videos. It focuses on video embedded in emails—a useful approach for outreach and prospecting.  

Key features

  • Unlimited sending and storage capacity

  • Custom brand features for white-labeling

  • Integrates with email for easy sending

  • Snippets for attractive thumbnailing


  • Like Loom, BombBomb offers extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

  • The platform has CRM integrations to add video to the marketing mix through automations.

  • BombBomb works on browsers, desktops, and through mobile apps for iOS and Android. 


  • There’s no free service level with BombBomb.

  • Users must upgrade to access more robust editing features and video enhancements. 

  • Customer service receives mixed reviews, seeming to be helpful for simple questions but not responsive to larger outages and issues.


BombBomb has two paid tiers of service, but no free service.

  • The entry service tier costs $33/month for 1:1 video messaging with unlimited recordings, unlimited storage, some editing features, and custom branding. 

  • The $49/month tier adds features like video analytics, automation features, team and admin control, and advanced editing tools. The higher tier plan also features a Salesforce integration.


Zoom is a full video communications platform offering virtual meetings, chat, VoIP phone services, scheduling, and more within its Zoom One collaboration suite. This review will focus on the Video Recording module called Zoom Clips within the larger Zoom tool offering. 

Key features

  • Easy video recording

  • Searchable video with tagging

  • Analytics and engagement features

  • Video sharing via link or email


  • Zoom offers Clips as an add-on to its other features. It allows users to make videos from Zoom calls or record fresh video and audio for easy one-to-one communication. 

  • At higher plan tiers, Zoom offers its AI Companion that automates key tasks within Zoom such as searchable transcription, live or post-meeting summaries, message personalization, and message rewriting tools for chat and video. 

  • Although Zoom is beyond the scope of most other tools on this list, the Clips feature is a useful addition to the other features already in Zoom One. 


  • The advanced features of Zoom Clips are not available with the free plan. 

  • For those who don’t need the rest of Zoom’s functionality, Clips isn’t available as a stand-alone app. 


Zoom offers several service tiers that include Zoom Clips. The free Basic plan offers basic Clips functionality.

  • The free plan offers meetings of up to 40 minutes with 100 attendees, whiteboard features, team chat, and mail and calendar management. Basic Clips offers 5 videos limited to 2 mins of runtime each. 

  • The $12.49/user/month Pro plan introduces Clips Plus along with its other features. Clips Plus offers unlimited videos and more advanced editing features. 

  • The Business tier at $16.66/user/month and the Business Plus plan at $20.83/user/month do not add any functionality to Zoom Clips. 

Start using Loom for free today

With the broadest array of free features out of our top five entries—plus added functionality at competitive prices—adding Loom to your sales team’s marketing toolbox is easy and cost-effective. Ready to get started with the best screen recorder for sales videos? Download the app and sign up for Loom today. 


Jan 3, 2024

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