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Why people choose Loom’s screen audio recorder

  • Record and share messages on the go with Loom’s mobile app or computer
  • Capture ideas with instantly transcribed and shareable audio
  • Use Loom’s Edit by Transcript to edit your recorded audio
  • Record professional audio messages effortlessly with Live Rewind
  • Reduce recording anxiety with audio-only
  • Automate titles, summaries and more with our AI add-on

More than 25 million people across 400,000 companies choose Loom

Stay in the loop wherever you are

Share your ideas anytime and communicate without barriers—even when you don’t feel like being on camera. Loom's async audio messages make collaborating easy, no matter the setting.

Loom instant audio recording helps you send more messages faster, so you can get work done. Boost productivity like MetaLab, who increased theirs by 20% with Loom.

Share recordings instantly

Whether through an email invitation, a link, or an embed, share your recordings with anyone you want. Loom also provides privacy settings so you can share with the world, or a specific person.

Record once, and use your video forever. Now you can capture critical information in a Loom and share it whenever you need to.

Drive better user engagement

Say goodbye to one-way audio recordings. Loom makes the experience just as natural as talking to someone in person. Listeners can reply with their own clip, message you in the comment section, and send emojis.

Communicate better than before. Loom lets users react instantly and async, giving everyone the time and space they need to share ideas.

File hosting simplified

Much of what’s said in live conversations is doomed to be forgotten—lost forever. Not so with Loom audio.

Loom’s file hosting allows you to build a reference library so your knowledge and ideas are accessible 24/7/365. This gives you the power to lead complex projects, train co-workers, and build evergreen resources that save you time and money.

Build your workplace video library

Loom AI audio recordings

Upgrade to take advantage of the latest AI features.

Use Loom AI to save time. Loom AI can generate titles, summaries, and more so you can focus on your most important work.

Learn More about Loom AI

Recording your screen with audio FAQ

How can I record my screen with audio?
  1. Download the Loom desktop app, mobile app, or Chrome extension.
  2. Choose your initial settings by deciding if you want to record your screen or your camera, or both at the same time.
  3. Take a beat. Take a breath. Get excited and press record.
  4. Record your ideas, observations, and more. And, edit your Loom to perfection after recording.
What happens when my team or I hit my 25 video limit on the Starter plan?

Our free Starter plan has a limit of 25 videos per member. To record more than 25 videos, you'll need to upgrade to a Business plan.

If you want to stay in the same Workspace as your team and upgrade, you can move your entire team to a Business Workspace without paying for everyone. For example, you can choose to be a Creator with unlimited videos and invite the rest of your team as Creator Lite members for free.

Can I start a free trial of paid plans?

Yes, you can try our Business plan free for 14 days. If you would like a free 14-day trial of our Enterprise plan please contact sales.

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Thousands of teams use Loom for collaboration, documentation, and communication each day. Loom’s flexibility means it’s ready to meet your team's needs.

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