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Ch-ch-changes: An all-new Loom

As we continue to see unprecedented change in all facets of our lives, and with remote and distributed work now the new norm, we’ve never been more committed to our mission:

Empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively, wherever they are

With more than 15 million people recording and watching 299 million minutes of Loom videos every month (up from 15 million minutes per month this time last year), we see it as our duty to ensure our product is more accessible, reliable, and delightful to use than ever before.

299 million mins of video are shared on Loom every month — up 20x in 2020

5 changes: More for you, more for your team 🎉

We’ve been heads-down working on some things these past few months — and we’re excited to start rolling them out today:

  1. A fresh new look to match our vision

  2. Team Workspaces, now available to everyone

  3. Loom Pro + Business = one new plan, same affordable price

  4. Introducing screenshots: now in beta and free

  5. Loom for Education, still 100% free


1. A fresh new look to match our vision

Earlier this year, we set out to establish a visual vocabulary that truly expresses what we’re excited about and reflects our vision as a company. We wanted to express the core truth that everything we build and do centers around you, the user. 🌞

Say hello to the Loombeam, our new logo mark that highlights the radiant energy of individuals and all the ways they can bring their work to life and into focus for others, with the creator at the center.

New Loom brand system collage
The new Loom brand system.

There’s a lot more to our brand than a new logo, though. We can’t wait for you to see that come to life in all the ways you connect with Loom — our company and our product. 🧩

2. Team Workspaces, now available to everyone

Back in May, we released Loom for Teams in beta, allowing teams on our Business and Enterprise plans to record, watch, and collaborate on videos in a shared Workspace for the very first time.

New Loom Team Library (product image)
Team Library: A central repository for all members of your Workspace to share, organize, and edit Loom videos.

After extensive beta testing, teams at companies like HubSpot, JLL, and Intercom are now communicating more effectively with Loom. Now your team can, too, with the following features available on all plans:

  • Team Library: A central video repository for all members of your Workspace.

  • Shared Library: Make select videos available to specific members in your Workspace.

  • Unlimited Viewers: Invite as many Viewers as you like to join your Workspace for free.

  • Central billing and user management: One bill and one place for Admins to manage all Workspace members.

New free plan: 20 Creator Lite Members, unlimited Viewers, new recording limit

We’ve replaced Loom Basic with an all-new plan, Loom Starter. For $0 a month (yes, it’s free), you and up to 20 other Creator Lite members can record, organize, and edit videos in a shared Workspace. Loom is a perfect way to share videos with your entire company in one central repository. 📣

In order to continue to invest in delivering the world's most reliable, performant, and delightful video messaging tool, and keep it free to use, we’re introducing a five-minute recording limit on Loom Starter. This new limit does not apply to existing recordings. 

3. Loom Pro + Business = one new plan, same affordable price 

That’s right; we’re combining Loom Pro and Loom Business into a single plan. The Loom Business plan starts at just $12.50 per month (annually).

New Loom pricing and packaging plans
Loom Business — everything you loved about Loom Pro, now with Engagement Insights, custom branding, and video uploads.

If you were subscribed to Loom Pro, you’re now subscribed to Loom Business, and you get the following additional features at no additional cost:

  • Custom branding: Add your logo and change the color of the video player to match your brand on the videos you share with prospects and customers.

  • Engagement Insights: See who watched your video, how much they watched, their emoji reactions, and the conversion rate of your call to action.

  • Video uploads: Quickly populate your Workspace with existing video content and make Loom a centralized repository for your entire company.

New Loom Engagement Insights
With Engagement Insights you can track video views, average completion rate, emoji reactions, and call-to-action conversion.

With Loom Business, you can unlimited paid Creators for $12.50/creator/mo and up to 20 Creator Lite members for free to collaborate in your Workspace.

New to Loom? Try Loom Business free for 14 days.

4. Introducing screenshots: Now in beta and free 📸

When a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes all you need is a screenshot. Now you can take those screenshots with Loom using our updated Mac and Windows desktop apps.

Screen capture Mac desktop rebrand (GIF)
Capture and instantly share images of your screen for free.

We’ve been testing screenshots internally for the better part of six months to ensure the experience is as fast and as simple as what you’d expect when recording with Loom. We’re looking forward to seeing how you use screenshots to inform future improvements and enhancements.

5. Loom for Education, still free 💯

Earlier this year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made Loom Pro free for Education.💡

Today, with millions of verified students and teachers using Loom to communicate more effectively in virtual classrooms around the world, we’re continuing our commitment to make Loom more accessible to more educators and learners. Our new Loom for Education plan includes all the features that were available on Loom Pro.

And there’s one more thing

There should never be a moment of doubt when you record a video message or share a screenshot with Loom. It should work and work fast, because that’s the magic of Loom. ✨

When we announced our Series B late last year, our Co-founder and CTO, Vinay, said that we would: 

" ... double down on our investment into the foundation of Loom to make sure that it's a product that’s reliable, delightful, and performant to use." 

That's exactly what we've been doing. With so many people relying on Loom to work, teach, and learn every day, we’ve been making significant investments across the board:

  • People: We’ve hired aggressively, with more than half of our Engineering team now dedicated to improving the stability and performance of Loom.

  • Security: We’ve added SSO support for Okta, G Suite, Azure, Auth0, OneLogin, and Microsoft Active Directory with Loom Enterprise. We’re also working toward SOC 2 Type 1 compliance right now, with an update to come before the end of the year, and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance to come in the first half of 2021.

  • Infrastructure: We redesigned and rebuilt our entire recording architecture for our Chrome extension and Windows desktop app. The new infrastructure powering the Windows desktop app enables 4K recording, internal audio, and custom size and window selection recordings at a fraction of CPU and memory usage as before.

  • Measurement: We now measure every step of the recording, encoding, and uploading process so we can identify issues and address the biggest areas of opportunity that are within our control.

We’ve got work to do, but you can rest assured that performance, reliability, and security remain our top priority and focus.

What’s ahead? 🔮

As we continue to invest in building a world-class team, we’ll continue to invest in building and delivering world-class video messaging. We’re busy cooking up plans for Loom in 2021, and we’re excited to share some of those plans in the new year.

Until then, happy recording with the new Loom. 🎥


Oct 14, 2020

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