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How video messages help us close deals

As Loom's Head of Operations who oversees Sales and Business Development, I am constantly looking for tools that help us reach more prospects, close more deals and enhance our communication with customers.

When I first joined Loom a few months ago, we had only recently begun charging for the product and had no sales team or processes in place. As I went out and spoke to more and more of our customers, I realized that our own product can have a massive impact on how we get more users onto Loom. As always, I'm happy to borrow best practices.

There are five key ways we see customers using Loom - some are obvious while others are not. Let's dive in.


There are a countless blog posts out there about how video can increase the effectiveness of prospecting. Let me save you the time - it increases open rates and responses A LOT. A lot of our sales customers use Loom in the prospecting funnel, whether it's a quick introduction, product demo gif or some compelling reason to set up a meeting (new features, integrations, etc). Most videos are under a minute, tell a quick story and try to get to a demo. I've started using Loom in my outreach every day and it's already had really positive results.

Here's an example I sent out this week:

Product Demos

Nothing can replace product demos in person or over a video conference call (we use Zoom), but I am seeing a lot of companies record abbreviated demos using Loom and sending the video as a way to get their foot in the door or as a follow up.  Sometimes you don't have time to touch on all your product features during a meeting or you forgot to talk about a key integration a customer asked about. Don't worry, instead of trying to set up another call a couple weeks after the initial meeting, you can record a 5 minute Loom walking through everything and send it in an email. You can also take the time to make sure the video is polished and sends the exact message you want. I've also heard of Sales teams that leave behind sales decks or marketing materials after a meeting, but want to make sure there is proper context for anyone who wasn't in the initial meeting.

Here's a quick one I recorded last week after I ran out of time:

Personal Follow Ups

Sales models and sales cycles vary dramatically across our customers and partners, but the one use case where I always hear positive feedback is personalized follow ups via Loom. Whether you have SDRs making a bunch of cold calls or Enterprise Reps scheduling in-person meetings, Loom can give you that extra tool to enhance the relationship. Adding some human interaction with a Loom in a follow up email can have a significant impact when nurturing prospects or checking in with customers. Our Customer Success Manager sends personalized Looms before customers reach the end of a trial or POC which I've started adopting as well.

Onboarding and Training

Maybe the most surprising way I've seen Loom used is also the most impactful. We have always used Loom videos to welcome new team members and get them up to speed on processes. Half our team is remote and it's a great way to add some humanity into the process vs. sending a bunch of onboarding emails. It also happens to be very effective - people retain information through video far better than they do by reading emails. What has been surprising is the number of sales teams around the world using Loom to do the exact same thing. I often hear from VPs of Sales that Loom has essentially replaced (or at the very least enhanced) their learning systems and they are now running all their sales training through Loom.

One VP recently showed me the onboarding process at his company which included a Google Doc with 30+ Loom links. Everything from how to customize the sales deck to the best way to show the product to the right way to follow up after a sales meeting. All content created and viewed in Loom. The team is planning to grow from 20 to 100+ in the next year so they spent time getting their onboarding and training process in place up front.

Here's one way we get team members up to speed:


Loom is used by over 1.5 million people and 40,000+ organizations around the world. Sales is one of our biggest use cases and we continue to see increased adoption across sales organizations. As we continue to build out our product and introduce new features, we want to help Sales teams get in front of more customers, close more deals and build closer relationships.

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