How Loom Helped Intercom Differentiate their Sales Outreach and Boost Reply Rates by 19%



“What Loom does in a competitive landscape is allow us to make our outreach really personal.”
— Bucky Henry, Sales Manager, Intercom


Making their sales outreach unique and personal, to cut through the noise in prospects’ inboxes

SaaS brand Intercom had reached a crossroads in their sales business. Company analytics showed they were getting better ROI from outreach than inbound leads, so they made the call to pivot their strategy.

Inbound tactics took a small step back, as the sales team prioritized becoming an outbound sales machine. They set themselves the challenge of honing their outreach process, so they could drive more conversations and revenue, support top-line growth, and stay ahead of their fiercest competitors. 

Over the three years that followed, the team tried and tested a range of outreach methodologies. 

“We’d been using an email outreach tool and ere honing our approach over several years,” says Sales Manager Bucky Henry:

“We wanted to reach as many relevant prospects as we could, but also make our outreach specific and personal. The trick was to find this balance without increasing costs and sacrificing team efficiency. Eventually, we hit on a happy medium, which was sustainable for our reps, and profitable for the business.”

Cold email outreach was an integral part of that “happy medium,” but they felt their existing emails weren’t compelling enough. The way forward, they decided, was to inject more visual appeal. And they did so in a clever and innovative way. 

“We decided to build out a tool internally that would automatically superimpose Intercom’s platform onto a customer's website, take a GIF of that, and then insert it into an email,” explains Bucky. “This small act of personalization led to better reply and open rates, so we were like, ‘hey we're onto something here.’”

Keen to push the envelope, they explored how they could customize outreach emails even more. Consensus across the team was that video was the missing ingredient for differentiating their collateral and creating deeper, faster connections with prospects. 

“We felt that video was the next iteration for us to make our outbound machine totally personal and unique.” — Bucky Henry

“We wanted our reps to build personal videos that showed prospects we understood their unique business and were taking the time to actually pin value to what we could offer them.”

But there was one more obstacle to overcome. Intercom needed to find a video platform simple enough to use that reps could build personalized content, self-source more new business, and boost company revenue.


Fast and elegant video messaging platform lets reps record and share custom content in minutes

When Intercom scoured the tech landscape to find the right tool, one brand stood out — Loom. 

Loom lets users create fast, elegant videos direct from their browser and desktop, and then share it in an instant. 

For Bucky, Loom ticked every box. He felt doubly reassured that four million people across 90,000 companies globally were already using the platform — and not only for sales outreach, but all kinds of business applications.

“After a conversation with Loom’s sales team, the platform was obviously really easy to use, efficient, and reliable,” says Bucky. “The willingness by the Loom team to constantly gather customer feedback to develop and improve the tool also stood out to me.” 

Roll-out of Loom was frictionless and straightforward. Bucky participated in two sessions with Loom’s product team, who walked him through the platform and ensured he was comfortable with every feature. It was a super-fast learning curve, so he felt confident to share what he’d learned with his reps. Every one of them quickly got the hang of Loom, with zero confusion or hassle.

“Straight out the box, our reps were able to use Loom right away,” says Bucky. “Everyone was excited about the immense value it was going to bring to our organization from an outbound sales perspective, as soon as we started adding Loom into our cold emails.”

Before creating their first video, the sales team strategized a structure for the videos, which could be customized for each prospect. Each video followed this storyline:

  1. For an identified prospect, the video is personalized from the get-go, and piques the prospects’ curiosity enough to hit play.

  2. Next, the prospect sees a graphic of Intercom’s platform already superimposed on the company’s website, which enhances the personal touch and overcomes buyers’ hesitations about how Intercom could look and work for them.

  3. Finally, the video cuts to a unique recording direct from an Intercom sales rep, who highlights Intercom’s offer and shows how it could provide value to that specific prospect.

Because Loom is so easy to use, reps could create each unique video in as little as two minutes. For personalized content that adds genuine value to prospects, that’s lightning speed.

Of course, this was only possible because Loom makes the recording and editing process so simple. For example:

  • Screen recording allows users to capture their face, voice and personalized messaging easily from their computer or device, without any technical knowledge.

  • Easy editing allows reps to trim and refine their videos, incorporate the custom visuals, and any CTAs with uncomplicated, one-click actions.

Sharing the finished video is a breeze, too. Loom automatically copies a link of the finished video to the reps’ clipboard, so they can instantly paste it into an email. 

Loom proved such a strong addition to their outreach emails, that Bucky started thinking of other ways to use it — including to upskill his team.

“I started recording a couple of short videos after each live training session,” he says. “Before Loom, it was a challenge for everyone to retain every bit of information that we covered during meetings. This resulted in extra time answering questions and reiterating points. With videos, we were able to summarize what we covered, providing reinforcement, and it means they adopt new processes more quickly.”

Intercom's partnership team also leverages Loom to make personal enablement videos with App Partners. Creating and sharing these videos internally helps drive visibility for the partnership, and creates a reusable resource for training across teams.

"We have App Partners who build integrations with Intercom and it's important for our sales reps to understand the joint value proposition that working with a partner can provide for our customers," explains Bucky.


19% jump in reply rates and $120k earned from self-sourced outbound deals

Since integrating Loom into their outreach activities, Intercom have already seen cold email reply rates jump by 19%. They’re connecting with prospects better, speeding up time to close, and raising more revenue.  

In fact, the team has earned $120k from self-sourced outbound deals since including Loom videos in their outreach. 

“Loom has contributed to the increase in revenue we’ve closed this year,” says Bucky. “Prospects see our email and it looks different from what other businesses are doing. Because it’s personalized, they instantly feel like we know and care about their business, and they appreciate we’ve taken the time to actually pin value to what we can offer them.”

Bucky believes Loom’s effectiveness at improving outreach, combined with its ease of use, makes it a platform that no business should ignore. “Loom’s browser extension, desktop app and shortcuts allow you just to hit a keystroke, and you’re recording right away,” he says. “I think it's the plug and play, no friction, easy lift of the software that allows us to turn personalized videos out so quickly, and see such an impressive increase in our reply rate.”

As a Sales Manager with a busy schedule, Bucky also appreciates the time savings he’s gained using Loom to support team training. “Creating videos that follow up on my live training reinforces what I’ve taught everyone, which easily saves me a couple of hours a week in follow-up conversations,” he says. “Even better, my reps adopt the training quicker, which ultimately boosts our productivity, revenue and scalability.”

Above all else, Loom has enabled Intercom to differentiate their outreach in a crowded marketplace where everyone’s fighting for the same customers. “In today's world, you need to find a way to constantly stand out from the crowd,” he says. “What Loom does in a competitive landscape is allow us to make your outreach really personal and show prospects that you understand their business, have something that can be actually valuable for them, and you care and understand what they do.”

At every step, Bucky takes comfort knowing that Loom’s customer support team are fully behind him, supporting his business, and carrying through on the kind of platform improvements he wants to see.

“From a support and success perspective, Loom has always been super helpful to us,” he says. “It’s been so easy to work with them. They’ve been a delight.” 

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