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Video messaging infrastructure for the internet

Tens of millions of users — from startups to Fortune 500 companies — rely on Loom to communicate and collaborate with video messages every day.

Over the past 5 years, Loom has built a patented video infrastructure and best-in-class user experience. Now, we’ve built the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use video messaging SDKs. Your users will be able record, embed, and view video with no downloads or having to leave your platform.

We’re excited to see how you bring your platform to life by integrating video messages!

How do you get started?

recordSDK Private Beta

Please fill out our form so we can learn a bit more about your interest and needs for the recordSDK. We’ll be processing these as quickly as we can.

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embedSDK is Live

There are millions of looms embedded in apps around the world, including in Slack, Jira, Trello, Notion, Zendesk, Smartsheet, Intercom, GitHub, Hopin, Linear, and thousands more. For the best loom embed experience, build with our embedSDK. It takes less than an hour to implement!

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Why use the loomSDK?

The loomSDK is the easiest way to add asynchronous video into your app.

Loom recently crossed the 10 million user mark. A major driver behind this growth — and one of the main reasons why our users love Loom — is how instantaneously anyone can record and share a video message. The speed and ease of use are why you can use Loom multiple times a day and get your messages across in an engaging way every time.

We are excited to open up our video messaging platform to partners. And, time to implementation will be fast!

What does the embedSDK do?

The Loom embedSDK unfurls Loom links when a users pastes them into your app.

This allows viewers to watch a Loom within your app without leaving the workflow and switching tabs.

You can get started with embedSDK here.

What does the recordSDK do?

The Loom recordSDK allows you to add a Loom record button into your app’s workflow.

Users can then record and insert Looms in your platform, even if they’re not a registered Loom user.

When will the recordSDK beta be available?

We’re aiming to launch the Loom recordSDK beta later in 2021. We’re currently testing it with a small number of partners.

Will the recordSDK beta be available to everyone?

The Loom recordSDK beta is available by application only. Partners need to meet our community standards and brand guidelines to qualify.

If you would like to apply to get access to the Loom recordSDK beta, register your interest in the form above. We will process these as fast as we can.

What should I expect after signing up?

We will try to review and respond to all applications as quickly as we can.