How Postclick Forged a Powerful One-Team Culture Using Loom


“Loom creates an ongoing visual and audible experience across our business and enables our employees to feel part of a unified culture and company.”
— Tyson Quick, CEO, Postclick


Looking for a faster, more personal and effective way to communicate across the business

As CEO of a fast-scaling SaaS business, Tyson Quick was always on the lookout for innovative tools and solutions to improve communication and performance.  

Having built his online advertising agency from scratch, Tyson was recognized as something of a technology visionary. And there was one innovation he deeply believed could reshape and enhance every corner of his business — video messaging. 

“I was an early adopter of video messaging and felt it was the future of communication, because it was asynchronous, personalized and visual,” says Tyson. “Receiving a video is so much better than faceless, text-based messaging or synchronous, in-person meetings, so I knew it had the potential to make us more efficient, transparent and human.”

Tyson saw so many high-value use cases for video, that he urgently wanted wall-to-wall roll-out. The only problem was he hadn’t yet found a platform that was entirely up to the task. “I'd been using video myself for four or five years, but all the products I’d experimented with were too slow and clunky,” he says. “Videos took too much time to create, edit and upload, so there was no business case for a wide-scale roll-out.” This was a big frustration for Tyson, because he could see opportunities were being missed across the organization — notably in sales, customer success and support, and internal communication.

“Our sales team relied on the usual channels of phone calls, emails and video conferencing. There was a lot of wasted time, with all the constant back and forth, and the team’s outreach also lacked the personalization to stand out,” says Tyson. 

A reliance on traditional communications channels was causing further inefficiencies across the customer-facing side of the business. “While our people worked hard to provide help to customers and grow relationships, support emails sometimes sounded insensitive and not very human,” says Tyson. “Our customer success team, meanwhile, found organizing meetings with busy account executives notoriously difficult and it was hard to build trusted relationships with so few touchpoints.” 

Internal communication was suffering, too. With four global offices, it was difficult to maintain a “one-team” company culture. When Covid arrived, and employees started working from home, the push for video communication grew ever more urgent.

“As we worked from home, my biggest worry was that we’d see a degradation of our culture over time, as people became more and more detached from each other, and everyone just felt like another node in the network.” 

Understandably, Tyson was impatient to find a video messaging platform that was easy to use, quick to adopt, and could deliver the efficient way to communicate his high-tech, high-growth business was lacking.  

That’s when he discovered Loom.


Monetized incentive maximizes Loom adoption and transforms company communication in a month

When Tyson used Loom for the first time, he knew he’d found the right platform to deliver effective and personal communication company-wide.

“Straight away, I loved the easy little face bubble, which was so personable. And then the second you were done recording, the video was ready to share,” he says. “All the little details that Loom’s engineers had focused on were so good and simple to use that I knew I needed everyone in my business to adopt this.”

postclick screenshot

With no time to lose, Tyson wanted to maximize adoption as quickly as possible. So he rolled out a monetized incentive scheme, where the heaviest Loom users across the month got cash rewards. “When we signed up, we knew there would be a little bit of hesitancy and friction to adopting the new product,” says Tyson. “We also knew that the benefits of running an incentive would outweigh the amount of money we were giving away, so it felt like the best way to kick things off.” 

postclick screenshot

Encouraged by the incentive, a large majority of employees immediately began creating video content. It was a welcome leap in engagement that provided the leadership team with powerful business data.

“I’m trying to build a great, growing successful company, so seeing how many Loom videos someone was creating and sharing gave us insight beyond someone’s output, such as who's actually part of the culture and who wants to be part of the team. That engagement is an important indicator of who we should promote and invest more time in, because they're the fabric of the company’s culture.”

The success of the incentive, combined with Loom’s ease of use, simultaneously led to every corner of the business embracing it. Of all the ways Loom was being used, Tyson highlights four use cases that immediately drove efficiency and performance improvements.

  1. Supporting the sales cycle — Sales Development Reps immediately started recording videos to improve their sales prospecting. From sending personalized introductions, to sharing product demos, answering questions and clarifying features, the team embraced Loom as a faster, more effective way to start conversations and maintain a human touch throughout the sales cycle.

  2. Making customer support more human — Postclick knew how important it was to sound like a human to their customers, but it wasn’t always easy with email and live chat. With Loom, they leveraged videos to deliver that personal touch. When customers needed to understand a complex subject or be walked through technical instructions, the team shot a Loom video to explain, which was so much easier to absorb than an emailed wall of text.

  3. Improving customers’ success — Postclick's customer success team were always looking for new ways to grow accounts and nurture relationships with the people who called the shots — and Loom gave them that advantage. Before, client contacts had been lukewarm to attending meetings, because they had their own priorities. Thanks to Loom, Postclick’s team could now share results, updates, how-to-videos and details of new features in short, easy to digest videos. They could build trust and rapport, without the client needing to jump on a call or meeting.

  4. Transforming internal communication — Loom has radically changed how Postclick’s diverse functions and teams communicate. Where individual teams had sometimes worked in silos, Loom helped re-establish a one-team culture. Marketing colleagues shared videos of successful campaigns. The leadership team delivered company updates into everyone’s inboxes. Engineers shared cool new product developments. This cross-functional sharing of news, updates and ideas brought visibility into more of the day-to-day happenings in the business, which excited and united Postclick’s workforce.

“From wall-to-wall, Loom has helped us improve relationships, streamline processes, and strengthen our culture,” says Tyson. “Rather than feeling bored and fatigued when you get the 12th email of the day, video is so much easier to consume. It’s emotional, effective and triggers more of your senses.”


60% adoption in one month, better organizational alignment, and huge chunks of time saved

With across-the-board adoption of Loom, Postclick’s communication, efficiency and performance have been transformed.

Thanks to Postclick’s clever incentive, 60% of employees across every department and global office adopted Loom within a month. And that number’s still growing.

“When people create one video, they get used to it,” says Tyson. “And when they realize it’s actually easier to say and show things than type them out, they become enthusiastic users.”

On the sales side of the business, Loom videos have reduced the back and forth of emails in the sales cycle, cut down the number of calls reps and prospects need to jump on, and slashed meeting time almost in half. And because outreach is more personal, the team is seeing increased open rates and engagement, and initiating more conversations. 

“While sales teams are sometimes thought of as being averse to change, Loom quickly won them over,” says Tyson. “Because reps are competitive by nature, as soon as they see another rep improving their numbers with Loom, they adopt it themselves. On outreach in particular, prospects respond well to the  human element of Loom. They get to hear a real person communicating with them, but they’re not obliged to pick up the phone, which is very powerful.”

Across customer support and success, results are equally positive. Loom videos have helped improve customer satisfaction scores and build better rapport with the influential client executives who can make or break contracts.

postclick screenshot

Internally, too, Loom’s introduction has made a profound difference, improving teams’ efficiency, lifting morale and ensuring the company’s culture remains alive and kicking. 

“By sharing Loom videos internally, employees can see everything that's happening in different parts of the business,” says Tyson.

“Thanks to Loom, our employees feel part of a unified culture and company, rather than just working on whatever their task list was for the day.”

Overall, the business is more agile, aligned and effective, since using Loom.

“Loom creates an ongoing visual and audible experience, that’s hard to beat,” says Tyson. “Both internally across functions and externally with prospects and clients, we’ve seen an improvement in relationships, because people feel like they're constantly talking to someone. Our people are more informed and engaged thanks to an efficient and expressive Loom platform that enables them to get even more work done.” 

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