Quick Tips From Loommates: Providing QA to Engineers

 Jessica McManus

Jessica McManus

“Quick Tips From Loommates” is a series of short posts from our team showcasing how we use Loom at work.

Providing quality assurance (QA) to engineers is much easier when you can “show and tell” them what you're asking to change. 

‍Here's a video message I sent to an engineer to let them know that part of the feature was broken in Firefox.

In doing rounds of QA, I like to record several Loom videos, including valuable context such as the user state or the specific device. Then I add quick descriptions to the titles, and use folders to organize them into a playlist that the engineering team can easily scan and click through. 

‍Creating a shared folder is where the magic lies — this makes it simple to house all the videos in one place, and for Engineers to quickly click through the videos.

A better alternative to screenshots + descriptions

Alternatives to using Loom for QA take me at least twice the amount of time. In the past, I would take screenshots, couple those with a description that made sense only when seen as a pair, and place both as an item in a checklist. Sometimes I would copy the wrong link or I would forget what the description was referring to, leaving everyone involved confused.

‍This is a video I recorded for an engineer to swap out a color for another one in our design system.‍

Creating Loom videos is a much simpler way to show QA items in the context of the product. There's no need to pair screenshots with descriptions, because everything the engineering team needs to know is right there in the Loom video. It's much easier for them to consume information this way too — no need for anyone to have to connect a bunch of dots when everything is clearly laid out for them in one place.

Everyone wins. 🏆

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 Jessica McManus

Written by Jessica McManus

Jessica is a Product Designer at Loom.

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