Welcoming Jude Flannery, VP of Engineering

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas

We're thrilled to announce an exceptional human, Jude Flannery, joining the Loom executive team as our VP of Engineering.

Most recently, Jude was a Senior Director of Engineering for GSuite Editors and Infrastructure. He spent almost a decade crafting and scaling some of the most magical software experiences we've ever had in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

A bit more from Vin and I below.

Why are we so excited? Vin: Amazing human and three types of engineers. Joe: Jedi mind tricks and genuine passion.

Enough from us. Let's have you meet him yourself.

Why Jude chose Loom: 1. Video messaging is the future  2. People centric 3.  Remote first

Our next phase begins

Vinay, having filled both the Head of Engineering and CTO roles over the last three years, will now be a full-time CTO, bringing rigorous technical vision to Loom. Jude will build high-performing teams and high-quality products, partnering deeply with Vinay. It will be fun to see what these two accomplish together.

With Jude joining the team, we're more confident than ever in Loom's ability to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively, wherever they are.

Interested in joining Jude, Vinay, and the rest of the loommates? We're hiring.

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Joe Thomas

Written by Joe Thomas

Joe is a Founder and the CEO of Loom.

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