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AI for SOP Writing

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<affirmative>. Okay. So quick little piece of content here for our con community. So in our weekly group meeting here, our friend Mitchell was just talking about the need to take some of these standard operating procedures that have been living in his head and translate them into some written documentation for the team.

But that's I find that a lot of the times for business owners, that's a pretty hard thing to do just because it takes time, right?

You have to sit down and you have to do it. So we talked about a couple of different ways that we could leverage some tools available to us to make this more efficient.

One of them that I wanted to share with you guys really quickly is how I've been using an AI tool for writing.

So the tool that I'm using is very similar to the tool a lot of people have been playing around with called Chat, G P T.

So chat, G P T or Open AI is a tool that at the time of this recording is free to use and openly available so you guys can go check it out.

The one hangup that chat G p t has is that these AI are all trained on databases of information. And the chat G P T training information stops about a year ago.

So I think it stops at about the end of 2021 until they process a new update. It's gonna be limited by information until then.

The tool that I use is a chat G P t alternative that's called Chat Sonic. It's part of an AI writing tool.

That's my go-to at the moment that is inside of the, the right sonic platform. So, can you guys see my screen share with the chat, sonic chat box here?

Yep. Yeah. So one of the things that I started doing when I first started playing around with these AI tools is I started plugging in all of these things that I was a subject matter expert on.

I wanted to see how quality the information was, and it was coming through, and I found that the information was pretty great.

So then I started to transition to things that I'm not a subject matter expert in, to see what kind of quality information or research the tool is able to do.

I've been pretty impressed with it, but with things like this, I would always level it back at you guys who actually are in this space to see how accurate it is.

So we were talking about a couple of examples for things for a tech who's gonna be in the field for a soft wash or a pressure washing company.

So the first one that we asked it for was for it to write a standard operating procedure for an exterior washing employee that describes how they need to prepare the home for washing, including protecting plants and electrical components around the house.

I'll admit, first time I plugged this in, this bot had a little bit of a glitch. It didn't, it didn't turn anything out.

So I pushed it through again, and this is what it came out with. So I don't, I'm gonna try not to bore you guys too much with this, but prepare the home by covering and protecting any plants and landscaping furniture, electrical components.

Inspect the home for potential hazards like exposed wires, insect nests. Make sure all necessary materials are present in working order.

You can see it goes into some specific line items for the trade. Clear the area of any debris that could be hazardous to the washer.

Set up the pressure washer according to instructions and safety guidelines. Test the pressure washer to ensure it's delivering correct pressure, pressure washer's not leaking.

Start washing the exterior of the home, starting at the top, top, working your way down. Use an appropriate detergent. Rinse the surface area using low pressure, top to bottom, clean up any mess.

Inspect the area so you can see kind of a high level pressure washing, s o p, right? So clearly this is something that you'll probably wanna make a couple of adjustments to, and you might wanna even expand on a couple of the items, but it's a really good first pass.

Would you not agree? Oh, yeah, definitely. It's a, it's a super good basis to work off of that. I mean, very minimal modification to, you Know, yeah.

So my, my big rule of thumb here is if like minimum viable product, right? Minimum viable system, what's the, what's the starting point that we could use?

You could take this, put it on a Word document and print it out. It's at least better than having nothing, right?

And then you can start adding to it from there. So we were talking about the need, especially for taping off and protecting electrical components.

So the beautiful thing about this tool is that as you're using it, it becomes self-referential. So I could go back to it and just say like, write more, write more, and it'll, it'll kind of keep iterating on what I wrote.

It might start to become a little bit redundant if you don't give it some additional detail. So then I told it to like, let's say if we took just one of these line items inspecting the home for potential hazards, like exposed wires, I kind of took that and I'm like, I need a more detailed process for that specific step.

So I said, write a detailed standard operating procedure for taping off and protecting electrical components before the exterior washing of a house.

So this is what it comes back with. Identify electrical components outlet such as outlets, plugs, cords, fittings, other electrical devices around the house.

Inspect them for possible damage or wear. Turn off the power at the main breaker box or disconnect the wiring from the house.

Cover the outlets, plugs, cords, other devices with plastic sheeting, secure with duct tape cover exposed wiring or condo. It's with plastic sheeting.

Make sure all seams and edges are securely sealed at duct tape. Check the plastic sheeting for any signs of wear or damage.

Make sure the plastic sheeting and duct tape are rated for outdoor use spec to the area to make sure that they're all properly covered and secured.

And then turn on the power at the main breaker boxer. Reconnect the wiring. How close is that to the process that you would want them to follow for securing the electrical components?

I mean, that's, that's a really, really good detailed list as far as that goes. I mean, again, light modifications, but overall, I mean, that's exactly what we go over, you Know, right As far as our stuff goes.

So, So you can see like, this took me 10 seconds to turn out for that. So at least that's getting you a really long way.

You can, this is something that you guys could set up an admin to do or you could spend some time doing in your free time and then just keep adding to it over time.

We talked about plants. That would be the next one that I would put in. Write a detailed standard operating procedure for protecting plants during the exterior washing of a home.

So the trick with these AI tools is that you kind of have to coach them towards what you want. If they churn out something that's not great at first, then you're gonna wanna just kind of change your phrasing a little bit.

Talking to a robot's, not always the same as talking to a person, but you can tell that right here for anything in your business that needs written components to it.

This is a really, really powerful way of creating that quickly. And then we were talking about how if you're already doing training or explaining something, you can record a video of yourself and then turn it into a transcript.

These tools are also, I've heard really good at taking a transcript from a video that you have. You can drop the transcript in, like copy and paste it in and tell it, convert this to a bulleted action item list, or convert this to a step-by-step standard operating procedure.

For me, I've heard feedback that that works pretty well. It's also really good at translation into another language. So I have heard directly from people who are very good Spanish speakers, that they've been able to drop things in here and then translate it into Spanish, and the translation comes out very, very accurately.

Normally, those kinds of transcription tools cost money per word or per second of audio that you're translating in some cases.

So those are a couple of applications that are pretty powerful if you guys wanna start playing around with them.


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