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Our 7 Favorite Chrome Extensions for Screen Capture (2024)

You’re exploring your app after getting customer feedback. You send a video message or DM to your design team about some on-page changes you want to make. To you, it seems straightforward. But we all know communication isn’t always that simple. 

You say one thing. Your team interprets it as something else. The worst part? It’s completely avoidable. 

The disconnect that occurs when you communicate a bug, feedback, any visual problem, or a pitch deck, is because you don’t have the tools necessary to provide all the information.

We can “tell” our team, customers, and products what we think, or we can show them.

Chrome extensions for screen captures are one of the most effective ways to communicate your obstacles to teams, collaborate, and show your value proposition to prospects and customers.

Google Chrome is the best browser for extensions and add-ons. And Chrome extensions for screen capture allow you to quickly take the screenshots and videos you need to increase productivity with better communication. You can build powerful tutorials, demos, walkthroughs, and more.

Together, we’ll explore the most popular Chrome extensions for screen capture. 

What are Chrome extensions & why are they useful for screen capture?

Chrome extensions are apps you download on the Chrome web store. 

You can use these apps on your Chrome browser when working online. As you search the web or use a SaaS platform, you can quickly go to your toolbar and activate extensions. 

If you use a Chrome extension for screen capture, clicking on the app should give you options to screenshot or record your page.

Where to find Chrome extensions
Locate your Chrome extensions in your toolbar.

Chrome extensions are helpful because they are simple and fast. 

It’s a lot like real life. 

When you want to share something, you write it down quickly or call a friend to tell them immediately. If it’s too complex, you give up trying or tell yourself you’ll have more time to do it later. So, you want to ensure there aren’t any obstacles when communicating.

An extension replicates real-life, efficient communication. You have an idea or want to share an experience, and you capture it in seconds right where you are in your browser. 

The problem is that extensions can get complicated, buggy, and almost counterproductive if you choose the wrong one. Picking the best solution for your needs is critical.

7 Best Chrome extensions for screen capture (2024)

We’ve curated the following popular extensions:

  • Loom

  • GoFullPage

  • Web Paint Online

  • Awesome Screenshot

  • Nimbus Capture

  • FireShot

  • Askify

Let’s dive in to find out which extension might be best for you!

1. Loom: For high-quality screen recording and capture for teams

Loom chrome store
Google Chrome extension web store

Loom leads the way for screen capture. While screenshots may be a way to start sharing your message, Loom also offers screen recording in its extension. 

Unlike many other recording platforms, you can simultaneously record your screen and yourself. You can clarify your process or idea through a visual walkthrough.

Users can easily hit the Chrome extension button and press record. Use it to send team members and contacts video messages, recorded tutorials, walkthroughs, and embed your messages on webpages.

If you have an idea or a customer asks you a question, you can start recording with minimal resources and create an invaluable, reusable digital asset. 

The video messaging and screen capturing app is a great option to communicate your feedback and ideas connecting and engaging with customers. Loom videos are also easy to annotate with drawing tools. You can even blur parts of your screen if you want to hide irrelevant or sensitive objects.

With 6M+ extension users and 10,000 ratings at 4.7 stars, it’s a sound choice for your capturing needs.

Pricing: Loom has a free version. Users can upgrade for additional features and benefits at $12.50 per month on an annual plan.

2. GoFullPage: For users that want simple, full-page screen capture

Source: Google Chrome extension web store

If you focus mainly on whole-screen captures for web pages, this nifty tool might be for you. Go to the website, press the camera icon on your extension menu, and snap.

That’s pretty much it. You get a great full-page screenshot of a website. The platform is great for its simplicity and speedy photos.

If you’re looking for a more robust platform to take screenshots and recordings and collaborate with teams, this isn’t the app for you. 

Pricing: The platform is free. A premium option includes light editing and annotation features for $1 per month.

3. Web Paint Online: For straightforward, hands-on web annotation 

Web Paint
Source: Google Chrome extension web store

Web Paint Online is a fun app that turns your webpage into a canvas. You can easily capture the whole screen or selected area, then draw and write anything you need, right on the image. 

While this might be a useful tool for an individual who wants to annotate, it might not be the solution you want if you’re looking for more features, such as recording or collaborating with a team.

Pricing: Web Paint Online is free.

4. Awesome Screenshot: For individuals looking for a free, functional app

Awesome screenshot
Source: Google Chrome extension web store

This screenshot Chrome extension is a good option for core features like screenshots and a screen video recorder. You can capture and annotate to share screenshots with others.

While it might get the job done, it does lack features. The biggest complaint about the extension is video recording. 

One user reviews it by saying, “'d regret it,” while another says, “...the voice is very very bad when you record something.”  

The platform has positive reviews, so it shouldn’t deter everyone, but someone looking for team and business solutions should consider a more robust SaaS platform. 

Pricing: Awesome Screenshot starts with a limited free plan. Users can upgrade to the Professional package for $8 monthly. 

5. Nimbus Capture: For users who want screenshots combined with client portals

Source: Google Chrome extension web store

Nimbus captures your full web pages and records your screen.  Nimbus screenshot features include watermarks, text, and image editing opportunities for branding.

Recently, users have observed that the free version isn’t as satisfactory as it used to be, with one person lamenting that it “used to be THE app for screen capturing. Now… [it] doesn’t even work on most sites,” and another saying “This used to be a great extension…”. 

Most of the concerns pointed to functionality issues and features not working properly. 

Small businesses may be interested in Nimbus, which is nestled under the Fusebase umbrella. They can get packages that include client portals and project management tools.

Pricing: Nimbus starts free. The platform comes with more features starting at $9 monthly.

6. FireShot: For businesses that want full-page capture with more organizational features

Source: Google Chrome extension web store

FireShot is another tool for full-page screen capture. What makes it different from the other single-use extensions is its business-centric focus.

For example, its features are built to help users prepare training brochures, craft how-to screenshots, convert webpages into PDFs, document issues, and more.

Some users get frustrated with the user experience and clunky features. 

The capturing tool allows you to edit and annotate as well.

Pricing: There is a free version. You can purchase the FireShot Pro license for $59.95.

7. Askify: For creatives or communicators that want to annotate videos

Source: Google Chrome extension web store

Askify focuses on screenshots and annotation. You can visit a website or video platform like YouTube and capture your screen with timestamps. You can add notes and export them as a PDF. 

While Askify has some handy tools, its focus is on students and educational spaces. While it offers ways to explain and illustrate points, it might not be the best solution for a business that communicates with prospects and their target audience.

Pricing: Askify starts free. Users can upgrade to $5 and $10 monthly tiers.

How to choose the right screen capture extension for you

Not every app is perfect for everyone. You should ask these core questions to help you get started:

1. Does it easily integrate with your project management tools and workflow?

List the type of platforms you are working with. Do you use Slack, Zoom, Trello, Asana, Gmail, or Google Drive? Your stack is essential, and you want to ensure your screen capture tool easily integrates into your workflow.

You might need cloud storage. Confirm which extensions offer to host your screenshots and video screen recordings—ideally in a central location, which comes in handy when you want to share or collaborate with others online.

2. Do you need editing tools?

Screen capturing is one essential function. But what about after? You need editing tools that can help you accurately communicate your ideas, provide feedback, and give direction or calls to action (CTAs). 

If an extension is too simple or a bit archaic, you’ll spend more time developing your files than sharing them.

3. What is the best way you can communicate your value and ideas?

Basic screenshot tools can get the job done. Screen capture tools with recording features take communication to the next level.

Asynchronous video messages allow you to connect with your team and audiences whenever, wherever, 24/7. While pictures might be a thousand words, a video presentation is worth a million more. 

How? Customers and team members see your face and your body language, and you can take your time expressing ideas. You can walk them through your platform as a tutorial or demo a process while they view your real-time screen.

Screen recording tools are an essential part of communication and collaboration. Teams, prospects, and partners can work together more efficiently to achieve their goals.

4. Which tool offers the most of what you need?

One-hit features are great. It’s straightforward. But as you scale your business, you don’t want to juggle dozens of platforms when one can do a better job.

Find out which extension can do everything you need, all in one place. It will save you time and money and increase productivity

How to install & use Chrome extensions for screen capture

Finding and downloading your extensions is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

First, go to the Chrome web store extension page.

Chrome extension 1
Source: Google Chrome web store

Then, search for your ideal tool in the top right corner of the page.

Chrome extension 2
Source: Google Chrome web store

If you see it in the dropdown, click on it. If not, press enter to start your search.

Chrome extension 3
Source: Google Chrome web store

On the platform’s page, click “Add to Chrome.” It will add the extension to your browser. 

If you don’t see the extension right away, go to your extension menu up top and look for the following icon:

Chrome icon
Source: Google Chrome browser

Click on the button and look for the app. There should be a pin next to it. Click on it so it’s always visible in your extension menu.

Chrome pin
Source: Google Chrome browser

Congratulations! You installed a Chrome extension for screen capture. Now, test it out. Visit a website or walk through your product. When you want to capture something, click on the extension in your toolbar.

Quick guide: How to take a screen capture using a Chromebook

How to screen capture with a Chrome extension

Each platform has its way of taking screenshots, but most have commonalities. We’ll review how you can capture a screen recording on Loom, for brevity.

Loom Chrome download
Loom extension recording a Wikipedia visit
  1. Go to the website or visual you want to present.

  2. Click the Loom extension icon.

  3. Review settings and pick a specific browser tab or screen you want to record.

  4. Press record!

  5. Press stop. Add notes or comments and review the recording.

  6. Share the screen capture recording as a link, email invite, or embed.

Screen capturing using Chrome extensions is fast, convenient, and efficient. 

Today, you can record with Loom for free. See how quickly you can send video messages to your team, prospects, leads, customers—anyone you want. It’s a great way to communicate, showcase your product, and streamline your process.


Jan 31, 2024

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