Tap, Talk, Transfer: How to Record Your Screen on iPhone

Susannah Magers

Susannah Magers

Now more than ever, people are relying on video communication to record what’s on their screens to document and share information at work. But when it comes to your iPhone screen, there are times when you may want a more efficient or powerful option for your video message than the pre-installed screen recording tool on your phone.

Since work happens everywhere you are, with the Loom app for iPhone you can easily record your screen  –– as well as watch and send videos from Loom –– directly from the app. The Loom for iOS app makes everything you know and love about Loom available wherever your work day takes you. 

Here’s how to use Loom to record your screen on iPhone

There are two ways to record your screen with Loom on your iPhone.

This Loom video shows a step-by-step process for two ways that you can take to set and to make Loom the default screen recorder on your phone.

1. Record your screen with Loom from the Control Center 

The quickest way to start a screen recording with Loom is from the Screen Recorder in the Control Center on your phone.‍

First, download Loom for iOS on your phone. Then, go to your iOS Control Center by swiping down from the top-right edge of your screen. Once there, press and hold the Screen Recording icon. Options for how to record your screen will appear. Select Loom. If the Screen Recording tool is not available in your Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap “+” next to Screen Recording.

This screenshot shows how to select Loom as your screen recorder from your iPhone’s Control Center.

To start recording, press “Start Broadcast”. Don’t worry, there’s a three-second countdown to exit out of that screen and open the content you want to record.

Pro tip: Confirm your screen is recording by looking for the red button (or red bar across the top, depending on the model of iPhone you have) at the top-left of your phone screen. 

To stop recording, simply press the red button and then tap, “Stop Broadcast.” From there, tap the push notification to finish uploading and to edit and share your video.

2. Start a screen recording from the Loom for iOS app

The second way to record your screen is from the Loom for iOS app. Here’s how:

1. Open the Loom app and select Screen from the bottom bar. 

2. Click Record Screen. Make sure your microphone is enabled by tapping the mic.

A screenshot of the Record Screen button to select on your iPhone in the Loom for iOS app.

Pro tip: Turn on Do Not Disturb in your iOS menu to help avoid unwanted disruptions.

3. Tap Start Broadcast to start your screen recording. The red bar at the top of your screen indicates that you're recording.

This screenshot shows how to start your screen recording from the Loom for iOS app by pressing Start Broadcast.

Pro tip: The Loom for iOS app will automatically capture microphone audio. If you don’t want to include sound in your screen recording, press the microphone icon on and off (the icon will turn red when on).

4. To end your recording, tap the red bar at the top of your screen. You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to stop recording.

5. From here, your video will process to your My Videos page. Open your Videos tab to see it.

A review from a user about how they use the Loom iOS mobile app to record their screen with sound for pointing out issues or to walk through software.

Once you finish recording your video message, Loom uploads your video and you can instantly share it via a link or through any of your favorite apps: GitHub, Slack, Gmail, Notion, to name a few. Your video won’t take up any of your phone’s memory space and you wont need to manually upload the video every time you want to share it. Just go to your videos in the Loom app, send the link, and you’re done! 

Effective communication that’s as mobile as you are

Your day is planned out, your to-do list formidable; suddenly, life has other plans for you.

In this screenshot, Brooks, Brand Strategy Lead at Loom, shares in a Slack message that he’ll be working on the go from his phone due to car troubles.

Whether you need to stay in the loop while on-the-go or want to document bugs to share with your team. Loom for iOS helps you get your message across wherever you are.

Some other examples of how you can use Loom to stay current on projects or contribute to them is to review and give feedback on assignments, record questions about an assignment, or to introduce yourself to a customer or a new colleague.

Staying connected when working remotely doesn’t mean lugging your entire work set up with you. With the right communication tools, you can work from anywhere.

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Susannah Magers

Written by Susannah Magers

Susannah is Managing Editor at Loom.

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