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Building a tight-knit workplace with Loom HQ

Today, we’re introducing a reimagined home for all your video content, making Loom an even more powerful way for teams and organizations to collaborate with async video. 

With Loom HQ, it’s easier than ever to manage, find, share, and discover videos to scale access to information and stay connected at work.

So, how did we get here? A short history…

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Loom started out as a powerful way for individuals to get their point across. As our customer base has grown with 150 million looms recorded and 629 million videos viewed since 2019, we have observed that Loom is exponentially more valuable when used in a team. And so, in early 2020, we took the first step and built a team and shared library to make collaborating with Loom easier.

Today we serve over 14 million people and 200,000 companies. In the last two years, you’ve taught us more about the possibilities of collaborating with Loom – and at the same time, the limitations of our libraries. 

You’ve told us there is a tremendous appetite to use video messaging to replace endless meetings. Leaders of globally distributed companies in tech, commerce, and real estate have shared that building and maintaining culture and cohesion is a top priority.

We’ve also learned that each loom, once recorded, is more than a one-time message. Looms document valuable institutional knowledge that can be shared and reshared. But until now, they haven’t been easy to find.

So we’ve embarked on a journey to evolve our early libraries into a fully-featured video HQ that is easy and fast to use. It extends the value of an individual loom - you now have powerful search, recent activity is in one place, and content is intelligently curated. 

Our ultimate goal is to give back time to you and your team, by expanding the reach of a loom with the system we're building. Discover all the new features below and watch the demo.

Video Management: Organize & Find Videos at Lightning Speed

Our powerful search capabilities make it easy to find any video by person, tag, or even a video’s transcript. If you need to reuse a recruiting video from last week or month, you can search for it and have it in seconds. Search also makes it easy to self-serve content when looking for videos like IT demos or All-Hands meetings.

Based on your feedback, we simplified three libraries into one central Library which uses filters to sort through your private content vs. shared content.

Try these features to manage your videos. 

  • Library: The home for all your videos, whether it’s one you made or one a teammate posted.

  • Posting: Share important, relevant, or fun looms to your video HQ for teammates to find and enjoy. 

  • Tags: Label looms by topic, project, or category so they’re easier to find.  

  • Search: Spend less time looking for looms. Search by title, person, tag, or best of all - any word in the transcript. 

  • Zoom Import (coming soon): Automatically upload Zoom recordings to Loom and make them accessible to your org. 

By making it easy to share looms within your company, we hope you’ll share more often. Sometimes a video message meant for one person could be useful to others. If you post it, you’ll keep more people in the loop on your projects – creating connective tissue throughout your org and boosting your visibility.

LoomHQ Library

Video Activity: Never Miss a Video Message

We’ve introduced a new approach to notifications, so you can take action faster. Manage recent comments and engagement across multiple looms in one place on the new Notifications page. You no longer have to go back to individual videos to check and respond to comments or see if a video has been watched.

Here are the features that help you manage your recent video activity. 

  • Notifications page: Take quick action on recent views, comments, and reactions across all your looms in one place. 

  • Transcript snippets in comments: Respond quickly to comments from your notifications page, with the exact context from the transcript provided. No need to replay the video. 

  • Mentions: Invite people into the conversation with @-mentions in comments.

  • History: Quickly find looms you recently watched. 

Now, no matter where your loom was shared, you can respond to comments from a central Notifications page without sifting through other tools. You’ll never miss important updates or forget to close the loop on conversations.

LoomHQ Mentions

Community: Discover What Matters  

Last, but not least, we’re most excited to introduce Home (beta), a personalized page of looms just for you. On Home, you’ll be served Loom videos that help you keep your finger on the pulse at work.  Something that is hard to do in our new hybrid and remote worlds. 

Think – executive updates, or a new project kick-off from an adjacent team. And even fun videos like a co-worker’s garden tour (at Loom, we had “#houseplants” trending for a few weeks). 

Home helps you feel connected with people and information – without digging for updates or bumping into coworkers in an office.

LoomHQ Home SS

Here are the features that help you stay connected at work.

  • Home (beta): Discover looms that matter to your work. 

  • Trending: Find looms that are trending in your org.

  • Follow profiles & tags: Follow conversations with people and topics relevant to you.

  • Profiles: Easily navigate to all the videos a co-worker has posted. 

Our vision for Home is that it will serve as a virtual watercooler. A place where spontaneous conversations are sparked, where inspiration happens, and where you get energized - but all with the superpower of async. We believe there is a place for serendipity with async communication, and we hope that it can be in Loom. 

Looking to the future 

We see a future where companies can thrive in a remote and hybrid world, without relying on being physically co-located to feel energized, connected, and get work done. With the new video HQ, Loom continues on our mission to weave people together through video. 

We’re just at the beginning of this journey, so let us know what you think and how you’re connecting with information and teams using Loom.


Mar 30, 2022

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