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Better Together: Loom + Pitch

Loom works wherever you do. In this series, we’re showcasing different ways you can use Loom video messaging alongside your favorite tools to bring your work to life. Here’s how you can use Loom and Pitch together to take your presentations to the next level.

Creating a slide deck looks something like this: You pop open your go-to presentation software, choose a not-so-hideous template (you’ll get to the design part later), and jot down some thoughts on slides, peppering questions for your teammates in comments and notes. 

Between figuring out who’s tackling what and gauging how it flows, you’re constantly replying to and resolving comments and waiting on clarification. Working with teammates across different time zones further complicates things. After a few days of working together, someone finally declares everything’s good to go. And you haven’t even gotten to the actual presentation part yet. 

Enter Loom and Pitch. Slide decks add dynamism and flow to a presentation, and Loom paired with Pitch makes the entire process — from creation to execution — seamless. 

4 ways to use Loom and Pitch together

Here are a few ways you can use Loom and Pitch together to create unforgettable presentations and supercharge your workflow.

1. Use Loom to deliver and gather feedback on your Pitch slide deck

Pitch alleviates the back-and-forth with its live video collaboration feature and streamlined comments, and when you need to share video feedback asynchronously, all you need to do is record a quick Loom video over your Pitch deck. Your recipient can view the loom in their own time, increase the playback speed, and leave emoji reactions and real-time comments to fully engage with the feedback and move the presentation forward. 

Verena Kuhn, Head of Community Support at Pitch, walks their Marketing team through the 2021 community support strategy.

2. Make your Pitch slides come alive with Loom

You don’t just need to rely on colorful charts to punch up your slide deck. Loom videos embed in Pitch presentations to add a pop of personality and supplement the content of a live presentation. 

Loom’s Sales team embeds looms in Pitch slide decks to showcase the unique features of the product within a presentation. 

Weaving asynchronous video messages into your slide deck has another major benefit: keeping calendars clear. With the Loom embed, you can have project contributors asynchronously attend meetings and represent their voices without having to juggle multiple calendars just to find a time for everyone involved in the project to meet.

“We love using Loom for product demos because it's super easy, productive, and the quality is high. Then, being able to drop the product demo video into Pitch (which is quite slick) has been the ultimate attention grabber with potential customers.” — Humberto Bento Ayres Periera, CEO, Rows

“I use Pitch for short decks that I want to send to my co-founder. If I want to go over a UI mockup, I embed a Loom typically that goes deeper into a thought process behind something. Loom is the perfect medium for narrating thoughts and then putting inside a Pitch deck where I can build upon the strategy of a UI mockup, such as the problem and user stories.” — Ishaan Maheshwari, Co-founder, Neurophate 

Founders who’ve adapted to fundraising remotely use Loom video messages to add product demos and provide context to plans and data to those not in the pitch session. Some also use Loom to record their pre-briefing and leave-behind materials to give investors a chance to get to know the people behind the products they’re pitching to help tell a story.

3. Use Loom to practice your presentation

Not all presentations are formal — but some require a bit of polish to be most effective or persuasive, such as:

  • Discussing a company vision overview for your entire organization (hello, CEOs 👋).

  • Walking through a product roadmap.

  • Unveiling a brand redesign.

  • Sharing results with a marquee customer.

  • Pitching a Fortune 500 company.

Whatever it is, you’re probably better off practicing your presentation for timing and impact.

After you’ve created your beautiful deck in Pitch, practice your presentation by recording a loom. You can watch it back and critique yourself as many times as you’d like, or share it with someone else to gather feedback asynchronously.

4. Share your recorded presentation with ease

Your presentation is over — and you rocked it! But perhaps a few folks missed it live and you need to send the recording around. Cue the long download times, long upload times, and keeping track of files.

When you record your video meeting with Loom, all you have to do is grab the sharable recording link and you’re good to go. Your recipients can increase the playback speed of your recording up to 2x, and you can even keep track of who’s viewed your video. Your loom is a living documentation of your presentation that you and others can refer back to any time. 

Pro-tip: Use Pitch and Loom to record asynchronous presentations and make synchronous meeting time more meaningful. 

“I create beautiful slides with Pitch and use Loom as an overlay if I’m sending the presentation to people. I can point to the most important parts of the slide and add context and guide through the slides in a more personal way. It works really well, and people can rewatch the video.” — Robin Dechant, startup Founder and early Loom investor

One user uses Loom and Pitch to record bi-weekly product updates. They put together a Pitch presentation, record a Loom video of themselves going through the deck, and then store the loom in Notion. Talk about a power trio.

Embed Loom videos in Notion for Pitch presentation screenshot
You can embed Loom videos directly into Notion documents, making your Pitch presentation readily viewable wherever you work. 

How are you using Loom and Pitch Together? Let us know on Twitter!

Loom + Pitch = Better together 

At Loom and Pitch, we use each others’ tools to help us build our own products and take them to market. Loom’s Sales team embeds looms in captivating Pitch decks to show leads the power of asynchronous communication, while Pitch uses Loom to provide video updates in its team bulletins and keep everyone on the same page, no matter where they are. 

Fabricio Rosa Marques, Pitch’s Head of Design, recorded this loom to unveil new UX updates to the team. 

As work evolves, your work stack should evolve to keep up. With Loom and Pitch, you can create powerful presentations with the convenience of asynchronous video messaging

Pitch enables modern teams to craft and distribute beautiful presentations more effectively. With a focus on real-time collaboration, smart workflows, and intuitive design features, Pitch works the way people do — with others, in real-time or asynchronously, online or offline, and across devices.

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Loom is video messaging for the workplace. With Loom, you can record your screen, voice, and face to create an instantly shareable video. You can embed your loom in Notion, Gmail, and Slack, among other tools, to give your asynchronous communication a human touch. 

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Feb 22, 2021

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